Family bonding episode 47


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Radhika running towards her parents and brother..
Radhika sees shaleen standing near his dinning table ..
She runs hugs him and started crying.
Shaleen gets shock by sudden hug and inmean time gets worried by seeing her sister crying.
Shaleen consoles her by these crying sounds all comes out from their rooms..
Danny namish dp and ap also Reaches to them all gets worried and they too gets tears from their eyes..
Shaleen cups her face and asks her reason for crying.
Radhika:- i am sorry for not understanding your concern towards me.
Dp:- no radhika we have to be sorry for not trusting you..
Radhika hugs her dad and says sorry for her rude behaviour.
Ap says no radhika we all should be sorry for not trusting arjun and arnavs and teju upbringing.
They all also stands their..
Ap:- she proved that she was mother a great mother to all of them and we failed in trusting you.
While she taught how to them how to respect other and how to save someone else respect..
We have to thank you arjun for saving our radhika self respect and holds her hands infront of him.

Arjun immediatedly holds her hands and says.
Arjun:- you were elder to us .
Your hands should be raised infront of us to bless us not to hold infront of us..
Coming to your trust and my dii trust.
Its different situation.
You both grown up them with love and my dii and bhai brought up us by saving from evils eyes..
They always thought us to save others and trust others at any cost.
I saw my di and bhai doing it and we learn by watching them.
Coming to asking forgiveness then from our side also we should ask from you.
He signals to kusum and kanchi.
Kusum comes their while kanchi comes unwillingly.
I knew that my kusum gets angry easily but i never knew that my polar bear can get angry that to on elders.
Kanchi:- he slapped my dii.
Arjun:- that slap was for me but dii took it.
Kanchi about to speak but gets a message and checks her phone and after a minute.
Kanchi:- i am sorry all of you for my rude behaviour..
All gets surprised by sudden confession of kanchi..
Shaleen looks around and sees arnav and teju standing at maindoor and arnav holding cell phone.
And talking something to teju and it can easily seen tejus angry face.
While their sibbling turn to them.
All of sudden teju angry face turned into smily face.
Dp comes to them and asks for sorry.
They both smiles and says ok.
After along time all sits in hall and starts discussing about register marriage and reception…
All agrees.
Teju gets a call and moves aside shaleen see her and after few seconds he slowly gets up from
their and moves towards teju..
All sees them and smiles..
Teju cuts call turns and sees shaleen.without talking to him she started moving away from him.
Shaleen holds her hand.
Shaleen:- plzz teju just onces lisen to me.
Teju:- i heared alot from you and nothing left to lisen.
she tries to go but shaleen holds her hand tightly.
Shaleen:- the way i saw my sister for a second i forget that the person standing next to her is arjun raizada brother of my life teju
I knew teju i should not have hold his collar but just once u think from our side too.
I am not great person like you teju.
You were different thats what i loved you..
Please forgive me come back to my life.
Teju keeps silent.
Shaleen:- teju please speak something atleast scold me for my mistake.
But please talk to me.
I am missing you badly..
I am sorry on behalf of my dad who slapped you.
Teju:- dp uncle didnt slap me .
He about to slap arjun and being a protection shield to them i took it.
Shaleen:- so you forgive my dad.
Teju:- he is not at fault so why i should be angry on him..
If i was not angry on him then from where forgiveness will come.
Shaleen:- then why you were angry on me.
Teju turns and says because you didnot trust me and my family .
I said to you before confessing my feeling that to me my world is my brothers and sisters.
I can die for them and i can kill for them.
Then why..
Shaleen:- sometimes situation brings misunderstanding teju and that happened here.
Teju:- trust shaleen.
We have to trust on our loved onces in all situations..
This type of situations only proves our love and trust on others..
and you.
Shaleen:- i failed in proving it.
But i am also hunan being mistake s will happen .
Cant you forgive me.
Teju:- who i am to forgive you shaleen i am nothing infact we are nothing for you people.
She frees her hand from his hand and about to leave ..
He immediatedly holds her hand drags her towards him and says.
Shaleen:- dont say like that teju.
You were my life and you and me were not different .
Infact you were soul of my life..

