Family bonding episode 44


Frds from now i will post this ff alternative days but i will post very big ones ok…

Arjun comes sees his brother and sister with sticks ..
Arjun:- wats happening.
Arnav :-nothing.
And teju why r u removing shoes..
Teju:- its slippary bhai .what if i slipped..
Arnav:- hmm nice point wait i will also removes..
All looks at them confusingly ..
While kusum brings few people inside with lots of police officers..
Radhika sees garam panchayat and his son gets scared and about to move back but teju holds her hand and says ..
Teju:- trust me radhika..
Radhika:- di di these are those people who behaved badly with me..
Shaleen ,danny namish gets angry about to go..
Kanchi:- whats happening dii why are they here..
Teju:- kanchu i always used to say to u one thing do u remember that when someone gives us something we should return back samething as a fare..
Kanchi:- yaa but dii why you and bhai are like this..
Arnav:-hmm garam panchayat haa how r u..
Gp:- i dont knew that he is raichand if he said that he is brother of you both then i would have leaved them by my hands..
Here. teju is standing infront of his son in attitude way by hitting stick on floor..
Teju:- chal chotai panchayat today i will tell u a story which is not know by any one here ok..
Not even my big bro…..
He gulps from his throat in fear..
Teju:- few years back my small sister is stdying in college ..
Few minister sons tried to tease her..
Its obivisious right i will get angry but i determined that i will only solve because if i say anything to my big brother he will kill them.
You see if i am like this just think how could my brother will be..
So i went to that minister and said one thing..
If u dont want to get slapped by chappals from public then warn your sons to stay away from all girls if they tried to misbehave with anyone your vedio will be out.
And coming to vedio their no need for u to knew about it..
And the result next day they touch my sister feet and said sorry.
For teasing her only i reacted like that but you have touched my brother who is more than my life ..
And lifts stick.
Gp:- please leave him dont beat him we dont knew they were related to you.
We promise you here on wards i will stop all my illegal things and please leave him.
Arnav:- abba cha really you will leave all things just because we Wont beat your son.
Teju:- what will u do if i beat him.
Gp:- please he cant bare pain he is my world.
Arnav grabs his collar and say even my brother is world to us and how can do talk like that about a girl.. she is age of your daughter right then how can u order to your men to tie and closes his eyes in anger..
All gets afraid by seeing their red faces…
Teju to gp:- fine i will not beat your son but for that you have to say what he said to you about her and points towards radhika..
Gp son:- i didnot comments badly .i said that i like her as that boy was not near so marry her with me thats it..
After that when he ordered to our men like that i was about to stop but before that to save her respect he agreed and married her..
Arnav:- why u hurted them.
Gpson:- papajii said that if girl and boys roam outside with out getting married them their characters and their work is wrong.
Arnav slaps gram panchayat..
He falls..
Teju:- when i see people like i dont even want to respect to your age..
Ok fine dont u even thought him that a boy and girl who are roaming outside can be a brother and sister also and slaps his son.
Teju:- you too have your sister right .if u go outside with her and people said same bad words to her and behaved badly then wat..haa will you leave her by remembering your dad taughts or will you save her..
Gpson:- my dad was not wrong we grown up in village their will be like this only.
Arnav:- if its village or city it depends on upbringing..and you panchayata you failed init..
Teju:- bhai it seems panchayat son dont knew his father real face..
Where is your mother small panchayat..
Gp son:- she die by giving birth to my sister..
Arnav:- she died in your papajii hands because of giving birth to a girl ..
His son gets shocked and looks at his father where he bends his head down.
Teju:- even he wants to kill your sister who just born but before he could fo that you lifted her and started playing ..
After that so many times he tried to kill her but you used to be always with her ..
So he dropped that idea and started poising your mind.
Teju sits with him seeing him broken.
Its better right if u have not lisen his words..
He cries and says why papa why you killed maa…
Gp:- because i want another son but she give birth to a girl but still i am ready to accept her but doctor said that she cant give birth to anyone so taught she is useless..
Arnav:- u were useless not she..
Kusum:- how disguisting u people are let me tell u one thing ..
Kids gender will depend on you men only we just give our womb to u type of idiots..
Teju:- come on kusum this thing even literate people are not understanding after all he is illerate and backward thoughts fellow..
Suddenly gp son gets up and goes towards radhika..
All reaches forward to protect her even arjun spreads his hands and radhika hides behind him by holding his shirt tightly.
Teju holds his collar and drags back to floor.
Gp about to get up but arnav keeps hand on his head and pushes him back to floor.
Teju:- dont try to do nonsense and test my patience .if i loose it you will face your destroy ..
How did u beat my arjun ..
I took him in my hand when he is months babyy.
I never allowed him to cry i used to feed my kids before they could ask me that they were hungry..
Did he didnot shout with pain still you and how can u lift your hands on a girl..
Iif i slap u the same pain u will feel right then how can u and slaps him.
Gp:- you both said that you wont beat him and he too gets a slap from teju..
Teju:- first u deserve slaping later him.
He turns to police and says how can you stay silent like nothing happening here..
His village police officer..
Officer:- the same way we stayed silent by seeing your crimes..
When we can stay num on seeing crimes then we can also stay num when someone correcting them.
Gp son turns to them and says i want to confess my crimes and want to file murder case of my mother on him..
