Family bonding episode 48


Arjun about to sit in car sees radhika coming out.
Arjun goes towards her..
Arjun:- are you going to meet your brother at cafe point.
Radhika:- yaa but how do you knew ..
Arjun:- i also got same message so come we will go together..
They both goes towards car.
Arjun opens door for her ..
Radhika smiles to him and says thank you..
Arjun too smiles at her..
They both goes to cafe point where danny namish and kanchi already waiting.
They both goes and sits with them.
Kusum also reaches to their ..
She has no place so she sits next to danny.
Danny gives a naughty smile to her..
Kusum looks away..
Arjun:- so whats your plan.
Namish:- by seeing your dii anger on bhai our mind were blocked..thats why we called you to.
Kusum:- mistake was not only from my dii side.
Radhika:- guys plss dont fight lets leave what ever happen.
Right now we have to bring bhai and teju ji together.
Arjun:- what about face off.
Danny:- that already happened in Morning that too very bad face off.
Arjun:- when.
Namish says their fight happened in morning.
Arjun:- dii was in so anger..
What should we doo.
Kusum:- by talking face to face
They can clear misunderstandings and they can get more close too.
Danny:- but she was not even lisening to bhai.
Kanchi:- lets make situation like that..where they will have no option than lisening to eachother..
Namish:- nice idea….
Kusum:- but wear we will lock them together..
Danny:- we have to grab the situation.
Namish:- lets go shopping and lets lock them in trail room.
Arjun:-are u out of your mind.
If dii started shouting its easily will be lisened by all and your bhai will be arrested.
Kusum:- lets lock them in office..
All:- nice idea.
Kanchi:- but how.
Danny:- we had our final meeting today at office in evening then we will make some excuses and we will lock them.
We should share this with shaleen
bhai too..
All:- ok.
All accepts and goes to their houses.
At afternoon.
All were surrounding shaleen and says him their plan.
Shaleen:- are you sure guys i wont think it will work .if she will comes to knew about your plan thats it.
She will kill all of us.
Namish:- do you want to patch up with babhi or not.
Shaleen thinks
Danny:- it seems he doesnt want to patch up.its ok guys lets go.
They all about to go.
Shaleen:- no no..i mean yes i want to patch up with teju..
But becarefull please and yaa apply your plan fastly because i am missing her badly..
All:- ohhhho
Danny sees teju coming on her bike and signals to all to be silent.
Teju gets down from her bike removing helmet and talking on bluetooth with a wide smile…
Teju:- thats great news so when are u going to plan your wedding in india kevin and whats her name.
Kevin:- kriya..
Teju:- nice name .
London boy is going to marry indian girl aahaaa..
When you came here call me .
You and your family have to stay with me..i will recieve you .
We changed from old house..
Kevin:- why.
Teju:- its a big story when you come then i will explain you everything…
Kevin:- so when you are going to marry.
Teju:- first you marry later you can make others married ok.
Kevin:- ha ha funny any way meet u in india..
Teju:- bye…
Cuts calls while gettting down she looks at all..
Teju:- why are you all standing here that like a straight line like school going kids..
They all looks at each other and signals with their eyes..
Arjun comes forward and says dii Whoes marriage is going to be happen in india..
Teju gets down from bike and just arnav too comes..
Teju:- arjun do you remember our canada partner kevin sabnis..
Arjun:- haa.
Arnav:- what happen to him
Teju:- nothing he is getting married to indian girl..
Kriya of his bussiness partner daughter..
In outer area of mumbai..
He is visting india and i gave him adress so that he can visit our house.
Arnav:- when he will come
Teju:- dont knew. he said that he will inform once he came here ..
Arnav :- ok and sees all who were standing like statues and in straight line..
Why these are standing like this ..
Did you scold them.
Teju:- what do u think i dont have any other work rather than scolding them.
When i came they were already standing like this postion only.
Even i am asking to them that why are they standing like this..
Arnav:- any problem shaleen.
Shaleen:- no yes i mean yaa..
Teju:- yes or no.
Shaleen:- no i mean yes no.
Teju and all keeps weird expressions.
Teju:- first decide yes or no later u can say whats your problem.
Teju about to go but shaleen says.
Shaleen:- yes their is a problem a very big problem.
Teju comes towards them.
Arnav:- what happen.
Danny:- actually we have problem
Shaleen:- in our mutual project..
I want to check few files from your office right now so shall we go..
Teju and arnav sees at each other.
Arnav:- ok teju will take you..
Teju:- why dont you go.
Arnav:- do you forget i am going to bring khusi and her family..
Teju:- oh i forgot.
Ok then i will go with him
She about to ware helmet but a hand stops her hand ..
Radhika:- dii please you both go in one car..
You were going to office now while you both return you may get late and driving at night is dangerous .
Recently i expericend with sad face expressions..
Teju:- radhika nothing will happen.
You only see i will go just like this and return safe ok.
Radhika:- please dii for my sake.
Teju looks on.
While arjun kusum and kanchi also pleases her.
Arnav:- they were right teju dont go in bike at this time please you and shaleen go in one car.
Teju unwantedly says ok.
Shaleen turns towards car and smiles with out any ones knowledge.
Teju follows him..
Shaleen takes car door and offers her to sit.
Teju sits while looking at him doudtedly.