Teju and hugs her immediatedly holding her tightly by closing his eyes..
Teju wants to hug him back but remembers what ever happened and frees her from him and leaves..
Shaleen looks at going teju with teardy eyes and says .
I knew i hurted you and i lost your trust on me but soon i will gain back my trust and your love too.
He too leaves..
At room window door these all incidents and their conversion was lisened by their sibblings.
Danny:- we have to plan something to bring them close..
Namish by keeping hands on kaanchi shoulder..
Namish:- we have to plan big..
Kanchi jerks his hands from her shoulder and goes stands opposite to namish ,danny,kusum ,arnav and says..
Kanchi:- plan what ever you want make sure that my sister should not get hurt if she then i will break all your bones and leaves from their …
Kusum:- i wont break bones and all i will just does open heart surgeory…
All looks on….
Danny:- both sisters are damm angry hmm ..
Namish:- i knew how to manage my love ..
You try your luck bhai as your i mean chotai babhi is damm angry.
Danny:- hmm but our badai babhi is boss of all in anger…
Namish:- in showering care and love also..
Danny:- lets start out mission.
Namish:- for cooling teju babhi why dont we take arnav bhai and arjun help.
Danny:- hmm then lets discuss plan to combine bhai and babhi also.
Namish:- done..
They both hi fives to each other..
Kanchi comes out from her washroom and finds namish standing infront of her holding his ears..
Kanchi moves aside and tries to walk but namish keep on blocking her way.
Kanchi:- move namish i want to go.
Namish:- sorry from my family side but why are you angry on me i supported your bhai and my sister only right then why are u angry on me.
Kanchi:- i dont knew and about to go ..
Namish holds her wrist drags her towards him and before she react he kisses on her lips with his lips.
By sudden kiss she widen her eyes and tries to free from him but all went invane .soon she stop struggling and went smooth with his kiss.
After few minutes they both breaks their kiss and sees each other with full love..
Namish:- i love you kanchu and i am sorry.
Kanchi hugs him and says never hurt my dii and my family namish they means alot to me and you also my life i can see my loved ones hurting my another loved ones.
I love you so much namish.
They both hugs each other with so much of love…
Kusum about to go out with her coat.
Danny offers her lift.
She ignores him and goes..
He goes back of him and tries to talk.
Danny:- come kusu i will give you lift.
Kusum turns back with jerk and points finger at him and says dont you dare to call me kusu ok.
Danny:- i am not daring infact i am Calling you with love kusu.
Kusun:- love word doesnt suit from your mouth.
Danny holds her hand and says.
Danny:- i want to marry you kusum and i love you too..
Please what ever happen let it be.
Arnav and teju forgived us and accepted radhika.
Kusum:- arnav bhaiya forgived you but not my dii.
I knew my di when she gets anger on anyone that to on that person who hurts her family she will never forgive them and coming to your proposal my dii and bhai decision is my decision…
And about to leave danny stops her again.
Kusum:- now what..
Danny:- i will drop you..
Kusum:- no need i can go by my vehicle.
Danny:- their is no vehicle free for you.
Kusum checks all parking lot and again looks at danny with disguisting look.
Danny:- shall i drop you.
Kusum checks her watch and then him and says ok..
Danny drives car with kusum to her hospital….
Arjun comes to radhika room and knocks her door..
Radhika opens and see arjun..
Radhika:- jii aap yaha..
Arjun:- i need to ask you something will you come with me to my room.
Radhika:- yaa ok.
They both goes to arjun room.
Arjun opens his cupboard and shows her oneside full empty cupboard ..
Arjun:- dii said after reception .
You and mee going to share room and i should provide you all things which are mine .
As already i shared my life with you and soon i am going to share my room .
I am happy to call this room as our room from now.
I am not forcing you too accept this relation and me ..
I am just saying that i love my wife.i will wait for her answer untill she feel comfortable to ..
Arjun goes from their.
Radhika thinks after minute a smile appears on her face ..
Radhika:- i will give my answer to you on our wedning day arjun..
Arjun goes towards hall gets a message and opens and see from danny asking him to meet at a cafe point for sake of shaleen and teju.
By reading this message all reaches to cafe point..

Precap:- planning , trap..
Romance between teju and shaleen.

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