Family bonding episode 41


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Arnav and khusi were sent into their room.
And remaining all went to their raizand old house to escape from weird home situation …
Teju was sitting at swiming phool in her old spot and think shaleen first time proposal..
Shaleen sees her and about to come but stops seeing arjun arrival their..
Arjun:- dii can i sit with u.
Teju:- ofcourse from when u were asking me permission.
Scene changes to arnav and khusi..
Arnav sits next to khusi and removes her veil and says..
Arnav:- if u want u can change as it is very heavy..
Khusi nodes and goes to washroom to change..
Meanwhile arnav starts changing his clothes..
Scene changes to kusum and danny…
Kusum comes to kitchen and drinks water meanwhile danny
Comes their and sees kusum shadow in dark and says who is their.
Kusum turns and senses that danny was afraid of seeing her in dark and assuming as someone else and thinks of teasing him.
Kusum starts slowly moving towards him while he slowly movesback.
Kusum:- whom u think i am( changes voice)..
Slowly kusum passes by a open window and due to moon light danny seez kusum face lightly and senses that she is teasing him.
He immediatedly drags her and pins her to window from where moon light is coming.
Both see into eachother eyez.

Scene changes to namish and kanchi…….
Kanchi is sitting in tv area and watching tv namish comes..
Namish:- are u not sleepy.
Kanchi:- no wat about u.
Namish :- mee to yar ..can i sit with u if you have no problem.
Kanchi:- why i will have problem come and sit and gives him place on sofa .
Namish too sits with her by maintaing a distances..
Kanchi stops at a horror movie and sees at namish and sees his excited face and asks.
Do u also like to see this type of movies..
Namish nodez
Both sees grudge movie by switching off lights and now room was in complete dark..
When ghost comes all of sudden in fear kanchi shouts and hugs hi
Namish for second gets shocked but later he too hugs her..
Both were comes back to their senses ..
Namish sees tv light falling on kanchi and looking her lovingly.
Kanchi too lost in his eyes. he slowly cups her face and kisses her forehead where kanchi closes her eyes and clutches his shirt.
He slowly moves towards her eyes and cheecks when he about to kiss her but stops himself and says..
I love you kanchi.
I love you so much.
Kanchi opens her eyes and sees him in shock..
Namish:- i wont force u to say answer immediatedly but i will wait for your answer and about yo go but turns and sees kanchi holding his hand.
Kanchi:- i didnt said that i need time to think or answer to your question. You your self questioned and assumed answer from my side also.
She gets up and goes near him and says wont u lisen my answer.
Namish nodes and kanchi looks at him.
Scene changes to arnav and khusi..
Khusi comes and sees arnav shirt less and about to wear..
She shouts by closing eyes .
Arnav jerks by dropping shirt turns and sees khusi standing facing wall with closed eyes with her hands..
He smiles and moves close to her and hugs her from back side..
khusi immediatedly opens her eyes wider and sees arnav who is watching her with smile.
She immediately blushes turns and hugs him.
Arnav smiles and hugs her back after few seconds he lifts her and takes to bed and covers them selfs with blanket and light off..
They consumate..

Scene shifts to arjun and teju shaleen.
Teju:- what r u thinking arjun ask naa…
Shaleen too watches them eagerly
Arjun:- dii why dont u marry shaleen jii.
Teju and shaleen both gets shocked and teju sees arjun.
Shaleen smiles and texts msg to teju
Teju reads msg:- say to him naa only he doesnt knew about us in males..
Teju to shaleen:- ok..
Arjun:- did i said anything wrong then i am sorry.
Teju:- actually arjun me and shaleen are liking each other and and all came to knew about us yesterday only and our sisters dont knew thats it and sees arjun in shock expressions.
Teju shakes arjun..and arjun comes back to this world and starts shouting wow dii that means u both are in love..
And hugs her tightly.
Voice:- wont u hug me.
Teju and arjun turns and sees shaleen standing near to them.
Arjun goes to him hugs immediatedly.
Arjun:- shaleen ji i mean jijju i am very happy that u both choose each other…..
Shaleen notices tears in his eyes and wipes them with out teju notice and says slowly in his ears.
Shaleen:- your dii wont like to see tears in you people eyes whether they came due to happiness or sadness your dii cant bear them so no tears..
Arjun:- i am very happy that u this much love my dii.
Teju:- u were forgetting me guys..
Arjun goes and hugs her..
Teju:- arjun go and talk with radhika.
Arjun:- why.
Teju:- she wants to talk with u personelly..
Arjun:- what happen dii.
Teju:- i dont knew u go and ask.
Arjun:- she must be sleeping right.
Teju:- then talk tomorrow that too personelly ok.
Arjun:- ok and goes from their by wishing good night to them.
Shaleen smiles and sits next to hee and coverz her with his hands..
Shaleen:- so all came to knew..
Teju:- my sister and shaurya parents left naa.
Shaleen:- and wat r u talking about radhika and all.
Teju says about radhija confession.
Both laughs.
Teju:- radhika is cute and innocent girl…
Shaleen:- change her like you bold and daring.
Teju:- my reason for becoming bold is different no one should face like this and gets upset ..
Shaleen:- these days i am upsetting u alot ..
Teju:- nothing like that…
Before she say something shsleen leans towards her and kisses her on cheecks..
Teju shys and hides her face by hugging him..
Shaleen to smiles..

Kusum and danny were in same position..
Kusum sensing his breath on her face and due to that she becoming restless..
Kusum:- i am sorry leave me danny.
Danny who was lost in her says no.
Kusum:- what.
Danny:- i said i dont want to leave u
Kusum:- why like that and tries to free her self and danny to tightens his grip on her wrist
Danny:- because you were looking beautifull….
Kusum shys by lisening his compliments but hides and says ..
Kusum:- but u were holding tightly my hands were paining.
Danny :-ok then and loosens his grip on her.
Kusum looks to him in shock.
Danny smiles and says..
Danny:- wat do u think i will leave u ..
Kusum nodes her head innocently.
Danny smiles and kisses on her forehead and leaves by saying.
Danny :- good night.
Kusum immediatedly runs from their..
All were hugging each other..

Precap:-arjun and radhika missing

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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