Family bonding episode 51

All ladies were busy in applying mehndi..
Radhika was smiling while applying mehndi and talking with namish and danny shaleen..
Teju was keep on annoying mehndi designer..
Kusum and kanchi khusi were laughing at her antics..
Arnav and shaurya were noding their heads in disbelief..
Teju:- arey yar half hand is enough will you keep up to shoulders or what..
Arjun was sitting beside her and says let it be dii your hands were looking cool.
Teju:- but its first time for me….
Untill now i never tried stop annoying me..
Arnav and shaleen looks at each other and smiles evily..
Teju about to speak but shaurya comes and keeps plaster on her mouth..
Arnav:- now let her doo her work Calmly ..
Arnav signals all to come together..
They all takes a picture…
Radhika about keep her palm on her chin before that a hand stops her..
Shaleen:- what are you going to do doll your mehndi will spoil.
Danny:- you want to keep your hand on your chin naa then keep your chin on my palm.
Radhika smiles and does like he said.
Namish brings water and offers to teju where arnav tooks it and here shaleen tooks it for radhika.
They both make their sisters drink

Kanchi and kusum were sitting together and talking.
Kusum gets a call from her room and goes their.
Danny sees this and follows her..
Kusum sees dean is calling and tries in all ways to lift call..finally gives up and sits on bed.
Danny lifts call and places at her ears..
She looks on..
Danny signals her to talk..
She keeps on talking and smiling.
Danny keeps on starring her .
Kusum sees this and feels uncomfortable and cuts the call.
Kusum:- why are you starring at me like that.
Danny:- dont you knew.
Kusum:- stammers and says no.
Danny:- acha then lets me maje you realise why i am looking at you.
He started walking towards her and she started moving back wards.
Finally he pins her to wall..
He comes close to her and kusum closes her eyes by feeling his breath on her..
He took one of slide from her hair which makes hair to fall on her face..
he taps on her shoulder..
Kusum opens eyes and sees danny so close to her..
Danny:- loose hair and cute smile suits your face alot ..its like a charm dont loose it ..
This two things made me to fall for you.
I will wait for your answer i wont force you bye…
Kusum looks on untill danny goes out of room.
She goes near mirror looks at her self in mirror smiles and leaves from their..
Kanchi while coming from store room her pallu gets stuck to door knock and open her steps.
She tries to hold it but all her pallu falls down.
She hides herself behind door and sees for help but no one is passing from their.
Due to her luck.

She saw namish going from their.
Kanchi:- namish..
Namish:- see her hide way snd says..
Hi why are u standing like this..
Kanchi:- stop their.
Namish coming forward says why and he feels he got something on his foot and sees her pallu.
He takes it to his hand and then see her..
Kanchi:- call anyone yar i need to fix my pallu.
Namish:- i am their na i will help.
Kanchi:- no call anyone.
Namish:- before i could call anyone what if someone see you like this so think only i can help you now..
Kanchi thinks for a while and asks.
Do you knew how to wear by closing your eyes.
Namish:- i even dont to knew hiw to wear by opening eyes and you were talking about closing eyes.
Kanchi:- ok i will give you instruction and you do by closing eyes.
Namish:- done madam shall i come now
Kanchi :- hmm.
Namish comes inside storeroom by closing eyes…
Kusum instruct him and does like she says..
While doing it he touched her many times which gave goosebumps to each other..
Kanchi:- its done open you eyes.
Namish opens his eyes..

Namish:- wow namish you done a great job.
Kanchi:- excuse me it was me who instructed to how to wrap sarees.
Namish:- o hello credit goes to me because i did it with closed eyes..
Ok then this time to instruct i will do it with open eyes and we will tally which one came better ..
Kanchi opens her mouth in shock.
Namish tries to come forward..
She pushes him and runs away by saying besharam.
Namish laughs while kanchi too laughs….
Radhika looking at a glass of water in all directions ..
Arjun while passing from their sees this and smiles..
Arjun:- by seeing it your thirst will not go.
Radhika:- i knew but i cant see and shows him her hands.
Arjun smiles and comes towards her lift glass of water and makes her drink water.
after drinking water he keeps,glass away and see few water drop on her chin.
Arjun goes near to her and takes a napkin and cleans her chin by leaning close to her..
Both shares a cute smile.
He about to go but radhika shows him another side of cheeck.
He smiles and again leans towards her and cleans it.
And kisses her on cheeck and goes immediatedly..
Radhika blushes while arjun smiles…
Teju is sitting with having plaster on her mouth.
One side shaurya sitting and another side arnav sitting.
Shaurya asks khusi take photo where three were acting like three monkeys..
Teju looks at khusi saddly.
Khusi:- thats not fare guys i will removes.
Shaurya and arnav shouts. Noooo
Khusi jerks back..
Hits her fore head and goes…
Meab while shaurya gets payal phone and goes..
Arnav sits with teju abd taking selfies where teju glarring him angry and he keeps cute smile face.
Shaleen talking with khusi.
She smiles and says ok.
Khusi comes towards them .

Khusi:- arnav jii i want a help from will you please come.
Arnav:- what happen say here only.
Khusi:- its personel will you or not after wards your wish and acts like angry.
Teju hits him with shoulder and signals him to go..
Arnav goes immediatedly.
Shaleen comes and sits with her.
She keeps her head towards him to take plaster but to her shock he too takes selfie.
She eyes him ..
Shaleen :- arey yar sweet memories.
Teju gets up angrily and leaves to her room.
Shaleen :- i too want you to go inside only.Wait i am coming…
Teju stands infront of mirror and tries to remove plaster but all trails went invain.
So she got frustruvated and about to keep her hand.
Before that a hand stops her..
Teju jerks her hand and looks away.
Shaleen smiles and makes her turn.
Shaleen:- my love has anger on her nose see how red it became and pinches it lovingly.
Shaleen drags her to his close by holding her waist and opens plaster from her mouth slowly so that she wont get pain.
After opening.
Shaleen:- is it paining..
Teju :- hmm.
Shaleen:- shall i give medicine..
Teju innoently nodes..
The next minute she widens her eyes in shock and then closes her eyes in relaxment ..
They both shares a kiss.
Arnav comes to khusi in their room.
Arnav:- now say why you called.
Khusi keeps hee hands around his neck and says just like that husband jii.
Arnav brings her to his close.
Arnav:- so my wife is in romantic mood.
Khusi:- hmm yes and yaa i want to ask you something.
Arnav:- haa.
Khusi:- when we get free after these marriage you have to come with me to a place..
Arnav:- ok but where.
Khusi:- i will say it afterwards..
Arnav :- done sweety..
They both hugs…

Precap:- marriage completes..

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  1. Nita D

    Awesome episode Sindhu Di….

    1. Sindhura

      ThHank you

  2. Pavani

    Ohhj soo sweet it is difficult to write a love story of one pair but u r handling 5 pairs its awsome .I know how hard it is that’s y iam telling u r simply superb .always ur stories are simple nd sweet like evergreen songs .I didn’t told this till now but I want to say today I started writing by reading ur ff only soo I should thank u first for that love u darling

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u do much pavani for understanding yaa its so difficult

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next episode. 🙂

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    Superb episode dear. Waiting for next one…

  6. amazing episode………..pls more arjun radhika scene ………eagerly waiting next one….tc

    1. Sindhura

      I will try

  7. Priya15

    Simply superb sissy.. .

  8. yay teju and shalleen so cute and that selfie part was hilarious

  9. Nusz Khan

    Yipeee next episode is awesome Marriage happens.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Keep smiling like always sis xx.

    ~Nusz xx.

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