Family bonding episode 45

Teju sits in her room on bed and arnav sits next to her..
Arjun keeps his head on teju lap and one hand on arnav and tries to sleep…
Arnav:- arjun close your eyes and sleep.
Arjun sees at teju with teardy eye.
Teju wipes his tears and says.
Teju:- everything is fine arjun see you were with me and bhai..
No more fear..
Arjun:- touches her cheeck and sorry dii because of mee..
Teju:- for you anything arjun.
Teju brushes his hair and he too tries to sleeps slowly..
Teju lost in deep thought..
Arnav:- hi teju what are you thinking.
Teju:- bhai what if today anything happen to them to my arjun..
The thought of that killing me bhai..
I would have died if anything happen to him..
We would have been with them.
Arnav:- he is no more kid teju and from today he is married also ..
You cant see him as a child anymore..
Teju:- what the hell bhai .if arjun became old also he is kid for me..
Arnav:- ok ok relax….
This all lisened by malhotras…
Arnav:- teju…
Teju:- hmm..
Arnav:- are u angry on them.
Teju:- on whom.
Arnav:- dont u knew about whom i am talking.
Teju:- dont u knew what will be my reaction on them after what ever happen today.
And are u not angry on them.
Arnav:- i am but now we have to think because radhika and arjun were now wife and husband.
Teju:- they will be always bhai.
I was angry on them but not on radhika..bechari her own family didnot trusted her and she needs our support…..
Malhotras feels bad and seez kusum kanchi coming their ..
Arnav:- u didnot slept.
Kanchi:- i also want to sleep on your lap bhaiyaa..
Kusum :- even me..
They three sleeps on their laps..
Malhotras sees them ..
Ap:- even we did not successed in giving good upbriging to our kids but see dp jii arnav and teju were successed..
Arjun:- dii.
Teju:- yaa arjun.
Arjun:- i am feeling afraid dii.
Do you remember when ever we didnot get sleep or afraid of something you used to sing for us and make us to sleep…
Will you now also dii.
Kusum and kanchi:- haa dii sing lori naa you used to sing always for us in our childhood.
Teju:- ok ..

started caring their hair Tari ra ri ra rum..
Tari rari ra rum..
Tari ra ri ra rum.
Tari rari ra rum..
Sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun ho ja meethi sapno mein gum..
Sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun ho ja meetji sapno mein gum
Tu meri sujar hai..
Tu meri chanda hai..
Tu meri aankhon ki tara hai..
Sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun ho ja meethi sapno mein gum….
They closes their eyes..
And sleeps ..
All five of them having tears..
Perfect example of family and beliving in each other..
Dp:- i always saw love for each other in their eyes but because of our anger today we are seeing hatred in our radhika eyes towards us..
I hope she and her family forgive us….
They again sees inside their room..
Three slept on arnav and teju lap..
Teju slept on arnav shoulder and layed his head back by support of wall and he too slept…..
All goes from their.
Shaleen remains their and watches teju with teardy eyes..
A hand placed on his shoulder.
Shaleen turns back and see danny and wipes his tears..
Danny:- dont worry bhaiya they only knew how to love she wont be angry on you and yaa for that you have to work hard by asking forgiveness..
Shaleen:- i will for sure.
They too goes to their rooms..

Next norning all gets up as to do their routine works.
Arjun was about to go gym room fir boxing practise as he entres he sees danny and namish their..
They both about to speak he immediatedly turns and collides with radhika..
Arjun gets worried and says i am sorry..
Radhika too looks up at him by rubbing her head says..
Radhika:- no i am sorry i didnot see you….
Both leaves in opposite directions.
Teju sees this and thinks something..
Soon her thoughts were disturbed by phone call..
She sees shaurya calling and lifts in excitement..
Shaurya:- ash baby guess what.
Teju:- u blessed with babt girl..
Shaurya:- yesss.
Teju:- shouts in happiness
All comes to hall getting worried
Teju:- say na how is she looking.
Shaurya:- She is white pinkish ash baby and guesz what she didnot get my eyess..
We both wished for it alot naa..
Teju:-hmm dont worry try necmxt time..
Shaurya:- yaa and realises what she said .ash baby…
Teju:- haa so happy for you.
When are u coming back.
Shsurya:- i will return with in one week.
Teju:- then baby.
Shaurya:- after 1 month.
Teju:- cant i see her up to one month..
Shaurya:- dont worry baby i will bring photo and vedio for you ok.
Teju:- done..
Both hang phone.
Teju looks up and sees all were starring at her..
Teju:- shaurya blessed with baby girl..
All gets happy…

And soon again awkwardness fills in between them.
Teju:- khusi babhi wont you go yo shaurya ..he needs you now.
Khusi:- you also needs me teju.
Teju:- i am fine khusi u knew naa i will handle any time of situations then trust me and go..
I will take care of everything.
Khusi:- i want to stop here for you.
Teju:- see i am fine or am i not..
Khusi:- you are fine..ok i will go..
Teju:- i will book tickets for and haa dont miss my bhai so much..
Khusi smiles and goes to her room.
Arnav:- haa this boy gave a good news after having a heated days..
And he didnot scolded you..
Teju:- may be he forget by this news..
Soon her phone rings again…
Teju:- oh my i think this time he got remembered and lifts phone..
After 5 minutes she cuts call.
Arnav:- did he didnot scolded you.
Teju:- he wants to do face off with me and wants to scold on my face not by phone…
Servent comes and says break fast is ready..
All were sitting…
Dp:- arnav , teju we are thinking to keep a reception for arjun and radhika..
Arnav and teju looks at each other and then at arjun.
Arjun looks at radhika..
She nodes her head in yes then arjun looks at teju and arnav and nodes his head..
Arnav:- even we want to do reception for them..
As guests will be from each side so lets share money..
Dp:- its not about money arnav we want to give something for our daughter.
Teju:- come on uncle ,even we want to give everything to arjun..
Thats why lets share ..
Dp and ap accepts.

Shaleen:- i shouted on you infront if everyone and i am asking you forgiveness infront of everyone.
I am sorry..
Teju looks at him.
Arnav signals her with leg from under table ..
Teju sees at him.
Arnav blinks his both eyes..
Teju tooks a deep breath and says teju:- its ok even i am sorry for Shouting on you..
I am sorry uncle from all of us talking with you people rudely..
Kaanchi suddenly stands from their..
All looks at her..
Kaanchi:- what why u all were looking at me after looking at all expressions..
She says ohh..
Dont think that i am leaving from here in anger ..
I got up from seat to take that Chutney.
All laughs..
Kanchi:- when the person who got slapped can forgive you then i am shadow of my dii why i will be anger on you.and if i was also..
I wont disrespect food by leaving it in middle..
All smiles..
Ap:- i am sorry for that slap..
Arnav:- its ok aunty leave it.
Dp looks at arjun and smiles.
He gives a small smile to him.
While radhika avoiding to look at them..

Precap:- arnav talking with radhika..
Radhika hugging her family and cries..
Teju going on trip and shaleen misses her..
Gang plan to sort everything between them.

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