Family bonding episode 40

Khusi and teju smiling and sees towards arnav who is looking in all angles by changing faces..
Teju:- someone is taking too much time
Khusi smilez..
Arnav:- shouts finally by clapping his own hands and says i found it u see and shows to all.
And says by lifting collar towards teju and says arnav arnav singh raizada..
Teju too gets up and goes towards arjun and says..
Teju:- ssy to him that i am too tejadwii singh raizada born to be greatest stubborn girl and about to leave .
Shaurya comes forwards and says thats not fair when i comnented u felt bad u were angry on me snd these all who laughed inthat way arjun also laughed and u were not talking to us but u were talking to him.
Khusi sakshi raj dp ap all gets up and see shaurya.
All hits their heads.
Shaurya bits her toungue.

Kusum kanchi comes forward by keeping their hands on their waist and radhika watching her brothers angrily.
Kanchi:-wat u said to my dii.
Shaurya:- me said to whom and dii wat dii and where dii..
Radhika says everything about shaurya comments on teju and all laughing..
They make them to do sit upss
Finally teju forgives them..
Next day finally its marriage day.
Teju is ready in kurtha and legin..
Shaurya see her and say does she took my comment seriously and talks to her.
Teju:- so give so much importance to u i am just arranging everything
later i will go and change..
All laughs while
Shaurya:- thank god i thought unknowingly i hurted u..
Teju:- come on shaurya andcheck everything and goez to her room to dressed up and lock door and sees shaleen standing their with her saree and says..
Shaleen:- do u trust me.
Teju:- ofcourse..

Shaleen:-forwards her saree and says change and call me i will wait in balcony..
After some time she calls him
He makes her sit infront of mirror.
Teju:- i will get ready shallu.
Shaleen:- ju plz let me fo it its my type of asking sorry from u for yesterday.
Teju turns to him and says its ok i remembered my mom thats why i got sad but not because of u people coments..
Shaleen:- i will make my life ready today let me.
Teju:-ok as your wish.
Shaleen:- but close your eyes.
Teju:- wat..
Shaleen:- trust me.
Teju closes her eyes..

Shaleen does few make up and she senses that he os making her weraing jewellary..
Finally he make her katbandan for which his hand touches her bare waist for which he shivers and immeciatedly turns another side by standing.
Shaleen to stands and make her to face him by holding shoulderss.
She shy and he kisses her fore head and brings her close and hugs her tightly and she does same with him.
They both were lost and ginally he again makes her sit and open her hair.
He removes her hair to one side a keep a clip their to stay hair in that one side position.
He leans and kisses her neck and her shoulder..
While again closes her eyes more tightly..he whispers in her ears to open and see herself in mirror.
She closely opens and sees herself in morror and him next to her near shoulder..
She smiles while he says beautifull looks like my only princess today i have to save u from many guys it seems.
Both smiles and they leaves from their room before anyone can notice them…
All sees ragini and gets mesmerised while she brings khusi down in bridal attire..
finally arnav and khusi completing 7 pheras while..danny and kusum looking at each other and namish looking at kanchi who is jumping and threwing flowers on them just like a kid and enjoys her happiness.
Arjun and radhika each other sees one after other without their notice..
Shaleen and teju were standing next next.
One of person from crowd says by Showing shaleen and teju and says they both were looking a great couple..
All gets happy by lisening to it as all knews except arjun.
Arjun was also feels happy and sees towards them and thinks.
Arjun:- he is right shaleen can keel my dii happy and also if dii marries him then she wont go anyware wow i will talk to dii about this..
Arnav and khusi marriage done and they were taking blessing from others..

Precap:- arjun talking to teju about shaleen and teju telling truth to him.
Couple sweet talks to escape from home situation because of khusi and arnav first night.

Sry fot spelling mistakes frds…
I am thinking to write two more ff but need time i will post intro
Ff are..

My army officer..
Her director his designer

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