Family bonding episode 42

The sun rays says good morning to all family members..
Here all gets into car to reach their house..
Teju:- arjun did you talk with radhika yesterday.
Arjun:- no dii i went to her but she was in deep sleep and thought not to disturb her.
But today i will talk to her..
Teju:- ok.
Arjun:-what is the reason dii.
Teju:- i too dont knew babu.
Arjun:- ok ,once we talk to eachother then i will say u wat she talked to me..
Teju smiles and cares his hair and says dont u have any personel stuff to hide from me.
Arjun:- their is nothing like that dii to hide from you..
Khusi wakes up and sees herself in arnav chest.
She slowly gets up and sees herself undressed.
She feels shy and covers herself with another blanket and leaves to washroom.
After a while she comes and wakes up arnav.

Arnav open eyes and sees khusi with smile..
He goes close to her kisses on forehead and says good morning.
Khusi:- i am going out .you too get ready and come fast ok.
Arnav goes to wash room while she goes out and finds all sibblings.
Few were in hall and remaining in kitchen.
Khusi entres in kitchen and all turns to her and says ..
Good morning badai bhabi jii.
Teju smiles and khusi too smiles…
Teju sits with all shaurya comes by yamning and shouting.
Shaurya:- ash babyyyyyy.
Teju:- why r u souting i am here only right.
Shaurya:- leaving to kolkata to night.
Teju:- why.
Shsurya:- day after tomorrow my jaan delivery yar.
Teju:- oh ya i forget sorry and happy journey and say congrates to payal.
All says happy journey..

All have their break fast..
Shaleen ,danny,namish leaves to office early as they have meetings..
Arnav ,teju, kusum leaves to office and they leaves kusum to hospital…
Arjun takes a leave as he not feeling well.
Radhika comes to outside and calls shaleen.
Radhika:- bhaiyaa plss i have to go plss come with me.
Shaleen:- we all were busy chotu and even arnav family was also not at home naa to take you their and that area is spoil area should not go alone.
Arjun sees her tensed and moves towards her and taps on her shoulder.
Radhika turns back and finds arjun…
Arjun:- shall i take you…
Radhika says arjun is their so can i go with him.
Shaleen:- yaa sure but once give phone to him i need to talk
Radhika:- bhai wants to talk with you.
Arjun takes phone .
Arjun:- hello.
Shaleen:- arjun i trust you but be carefull where you people are going that area is restricted and spoilt area be carefull ok
Arjun:- i will take care of her ok.
Shaleen:- take care of your self also .otherwise your dii will burry me alive..
Arjun and shaleen laughs..
Arjun cuts calls and while handovering phone to radhika.
Arjun:- get ready i will take you their..
Radhika comes out wearing blue and white chudidhar where arjun wears
Cement colour shirt and blank jeans..
Arjun gets mesmerised by seeing radhika.
She comes and waves hand infront of him and bring him back to his senses.
Arjun get embrassed and says:- lets goi.
Radhiks smiles by seeing his face expression and goes sits next to him silently..
They both were travelling..
Radhika gets bore and starts hmm..

Song plays..
Pehla phela pyar hai…
Pehli pehli baar hai…
They both looks into each other and radhika changes next station.
Hey rama kya huva plays
Both get embrassement and boty forwards hand to change and end up touching each other finger..
And removes back..
Radhika finally switches off fmm.
Radhika meets their frds and comes back..
Radhika:- thank you for coming arjun..
Arjun:- smiles and says its my pleasure..
Radhika sees out and says its getting dark fastly right.
Arjun:- its jungle area radhika here sun rises fastly and set fastlyy..
Radhika sees out from window and her hair was flying in air…
Arjun lost in her beauty and forgets to see forward..
Suddenly he loses control of car goes and hits tree but slowly..
Arjun:- are u ok radhika..
Radhika keeps hand on head and says yaa i am fine and u..
Arjun:- i am fine..
You sit in car i will go and check car once..

Arjun gets down and check car engine and he finds everything ok and looks at tyres and gets shocked by seeing four tyres got punchured .
He feels something fishy and goes toward road and finds nails. He remembers shaleen words and run backs to radhika and says.
Arjun:- get down radhika we have to move from here..
Radhika gets down and asks why. What happen and sees car four tryes punchure and gets scared ..
Arjun takes radhika and goes towards jungle..
While walking they hear different type of animal sounds ..she gets scared and holds arjun hand tightly..
Arjun holds back her hand and assures her that he will be their with her..
After walking a far they both sees a small village and sees a lots of lights..
Arjun:- i think its a village and some festival is going on.
Lets goo their and find food and transport you might be hungry..
Both reaches to that place and says every thing to gram panchayat..
He allows them to stay for few hours untill they dont get any transport.
Arjun and radhika both took their phones but didnot find any signals.
Arjun makes radhika sit and says ..
Arjun:- u wait here i will bring food for u.
And about to go but radhika holds his hand and stops him .
Arjun sees her tensed eyes and says i will be back with food.
Pachayat son sees radhika with bad eyes and radhika too sees him and feels uncomfortable…
He goes and says something to his father .
He accept and sends his men to bring her..
They forcefully brings her and makes her sit in mandap..
Radhika starts to cry and starts shouting arjun name.
Arjun comes back and starts searching for her and in that time he lisens to her voice he goes running from their by leaving food and gets shocked to see her in mandap..
He gets angry and about to go but people stops him.
Arjun:- u cant do that .how can u make her marry with out her interest.
Panchayat:- is she your wife.
Arjun:- no.

And thinks for a while and says but soon we both are getting married .
Radhika looks stunned but later understands arjun intension and says yes..
Panchayat:- before getting married only she is roaming with you how cheap character you have..
People like you should banned from this world..
Radhika gets hurt to his words by saying her characterless and cries.
Arjun gets angry on him for hurting radhika.
He goes and holds his collar and starts shouting how dare you are to speak to her like that.
Panchayat mens realises his clutches from him and drags him to far..
Panchayat:- getting angry ok then.
Marry her right here and prove that she is pure girl..
Arjun:-how can we marry with out our elders.
Panchayat:- you were roaming whole city before marriage that time u didnot thought about your elders right ..
Any way will you marry her or else i will make each and every men of this village marry her..
Arjun gets angry and shout on him.
He orders to tie mangalsutra to all his members..
Radhika:- shouts marry me arjun.
Arjun and radhika both looks at each other emotionally and finally arjun agrees.
Arjun and radhika,were married with all rituals and now village head declares them as wife and husband.

And allows them to leaves from village and arranges a transport also..

Precap:- i will give a maha episode..
With arjun and radhika conversion.
Their family tension on finding arjun and radhika missing
And gets shocked seeing them in married couple attair.
How shaleen, teju, arnav and all family members react.
Will shaleen and teju fight with each other

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