Family bonding episode 43


Its late night all were getting tensed as arjun and radhika didnot reach…
All were sitting in tension .
Ap having tears and sakshi consolling her..
Shaleen walks here and their by phone continuosly calling ..
Arnav is trying to call arjun on another side…
Kaanchi crying and kusum danny namish were consolling her..
Kanchi:- i want arjun bhaiya i want to see him.
I promise di i wont fight with him ask him to come back dii.
Kusum:- calm down kanchu teju dii went out in searching them right infact police department were also searching for them.
Danny:- i wish shaurya is their with us now..

In bus …
Radhika keeps on crying.
Arjun looks at her and feels bad he too cries..
radhika:- i am sorry arjun because of me u married me i am really sorry.
Arjun:- why u r saying sorry.
I didnt take care of you because of me only u were in this position i am sorry..and i dont knew how i will face dii and bhai now after all we married
Radhika:- i insisted u to marry me arjun.if u dont marry me god knews what must have happened to me….
Arjun:- dont say like that nothing will happen to u ..
Once we reach their i file complaint against them.
Radhika:- i am getting afraid to face my parents and brothers…
How they will react by seeing us..
Arjun:- i dont knew .infact i was also worried to go infront of them.
Mainly dii..she has alot of expectations from me i dont want my dii to bow down her head because of me . I can’t bare it.if it happen i will die rather seeing my dii getting insulted…
Radhika:- they must be trying to call us right now right..
Arjun:- they might be worried to..
Both faces were turned completely pale due to worriness.

Shaleen threws phone on sofa and shouts:- damm it i dont knew why we are unable to connect to their calls.its continously saying unreachable..i hope they were ok.
Arnav keeps hand on his shoulder and says .
arnav:- this time is not for getting angry shaleen calm and think a way so that we can connect to them..
Whole police department is in search of them and teju also searching and do u think she will come back without any news..
Shaleen:- she asked to come . I should have gone with her but i negleted by saying busy..
Kusum:- are u not trusting my bhai..remember he too missing .
He too had sisters he knew how to take care of others..
Arnav:- kusum he didnot mean that. Did u forget even teju said same thing arjun case that doesnt mean she is blaming radhika..
Shaleen:- i am sorry i dont knew what i am speaking….
Arjun and radhika gets down from bus and starts walking on road and waiting for a lift..
Suddenly one police jeep stops infront of them.
They enquires them and immediatedly calls to tejaswii..
Teju who was driving car and searching whole city pick up call and stops car suddenly and say.
Teju:- wat u got them where.
Police:- xxx place..better u come here later we can take them to your house..
Teju:- thank u so much i will be their in few minutes and takes u turn and starts driving car..
Police makes them sit and gives water to them.
They both had water and wating for teju.
After few minutes a car and a police van stops.
Teju and dcp both gets down.
Arjun sees teju and runs towards her hugs her immediatedly and started crying.
Seeing his stage she too cries but Soon she sees radhika standing with sindoor and mangalsutra..
She breaks hugs and sees at arjun hand which has sindoor and some wounds on his face and body.
Teju goes near radhika she too hugs her and cries ..
She consoles them and makes them sit..
Teju:- wat happen and radhika what is this sindoor and all.
Arjun says from car accident to panchayat ordering his all men to tie malgalsutra on radhika saving her character how they both married..

They both shed tears..
Teju gets up and goes to dcp and says ..
Teju:- i want that village panchayat his son and who ever tried to misbehave with them on my knees ..
Dcp:- we lisened a lot of crimes about him if u ready to file case against him and if they are ready to come court and help us in giving him punishment…i will threw them on your and on our law knees ..
People like him should be inside jail not in outside world.
Teju:- we are ready and sees at them.
They both too nodes their head in positive manner..
Dcp goes from their..
Teju goes and holds radhika and arjun ..
Teju:- lets goo home all were waiting for you and they were tensed also.
Radhika:- bhai ma and papa.
Teju:- dont worry i will explain them and u too didnot do any mistake ..and first of all let me inform them that you both were with me.
Arnav gets a call.
Arnav:-teju is calling.
All gets up from their places..
Arnav:- hello ..what u find them.
thank god teju ..ok ok..i will do arrangements..
Arnav:- teju finded arjun and radhika she is briging them to hone and kusum kanchi doo arrangements for food for them goo..
They both goes to kitchen and makes food heat arranges on table ..
All were waiting eagerly by seeing towards door….
A unknown silence filled all over house like a stroam going to come…
Teju drops them home asks them to moves she will park car and comes immediatedly.
Radhika:- plss dii u also come with us naa i am afraid to go inside.
Teju:- when u both were not at fault then why r u getting afraid ..
Arjun:- plss dii.
Teju:- ok i am coming and calls watch man and says to park her car..

