Family bonding episode 50


Frds read princess ff its nice i read all 7 to 8 episodes its good have a look on it..

Shaleen and teju were sitting opposite to all..
Danny:- so this is your hide out bhai..
Namish:- must say awesome place.
Why we didnot find this before.
Shaurya:- for finding like this place that person should be romantic and your bhai was damm romantic.
Shaleen was feeling uncomfortable.
Kusum , kanchi radhika took shaleen side..

Kanchi:- dont tease my jijju..
After he is my special dii ki special husband …
My special jijju.
Kusum:- yes dont you dare to mess up with us by teasing our jijju.
Teju opens her mouth while looking at them.
Arjun comes next to teju and say i will take my dii side then.
Danny:- what new in it you always teju jii side …
Namish:- bhai still you are calling her as jii ..
We should call her as babhi from now..
I am dying to call her as babhi finally the day came..
He gets up and goes towards teju side and says..
Namish:- babhi from now this second on wards you have to protect us from this man..
Danny:- haa..
Teju about to say something mean while shaurya started to laugh loudlyy..
Before teju could say..
Someone beats him from behind.
Teju:- arnav bhai see na shaurya is irritating me..
Arnav:- kya bee teasing my sister..
Shaurya:- these were asking teju to save them from shaleen but they dont knew that..
Shaleen should do double role from now on wards..
Arnav:- what do u mean.
Shaurya:- he should save all from here from both sides.
Ha ha ha.
Teju:- he he these all will be saved by him . What about you idiot.
Shaurya:- thats what my fate..
Only god can save me.
Teju:- god is not your side shower..
And hits him on stomach..
He drags her to his embrass
Shaurya:- i am happy for you ash baby after so many years you are getting that love and care which you always deserved.
Teju:- come on shower you all always loved me and cared about me..
Shaurya slowly:- their will be a difference between these two.
Teju slowly :- how..
Shaurya :- you will come to knew when your journey starts..

Teju:- you were confusing me..
Shaurya:- i said na you will understand.
Shaleen:- what happening between you both.
Teju and shaurya:- shhh secreat.
Kanchi:- jijju get habit of these type secreats because these two wont open their mouths to anyone once they decide to hide it.
Shaurya:- your arjun bhai is right..
Polar bear..
Bechara namish..
Namish widens his eyes in shocking revealtion of his love..
While kanchi eyeing him angrily..
All gets surprised..
Danny:- saalai you didnot said to me..
Kusum:- correction to us

Arnav:- correction to you all accepts we four.
Namish:- who four..
Kanchi:- buddu..
Dii , shaurya , arnav bhai and shaleen jijju. These four knews about us..
Danny:- really buddu..
All laughs while he scrates his hair.
Kanchi:- we all were engaged to each other only kusum and danny left.
Kusum pinches kanchi..
Danny:- by the way i proposed her for marriage but she is saying if her dii and bhai accept then she wont have any problem.
All looks at kusum who is shocked by immediate confession of him Teju:- kusum…
I dont knew anything about this ..
What about you bhai .
Arnav:- no..

Teju:- shaurya..
Shaurya:- no ash baby i too dont have any idea about it..
They kept it really very secreat..
My god…
Khusi:- but i knew it.
All at onces:- what..
Khusi:- hi chill guys i dont knew i just want to see your expressions when i say i knew it.
Must say you all were really shocked..
All nodes their heads in disbelief..
Kanchi:- so whats your answer..
Kusum:- kanchi shut up..
Teju smiles:- kanchu let her decide her self on her own.
Haa if you want support i will be their always with you ok.
Kusum nodes her head.
While shaleen keeps his hand on danny shoulder and gives him all will be ok look..
Danny smiles..

All goes to their respective rooms and sleeps….
Next morning…
Sakshi and ap comes to teju room and tries to wake up her..
Sakshi:- teju get up..
Teju opens half eyes and sees time and says..
Its only 4 clock let me sleep..
Sakshi:- we knew time now you get up its your haldi today.
Teju:- what haldi any wat i will bring it but let me sleep now..
Sakshi and ap looks at each other and smiles..
Ap:- meru badai bahu jii its your haldi today.
Teju:- ok i will bring today only aunty ok.
Ap and sakshi now laughs loudly and teju gets disturb and wakes up and asks innocently.
Teju:- what happen why are you laughing like this.
Sakshi says what ever she spoke in sleep..
Teju gets embaressed and asks sorry from them.
Sakshi wakes her get ready in yellow saree..And radhika too.
She makes them sit..
Raj and dp brings shaleen and arjun..
Rasam starts first to boys…
Teju is and radhika were talking with each other..
Shaurya comes and sits next to her and starts tapping on her shoulder with his finger.
Teju turns and asks what..
Shaurya:- i have a request from you.
Teju:- say it…
Shaurya:- i want you to give a baby girl to me.
Teju:- what..

