Family bonding episode 46

Arnav watches radhika being angry on her family and decides to talk with her..
While danny and namish sees teju being angry on shaleen.
Arnav to teju..
Teju i think radhika is still not talking to her parents and brothers..
Teju:- what ever happen she is angry with that bhaiyaa. What can we do in that.
Arnav:- i will talk to radhika and after wards her wish to forgive them or not..
Teju:- as your wish bhaiyaa but be carefull you dont hurt your self while lessing others pain.

Danny to namish

Namu i think still teju is angry on bhai..
Namish:- ofcourse she has to be naa.
How can bhai do like that shouting on her and concluding with knewing anything.
Danny:- it just happened namu.
Namish:- oh is that so .

Ok .but dont he trust radhika..
Leave teju and arjun.
Really radhika…for atleast one second they didnot allow them to talk.
And dad was about to hit arjun but teju took it.
Do u have any idea if dad have slapped arjun then what might teju had done.
She will reverse whole world and destroy everything.
Danny:- it all happened in fraction of seconds now they are feeling sorry for their behaviour right then.
Namish:- a one minute anger is equal to tsunami.
Nothing will change like before..
Any way why we both are fighting.
Danny:- thats what see bhai is si dull and even teju is also sad .
These both are not talking to each other..lets plan something to bring these two close do that they both can talk.
Namish:- ok lets think..

Scene shifts..
Radhika is sitting in garden ..
Arnav comes outside to fo call and sees radhika and goes towards her..
Arnav:- radhika..
Radhika turns and says yes bhaiya..
Arnav:- if you dont mind can i sit here..
Radhika moves and says ofcourse bhaiya..
Arnav sits next to her..
Arjun comes near his bed room window and
sees arnav sitting with radhika..
Arnav:- are u still angry on your family..
Radhika:- i am bhaiyaa how can they did not trust me..
Arnav:- lisen to me completly as now i am going
to give u a complete big speech
U knew radhika teju was always used to be possesive about me..
When arjun kusum kanchi came into our lifes she completely turned into a mother for all of us..
U knew her possessive level are up to.

Once arjun fighted with some boys because they teased kusum..
Principal called us to scold us but teju scolded him by saying what you were doing when they were teasing my kusum .
May be you were sleeping and my bechara arjun might thought not to disturn you and he only sorted.
So first stop blaming on other and you too stop sleeping in school timings.
Arnav and radhika were laughing now.
Radhika:- then what happen.
Arnav:- what will happen i still remember his face expression of being shocked..
Radhika:- dii trust you all alot and belives that you all will never let her down but shaleen bhaiyaa.
Arnav:- thats what i am saying all brother and sister wont shoe their love and belief in same way.
He was too concerned about you that he forget arjun was also related to you people and he will never do something like that.

You knew he was very much tensed about you than us to arjun.
He keep on blaming himaelf for not talking you to frds home when you asked..
U knew few brother and sister supports their sibbling publicly..
Few will be in as back support..
First one is teju and second one is shaleen.
Let me tell you one more thing how crazy teju is towards her sibbling and how she spoiled them by suporting their naughty things.

Radhika smiles.
In school days we all will go naughty things..
Once kaanchi tied a tail to one of student and at sane time that student was called by teacher.
With out noticing he got up went their with tail on his back
Teacher cane to knew that kanchi did it and called raj uncle.
But teju also joined him.
Kanchi was standing near principal and that principal doing complaint about all naughty things she did untill now.
Raj uncke said that he will take care of her but your teju dii said to her..
Teju:- if she didnot do naughty things at this age then when she will do.
Haa when she became old like you..
But people will not call her naughty girl but they will call her mad old lady .
Lets her doo what she wants.she is nit hurting anyobe naa.
This time raj uncle alsi got shick along with principal.

Radhika started laughing loudly
Where arjun also smiles from his room remembering this all.
Arnav:- may be this type of incident happened with you also.
Where your brothers supported you.
Radhika just give them a change to be sorry.
Radhika nodez and goes inside running.
Arjun too smiles..

Precap:- frds i am just posting inhury i cant give you long update.

You asked me to update before going so thought i will post radhika and arnav scenes..

After coming back i will shower you all with my updates bye frds..

Yesterday precap only.

All tries to bring shaleen and teju close

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  1. Nice episode… arjun so naughty during his childhood days…..

    Wow teju… I like her character a lot.
    . When this naughty things are not done this age then when will she ???? I agree with her…

    waiting for ur next episode….

    1. Thank u
      Dont knew when i will update next one

  2. Gud but when u will cm & when u will update

    1. Dont knew shine i will try to update inbetween i will try

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  8. darling its fabulous?? v always have such kind of memory wen. our sibilings support us in much needed times✌?? u r really superbbbbbbb? loved it ?? love u?

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    Amazing Hun~Nusz

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