Gp gets stunned and feels bad by seeing his hate towards him.
They both apolizes to arjun and radhika….
Teju:- i want to break your bones like hell but your sister face came infront of me..
The way i felt bad by seeing my brother condition ..
She will also feels bad by seeing u injured…
What i should do to you..
You only decide…..
What if same thing happened to your sister the way you all threated her..
They both says sorry to her ,arjun..
They both are not responding ..
Police officers takes them.
Teju:- officer i am filelng complaint on hia father leave his son by giving warning.
Arnav:- we are leaving u because your sister needes you..
And your village people are also getting arrested….
He says thank you and leaves from their..
All looks at them ..
Arnav:- keep the stick where you took.
I thought you will do batting today but you disappointed me..
Teju while keeping sticks back..
Teju:- i took retirement from batting bhaiya .. dont knew why by knewing how bad his father and son he dont even have any idea about his father..
I could lift my hand on him..
Khusi comes with first aid kit to teju..and holds her hand.
Teju:- what happen babhi..
Khusi:- you got hurt on your fingers teju .dobt you feel pain.
And shows two fingers which were bleeding.
Teju:- oh its small cut will be fine
Khusi:- let me do first aid for that small wound only..
She cleans and puts band aid…
Arnav looks on smiling..
Dcp calls teju and tells her to come station and sign on few papers.
Teju:- bhai i am going to station to file a complete case on them and dcp wants me to sign on few papers..i meet u later..
Before arnav speak..
Shaleen:- i will come with you .its not good to go alone.
Teju:- i knew what to do and not to doo.
And going alone i am not going alone ..
Arjun and radhika were coming because they have sign also..
She takes them and leaves from their..
Arnav turns and sees raj and sakshi were seeing him angrily..
He goes towards them and says sorry
Raj:- you said that you were alone no no what he said sakshi.
Sakshi:- orphans rajj these two were orphanes..
Raj:- yaa the day they entred in our lifes i thought our family completed but no sakshi..
See whst these two brother and sisters are thinking..
Arnav:- no papa we didnot saud those things to you..we said to them. Its true right only these three related not we both..
Kusum:- who three related to them
Ha say it again by seeing me..
When we are hungry ..then these people are not their ..
To feed us when you both used to sweap floors then where are these When you are struggling to give us a good education then where are these people..
Did mr.durga prasad malhotra ever tried to knew about her sister.. no his ego stopped him to do that..
They ever never with us in sadness or happiness..
Kanchi:- if you ask me to choose
Between you and them.
With out second thought we will choose you.
If you say you dont want us then we will go away but we never choose them on you and bhaiyaa..
Arnav:- i doesnt mean it kanchu..
Kanchi:- i knew bhaiya you said in anger.
I knew how much you both love us. We will never have any complaints on you both.
Kanchi goes to ap.
People say that mom can understand even their kids silence then how can you doudt on radhika and turns to dp and says..
I hate you u tried to slap my brother and slapped my sister ..i just hate you and goes to raj and hugs him…
Arnav:- dad please i am sorry.
Raj:- if shaurya is here .he would have answered well to you and teju for separating us from you.
Arnav holds ears with tears in his eyes and says sorry.
Raj and sakshi hugs him.
Danny :- so much happened in one day ..
I wish shaleen bhai have trusted them…
Sakshi:- khusi what you seeing outside beta..
Khusi:- maa i didnt do first aid to her lips maa..
Before i do she left hurriedly….
And she is in anger also
Arnav:-dont worry arjun and radhika were their with her she will come home in one piece..
Khusi:- every funny .you can also go with them naa.
Arnav:- arey why you people are scolding me only ..
Even she gets same level angry as i will right them both shoukd be scolded equally.
But no u were scolding me only..
Shaleen comes forward..
Shaleen:- arnav we are sorry for
Doudting on arjun and hurting you…
Arnav:- its ok shaleen i can understand your situation..if Danny was in arjun position and kusum is in radhika position may be before giving chance to u to speak before that i would have killed danny right but you were better without lisening you dad just tried to slap arjun and instead of him teju got slaped and a drop of blood came on her face thats it.
No guitlyss.
Right relax.
Arjun:- goes near to dp and says i knew whst ever happen wrong is mine i couldnot save her but i tried my level best ..
You want me to punish but i dii took that slap.
If situation is different and if my doi got slapped then without thinking i would have killed who ever it is but my dii i mean my maa didnot learn me that .
She always thought me how to love other.
How to save others..
How to respect other and yaa how to forgive otherss.
But i never forget that you slapped my didi today i will neverr forgive myself for being a reason for the slap..turns to ap.
I promise you i will take care of your daughter as i took towards by dii and my sister.
Dont worry about her..
Radhika stands next to khusi seeing her dad and shaleen angrily.
Arnav:- arjun where is teju.
Arjun:- parking car she is coming..
Teju comes inside home and sees her sibblings.
Teju:- you people didnot sleep at its so late dear.go to your room.
Kanchi kusum hugs her says good night dii.
Khusi and all leaves..
Danny and namish too says goodnight.
Dp ap stands their shaleen about to speak.
Teju:- bhai i am too tired i need to rest i am going bhai.
Arjun:- dii can i sleep on your and bhai lap for sometime please.
Teju and arnav looks at each other
Nodes their heads..

Precap:- teju and arnav emotional talk ..malhotras lisening to them with guilt..
Shaurya giving good news..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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    1. Forgot to tell one thing tqs for this ff di…

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