Three were moving inside with tension.
They stands infront of door.
Teju rings door bell.
Inside all gets up in a jerk and runs towards door ..
Ap opens door and gets shocked to see radhika and arjun with injuries and radhika with sindoor ..
Ap:- what what happen to both of u.
U both married..
Dp comes about to slap arjun teju comes between and gets slapped by dp and about to fall arjun holds her in nick time..
Arnav arjun kusum kanchi runs towards her and sees her bleeding lips..
All gets angry and looks at dp angrily.
While they all gets shocked wat ever happen right infront of them .
Shaleen comes forward..
Arnav and arjun looses his control holds dp collar..
While remaining tries to free them.
Arnav:- how dare to slap my sister.
Dp:- i didnt mean to slap her i want..
Teju:- u want to slap my brother right mr.durga prasad malhotra..
Thank u so much for trusting my brother..
Shaleen:- one second can u please xplain me wat happen and why happen and u both married dont u even think about us …radhika u too.
Teju:- what do u mean by u too..
Shaleen:- little bit loudlyy .
You were taking me wrongly and diverting actual point.
Teju gets angry and says:- dont shout even i can shout on u ..
You people were doudting on my upbriging arjun is my child i grown up him and wat ever he did i am proud of him and yaa u want to knew right wat happen then shut your mouth for a second and lisen to themm..
Shaleen:- whats their to lisen cant u see how their are standing.
And what they had done.
Here from afternoon we were in tension and u were roaming whole city like mad .

Teju:- i said dont shout and points finger at him and says first lisen to them and then come to a conclution..
Ok fine if u dont trust arjun and said that he did wrong but radhika she grown up infront of you right you right wont u trust your sister and wont u think for one second what might had happen that they both ended up like this..
You were unbleivable shaleen
Leave arjun atleast have some trust on your own sister and see at her condition once and think if they both wants to marry then how come they both injuried..
Use your brain shaleen dont behave like dumb fellow..
Shaleen sees at radhika and arjun
Radhika:- please dont fight i will says wat ever happen and explains everything to them ..
All get shocked and tears were flowing from their eyes.
Dp ap and shaleen keeps their head down in guilt.
Radhika:- if he didnot married me then you cant even imagine wat might had happen to me ..
They all tried to misbehave with me thats why to save me he married me and how can u people doudt on arjun and their family..
He saved your daughter self respect by giving his name to me and u people and starts crying..
Namish danny goes and consoles radhika..
Arnav goes near arjun.
Arjun in fear stammers:- i tried alot bhaiya to save her but they didnot left me any another way ..for one second my sister faces came infront me and i thought no sister should face and i i..married her i hope i didnt let you and dii down..
I cant see you people sad because of me..
Arnav lifts his hand and arjun closes his eyes thinking he will slap him but he cupped his face and arjun opens his eyes and sees arnav with tears and he too cries and hugs him.
Arnav:- i am proud of u arjun .
Today u proved that a human behaviour doesnt depend on blood relation and it depends on
upbringing and u made me and teju proud today .you saved a girl respect….
I am proud of you..
They all smiles while malhotras bends their head in guilt..
Teju goes and hugs arjun arnav from back….
Kusum and kanchi also hugs them.
Kanchi pushes all and hugs arjun tightly..
Kanchi:- you made cry alot i hate U Bhaiyaa
Arjun hugs her back:- but i love you pagal..
Kanchi:- promise ne that u never repeat it
Arjun:- promise..
Teju gets a call from dcp so she goes out.
Ap comes and holds her hands infront of arjun and says ..
Thank u for saving her daughter respect.

Arjun catches her hands and says
Arjun:- its my duty aunty plss dont hold your hands like that..
Dp comes forwards and about to speak.
Arnav stops him.
Arnav:- plss u stay away from him and i wont forget that u tried to slap my brother and actually you slapped my sister because of you i saw her blood please stay away from us. Its enough for today.
Shaleen about to speak.
Kanchi:- u already doudted on my brother and now u shouted on my sister also i hate u..
Teju comes back and says to all to take arjun and radhika and feed them and give first aid..
Khusi takes them younger one leaves from their..
Teju tooks a strong stick from flower vase and checks its strong.
Arnav:- wat r u going to do doing.
Teju:- its pay back time bhaiyaa.
I said u if any one tries to hurt my kids i will kill them and they touched my arjun today i will teach him lesson wat will happen if any one mess with my brother and sister..
Shaleen:- lets handle it another way.
Teju looks at him angrily and says.
Teju:- when time came i have seen how much u trusted him . Me and arnav are not your family but arjun was your family blood right but still. Let me clear to u onething.
For my family i will kill anyone and can kill my self also..
He threw that stick to arnav and she too takes another one.
Dp:- dont say that you were not our family ..
I accept that we did wrong without lisening to them we started assuming and blame arjun..
But that doesnt mean that u were not our family….
Arnav:- it is and it will be me and teju were never related to you ..
Dp tries to convinces them but fails..
Shaleen:- atleast say me what r u going to doo..
Teju doesnt give answer nor respond to his question.
Namish:- as i knew you i can guess your step .
You were bring those people here who were hurted them right and you were punishing them here you will make them to ask sorry for their deeds right..
Teju and arnav smiles..
Arnav keeps his shirt hands folding and says to teju..
Arnav:- he too no more kid teju..
Teju smiles:- if you want u all can go inside..
Although knewing also u people pointed us and now we will look for u completely different may be disguisting also so better leave to your rooms.
Danny:- i want to see the person in pain who gave pain to my frd arjun and my sister radhika..
So i am not going any where..
Arjun and radhika comes their after having food and first aid..
Door bell rings..
Teju:- kusum open door and bring them directly to here..
Kusum nodes and goes to door.
She opens door and first gets shocked but later smiles ..

Precap:- teju and arnav original avtar and everyone gets shocked seeing them..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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