Family bonding episode 5


Arnav sits in his chair and starts thinking about dp..
Arnav:-i dont knew why but i saw him somewhere but where i might saw him .usually i wont forget people and why i am unable to remember him and i dont knew why but i fell afraid of loosing something when i watch him.
I cant even share this to tej she will be more tensed..
I have to find about him any way we r going to their house lets see their soon his thoughts were disturbed by a phone call..

Outside tej and arjun accompany them to outside..
Arjun:-come i will drop u.
Shaleen:-haa no need its ok now my small brother has no reason so he will come with me..
Arjun:-reason wat reason.
Namish:-haa stammers and says car break down wala reason….
Arjun:-he smiles unwillingly and say i am not understanding but still ok….
Tej:-haa if you dont mind arjun will drop u your car is in garage right…
Shaleen:- its ok we will leave ..
Dp:-so we will keep on meeting and also u were going come to dinner to our house …
Arjun and tej smiles..
Tej sees arnav coming out.
Arnav:-kaanchi colz is declared holiday due to some strick .
I will pick her ok.
Arnav greets them and leaves from their….
Shaleen also gets call and says radhii colz is also closed.
Tej:-is your sister reading mumbai central colz of management.
Arjun:-dii that means they both were in same colzzz…
Namish:-untill now i dont knew about..
All looks at him.
Tej looks at him and smiles and namish too smiles and says bye.
Shaleen:-meet u laterr.
They all leaves in car…..
Shaleen watches tej from side mirror wear she is going back by keeping her hand on arjun shoulder and he smiles and thinks she is different…
Danny:-bhaii watch out..
Shaleen alerts and breathes out and relaxes.
Namish:-bhai are u ok.
Shaleen:-yaa lets goo too radzz colzzz…
They reach to their colzz..
Shaleena waves radzz who is waiting outside sees shalleen and comes towards car..
Namish seeks head out and searches for kaanchi and finally sees her going with arnav and smiles and feels something fishy and looks up and smiles to radzz..
Radzz:-move inside naa its too hot here…
Namish:-haa its too hot come and moves and gives place to radzz.
Radzz sits and pushes namish and danny to move..
Danny:-how much place u need yar u becoming fat day by day.
Radzz:-i am not fat and why u all came in same car where is your car ..
Danny says eveything wat ever happen from morning to evening…
Radzz:-oh kaanchi singh malhotra we were just same group but different sections but she is very active and mischevious girl and u knew bhai boys of our colz gets afraid to comment on her..
Namish:-why she is beautifull right.
Shaleen:-sounds hmmm wat u said.
Namish:-i mean too ask why.
Radzz:-shallu bhai do u remember u gave warning to a group of boys who commented on me badly ..
Shaleen:-haa yes why did he said anything again.
Radzz:-no bhai but after me they commented on kaanchi and guess wat her sister handled him in very different way i mean she is cool but the way she handled him from then untill now they never commented on any one.

At that time once i talked to her and she said that her sister is always a cool type person who never gets angry on them and her sister name iss..
Shaleena:-tejaswii…tej her big brother will call like that and remembers her.
All looks at him with surprise because this is the first time they lisened a girl name from his mouth that to with a bright smile.
Dp is also surprised and smiles and says haa her name is tejaswii even i am also impressed with her and keeps a hand on his shoulder..
Shaleen come into his senses and drives thinking wat happen to me.
Danny:-by the way wat she said to them inufuture some one should be carefull and winks at namish.
Radzz:-who knews infact no one knew wat she said to them but from next day they changed a lot from bad to good.

In arnav car..
Kannchi:-how is your meeting with malhotras bhai..
Arnav:-its good chotu and we r going to their home for dinner tomorrow..
Kaanchi:-but we never go like that to all houses naa.
Arnav:-but we will go only to selected houses naa so this is the one house.
Kaanchi:-ok as you say..
Arnav:-and kaanchi wat i lisened about your bike haa..
Kaanchi:-sorry but mistake is not mine naa and did di also got to knew.
Arnav:-haa but they dont knew that i knew about it so screte.
Arnav:-smiles and turns towards road and thinks i have to find out about them immediately if before me tej got to knew i cant handle her …

Precap:-dinner at malhotras

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  10. It’s interesting

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