Radhika smiles at his silly request.
Shaurya:- haa see i got son and he went on his father handsome and you give a baby girl with your Beautyness and yaa little bit soft like shaleen.
Then i will make them marry.
Atleast my fathers wish will complete in that way.
Teju:- raj uncle wish.
Shaurya:- do you forgot.
Actually they all tried u and me to get married but it doesnt happen atleast our kids will get married.
Teju:- what if i also got boy.
Shaurya:- then try in second time.

Teju:- then also boy means.
Shaurya:- try untill you get girl.
Teju:- why dont you try a girl and give to my son.
Shaurya:- no i want your daughter as my daughter in law thats it.
Teju:- fine then i accept your son as my son in law..
They laughs and looks at radhika who is watching them with eyes open.
Shaurya:- dont worry i will book for your kids also.
Radhika laughs and soon three starts laughing..
All watches them.
Raj:- i wished teju to be my daughter in law but shaurya and she never accepted they said not to insult their frienship..
You are lucky dp to get her ..
Be carefull she should not get hurt this time i cant bare..
Dp:- we will take care of that and yaa we are blessed to have her and arjun …
All smiles..
Teju:- devarjisss.

Danny and namish looks at teju and goes towards her with smiles and says ..
Both at a time.
Teju:- pointing to shaurya..
Send this fellow from here. He is eating my brain. .
They about to hold him.
Shaurya tooks gun and points towards them.
Danny and namish:- babhi..
Shaurya:- immitates babhi…but soon lifts his head a little and gulps..
Teju keeps knife on his neck.
Teju:- keep your gun inside otherwise i will keep this knife inside your neck..
Shaurya removes gun and teju removes knife.
All starts to laugh..
They all also applies haldi to teju and radhika….
All were very happy..

Sakshi:- four of you go and have some rest .
Today evening only your mehendi will be .
Teju:- today only why so fast you can keep tomorrow right.
Ap:- today evening its very good day thats why..

Precap:- mehendi and marriage..

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have also wrote a fan fiction it’s called rectify: manmarziyan part 1 to 6, 7 will be posted today and also read rectify: manmarziyan Nandini diary and Suraj diary to understand the story better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u dear i will try to dear
      Because apart of ragsan
      Rag lak ff
      I read diff ff very rarely

  2. Pavani

    Ha ha nice family time

  3. Lata

    Hello di commenting after looooong time.actually didn’t commented in this ff .but comment in all alone ragini. Lets start actually its not my mistake i tried to comment it was not getting posted thanks to tu for this registration becoz of this i could comment now.coming this ff is near to my heart after all alone ragini. Its tooo good superb,mindblowing. Hearttouching also i cried literally after seeing how much they have to suffer.ur other ffs are also super u lot.

    1. Sindhura

      Thats so sweet of you dear
      Thank u so much for your reply

  4. JoAn

    Don end it ya bring some romance aardhika

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u
      Kk i wont end it soon

  5. Dafsi

    Its so lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ck1234

    NICE UPDate……..

  7. Joona

    Shourya and teju are awesome yaar…
    I loved their bonding…
    The episode was mind blowing …

  8. congratulation yaar …50th episode…….wow …amazing episode………..eagerly waiting next one.god always with u……u r talent writer ….tc

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u so much

  9. Awsm epi???congrats for 50th epi

  10. Nita D

    Awesome chappy sindhu Di

  11. Nita D

    N congrats on silver jubilee!!

  12. Priya15

    amazing di…ff name kya hai ????princess di’s??

    1. Sindhura

      Ff name itself princess
      Thank u

  13. nyc epi w8ing for nxt one

  14. Suga

    Completely awesome dear ๐Ÿ˜€ loved it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Nice episode dear.

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