Shaleen closes door and goes towards while thinking in his own mind.
Shaleen:- why she is seeing me doudtedly. Did she got doudt on me what ever today i will patch up with her…
Teju:- in mind.
What happen all of sudden he wants to check files..
Really any problem is their or something else..
Any way i have to be carefull what if he comes close to me..
If it is i cant control my self going in to his embrase…
He always make me cool by coming close to me or by hugging me. He has a special magic.
What ever it is i have to be strong.
Ragini started murmuring to be strong stron by closing eyes..
Shaleen looks at her while bladdering continuosly by closing eyes…
He lost in her by not noticing road.
He gets disturbed by a continuos horn sounds and looks front.
He immediatedly turns his car to another side by escaping from truck.
He breaths heavily…and looks at teju.
who is breathing heavily by placing her hands on her chest…
Looking at him.
Teju:- where the hell you kept your concentration.
Shaleen:- i am sorry.
Shaleen starts driving..
They both reaches to company and now only security guard is present..
They both goes,inside..
Teju shows all files to him.
He acts like checking files.
Shaleen:- do you have any other files…
Teju:- why . i gave all required files you want for this project then.
Shaleen:- i mean did any files were kept on up cupboard and may be you forget about that…and shows her a cupboard at top and smiles naughtly.
Both remembers they first colliding with each other..
Teju too smiles but hides it.
Teju:- no..
Shaleen gets up from his place and starts walking towards her.
Shaleen:- are you sure..
Teju walking back.
Teju:- yes..and why are you walking like this.
Shaleen:- why are u moving back then.
Teju:- because you were walking towards me.
Shaleen:- are u running away from me.
Shaleen had tears in his eyes.
Teju stops walking back by seeing his teardy eyes.
Shaleen:- wont you forgive me.
Dont tell me that you want to break up with me i cant live without you.
Teju gets angry slaps him hard and holds his collar and stands close to him.
Teju:- how dare you to think that i will break up with you.
It seems you want me to go away then say it on my face i will go away from you..
No need…
Shaleen drags her by waist…
Holds her hair from behind and kisses her…
Teju widen her eyes in shock..
Soon she closes her eyes by feeling his touch on her and wraps her hands around him.
He pulls towards her more close hugging her tightly..
They broke their kiss and hugs each other..breathing heavily.
Teju:- i hate you..shallu.
Shaleen:- but i love you alot juu.
I missed you a lot idiot.
Teju:- u only idiot.
Shaleen:- ok we both are idiots
Teju:- no, only you were idiot.
Shaleen:- will you accept this idiot appolize and love for you.
Teju acts like thinking and says.
Teju:- hmm.
Let me think.
She crosses her hands on her chest by scratching her hair says.
I love you idiot..
Shaleen streches his hands
Teju goes and hugs him.
After some time they both were in car and shaleen driving.
Teju:- tell me one thing..
This office files and all this idea was made by our crazy sibblings right.
Shaleen:- nice guess ..
After all you were..
Teju:- tejaswii singh raizand.
Shaleen:- soon going to become Tejaswii shaleen malhotra….
Saying this he winks at her.
Teju smiles and hugs him from side but immediatedly gets up.
Shaleen:- what happen why u broke hug.
Teju:- you were driving shaleen.
I should not disturb you.
Shaleen:- i love to get disturbed by you..
Teju:- smiles and says ok done i will disturb you like anything from now.
Shaleen:- i am honored to get disturbed by you.
Soon they both reaches to their house.
Shaleen:- you go inside i will park the car and i will come.
Teju nodes and goes inside..
While opening door she gets surprised to see shaurya..
Who is talking with every one..
And khusi sitting next to him..
Teju:- hi when you came you did not informed me.
Where your baby..
Shaurya:- ash baby first you meet babies father later you can meet baby..
Teju:- what do you mean .
Shaurya:- baby will come next month and i came before as i should join in duty.
Thats i came.
Teju:- hmm with pout face.
Unwanted guest.
Shaurya opens mouth in shock.
While teju smiles at his expression Shaurya:- teju ki bachi and holds her neck and both started beating each other forgetting about surroundings..
All gets surprised and shocked by seeing this angel of hers and happy by seeing her smile after these days incidents..
Raj and sakshi stood infront of them by keeping their hands on their hips..
Shaurya and teju looks innocently at them by composing them selfs and standing straight.
Teju:- he started fighting.
Shaurya:- she started first fight verbaly.
Teju:- and he started beating me you only saw na.
Raj:- grow up kiddos.
Sakshi:- haa one became father and second one soon will get married.
Teju:- me and marriage that to fastly.
Shaurya immitating her:- me and marriage .
You were saying like that girl in ad..
Me and colzzz..
But here ..
Instead of small girl these three will come running from back.
Di diii.
And this coconut tree also got married now as a elder you should marry
Teju:- whatever..
Shaurya drags her and says in ears..
Not what ever..
Every one was thinking about you and shaleen marriage..
All knew about you and him except mom and dad and once they got to knew they will make you married immediatedly..
Teju:- yaa but they dont knew right.
Shaurya:- yaa but now i am going to say and runs from their.
Teju shouts to stop u idiot….

Precap:- raj and sakshi coming to knew about shaleen and teju.

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