Family bonding episode 49

Sry yesterday i have internet problem…
Teju is ruuning back shaurya and he runs by teading her..
Teju:- ucant do that shaurya..

Shaurya:- i can do it ash baby ..
Teju and shaurya both were running and collides with shalewn at main door .
Three of them falls..
All laughs…
Shaleen:- why you both were running ..
Teju about to say but shaurya stops her and says..
Shaurya:- let me take this honor ash baby.
Teju stops speaking and holds her hands..

Shaurya goes near his ears and says everything..
Shaleen to widens his eyes..
Shaurya smiles by looking at his expressions…
Shaleen:- hits shaurya while getting up and says is your baby boy ok..when will you bring him.
Shaurya:- at your both marriage..
Teju:- enough yar..
She gets up and goes towards all.
Shaurya sees arjun eyeing him angrily.
Shaurya:- now what happen to him.
Arjun:- you were forgetting one thing that you called me coconut tree also got married ..
So mean…
Teju smiles..
Arjun:- dii you too.

Teju:- sorry sorry …
Sakshi comes and says teju i want to talk to you can you come.
Teju:- actually i will be busy.
Sakshi:- what work you have.
Teju:- i have to fresh up later dinner and then sleep ..
So busy u see and goes from their
All looks at her.
Raj:- in that case all will be busy always..
Sakshi:- i will talk to her at any cost before tomorrows night..
Raj:- once arnav returned we have to start preparations of arjun and radhika marriage reception…
Sakshi:- hmm.
They both leaves from their…
Next day teju about to leave for jog sakshi holds her hand and says.
Sakshi:- come teju lets go for a walk together..
Teju:- haa..ok.nodes her head innocently….

They both about to go ..
Raj comes from another side by saying chalo ladies…
Teju:- you too coming uncle..
Raj:- ofcourse when sakshi csn be fit then why not me..
They three walks out..
Teju lisens someone giggling turns and sees shaurya laughing at her..
She gives deadly glare to him and walks ahead.

Outside shaleen is wearing shoes and waiting for teju see she is coming with raj and sakshi and looks at her innocently while she is looking at him sadly like i am going to trap expression.
They greets each other and leaves from their.
Sakshi:- what arrangements are you doing for arjun radhika reception…
Teju:- i booked hall and gathered list of people to be invited..
Sakshi:- did you printed cards..

Teju:- no i will bring samples today..
Raj:- matter should be like..
Malhotras and raizands are inviting you for marriage reception of arjun radhika and tejaswii shaleen.
Teju opens her eyes in shock and looks at raj and sakshi who were looking at her angrily.
Teju:- ahhh sorry.
Raj:- i thought that you will share everything with me leave about your aunty but you fidnot said to me also and pouts angrily.
Sakshi:- what do you mean by leaving me..

She always shared everything with me..
But leave it.we both were last to knew about you two.
Teju sits infront of them on knees and says sorry maa paa.
By lisening maa paa..
They both forgets their anger and hugs her..
Raj:- she knews how to cool us shaitaan.
Sakshi:- finally you were getting you side happiness. Its time that some one will pamper you now.
Raj :- are you happy with him teju.

Teju:- i am happy and i will be happy …
Raj and sakshi both smiles and says together:- so are you ready to get married then.
Teju:- i mean i think i can’t handle all these rituals but shaleen was their first son they may have hopes on his marriage..
Raj:- i too have some dreams regarding my elder daughter marriage..
Teju:- ok i will try my best …
Uhh finally my and my brothers marriage at onces.

Raj and sakshi laughs at her…
They three goes back to home..
Raj:- haa i want to announce something so attension please..
All gathers..
Raj:- arjun and radhika reception is canceled.
All :- why..
Sakshi:- because we want them to married with all rituals and haa if only these two married they will get bored thats why some another pair is giving company to them.
Dp:- who …
Raj:- shaleen and teju..

Shaleen choufs…
All laughs seeing these two faces which turned into red..
Elders leaves from their ..
Shaurya starts laughing..
teju gets angry and catches his hsir immediatedly and started pulling.
Shaurya:- haa teju leave my hair yarr..
Arjun:- wahh ash baby turned in to teju wow…
Shaurya eyes him angrily..
Arjun:- this is for calling me coconut tree..
And started laughing loudly…
Teju leaves shaurya .
Teju:- how could you do that..

I want say to them by my own but you revealed it before me.
Shaurya:- whats difference in that you say or i say ..
Teju:- their is a differencez yar..
They gave me life i want say ..
Leave dumb head.
Teju started leaving and signals shaleen.
He understands that she is trying to escape from their teasing..
Shaleen:- you dispointed us shaurya hmm and nodes his head he too leaves from their by bitting his tongue and escapes from their soon.

Remaining all looks at each other
Shaurya:- where you both studied their i was principal guys i knew you both did this all to escape from embaressement
No problem its ok.
I will tease you both personelly.
He too leaves from their.
Teju goes to room and breaths out in relaxment..
She gets a call and lifts it.
Teju:- haa shaleen
Shaleen:- nice idea to escape from them juu.
Teju:- thank you.

Shaleen:- i want to talk with you personelly so will meet you at our meeting point at night 1clock.
Teju:- ok.. done even me want to talk with you..
Meet you their.
After 1pm
Teju and shaleen meets at their meeting point..
Teju:- ask me what you want to ask..
Shaleen:- are u comfortable with our marriage rituals ..
I mean to say.
Teju:- yaa what can i do u see i have bare all rituals for saje of arjun and see shaleen and smriks.
Shaleen little disappointed and says.
Shaleen:- oh ..
But if you are not comfortable let it be arjun and radhika will have their rituals.
We can do register marriage.
Teju laughs.
Shaleen:- whats their to laugh in it.
Teju:- look at your face shaleen it became so small.

Shaleen:- what do you mean.
Teju:- i am joking baba..
I want to do all rituals with you..
Our haldi.
Our mehendi i mean my mehendi.
Our after marriage rituals ..

And haa i knew that you will take ring ..
Shaleen smiles:- why..
Teju:- because only you can control me..
Shaleen:- how madam.
Teju holds his hand and places her head on his shoulder and says.
Teju:- because you have magic in your hands which can control my anger.
Shaleen:- achaa really..

From back few voice together..
Shaleen and teju looks at each other and see back and gets shocked…
All their sibbling were standing behind them.
Teju see shaurya standing straight infront of her and giving her victory smile…
Teju and shaleen again looks at each other tensely..

Precap:- marriage preparations..

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