Family bonding episode 39


This is a long update..
At night ..
Shaleen and teju were sitting next to each other..
Holding each other hands..
Teju:- arnav bhai came to knew about us..
Shaleen:- hmm
Teju:- are u not tensed or shocked.
Shaleen:- wats their to get shocked or tensed..
Teju:- hmm but he is teasing me like hell.
Shaleen:- dont worry he is getting married so u too will find ways to tease her..
Teju:- ofcourse it will happen.
Shaleen:- i think after your brother i am in the list and after me its you
and i think we both will clear our list at a time.
Teju:- will uncle aunty accept to it i mean i am not your original relative..
Shaleen:- marrying me with u was dad and mom idea and wat r u saying not originaly related and all u were related to me by our hearts and cups her face and says dont u dare to say again that u were not related to me ok.
Teju:- touches his hand and says never because without u i was nothing ok.
Shaleen kisses her forehead where ragini closes her eyes..
He slowly moves towards her both eyes and both cheecks..
He looks at her lips and at her eyes..
Both looks into each other but parts aways …
Both feels embarressed and looks in different ways..
Teju:- ok i am feeling sleepy i will go day after tomorrow its mehndi and haldi function are their and i have to do preparation for it.
Shaleen:- haa ofcourse lets leave.
Both leaves hurriedly to their rooms before anyone can notice them.
They both goes to their rooms and remembers wat ever happen between them and a small smile came on their faces..
They both dozes…..
Mehndi function…
All sits and busy in applying mehndi…
Khusi is keeping mehndi and radhiks and kaanchi were accompaning her..
Three of them were talking and smiling..
All boys are standing and having fun.
Shaleen is searching for teju..
This is observed by namish…
Just then shaurya comes their adjusting his sherwani..
Namish:- shaurya bhaii where teju will she not apply mehndi.
Shaurya laughs….
Shaurya:- teju and mehndi i mean
to say teju and ladies stuff wat a joke..
All sees teju standing back of shaurya and giving him deadly looks to him.
All tries to stop him but invain.
Shaurya:- if u asked her to break some one bones she can do it ..
If u asked her to apply mehndi she will feel like we kept a heavy weights on her hand
All closes eyes..
While arnav and arjun smiles .
Shaurya:- wat happen to u all.
Danny signals him to see back side.
Shaurya turns and sees teju glarring him angrily..
Shaurya smiles and says:- hi teju…
Teju:- hi shaurya and wat r u speaking..
Shaurya:- nothing ash baby i will go and meet my sister ok and runs from their….
Teju turns towards arnav and says.
Teju:- is he right that i cant handle girl stuff bhaii.
All brusts into laugh ..
Teju sees at all with annoyed expression…
By seeing her expression they stop laughing.
She leaves from their by bladerring something.
All looks at each other and feels bad.
Shaleen:- i think we hurted her.
Arjun:- hmm.
Shaurya comes knew wat happen and hits his forehead and says this all was started by mee.
Teju is going to her room but stopped by kaanchi..
Kanchi:- dii where r u going come and accompany us ..i knew you dont like to keep mehndi but u can sit with us right.
Teju feels bad and says i will join in few minutes u go and leaves from their.
Kanchi:- wat happen to dii and goes from their towards kusum who is checking dishes and says everything to her..
Kusum:- wait i will go and check..
When about to go radhika stops her and says ..
Radhika:- shall i go because i want a suggestion from her and i will also talk.
Kusum:- ok but dii dont open to anyone infact we also.
Radhika:- no problem i just want to talk….
Teju in room sits on her table and opens draw takes her mom photo.
Teju:- mom you were very beautifull but i think i am not ..
I hope u were their with me to suggest me how i should look or make me feel like girl….
They are laughing ..
Let them laugh i will be like me only i wont change for anyone sake or anyone comments..
And hearz a knock sound she goes and opens door finds radhika teju smiles ..
Radhika:- i need a help..
Teju makes her come inside room and lock door…..
She makes her sit and she too sits with her..
Teju:- now say wat happen .
Radhika:- actually we all went to shoppina that day i didnt mean to but without my notice in excitement i hugged your brother arjun..
Teju starts smiling seeing radhika confession with closed eyes.
Teju:- hmm so..
Radhika:- i didnt mean it wat if he thinks wrong about me ..
Teju:- he wont radhika dont worry.
Radhika:-if he think so..
Teju:- wat u want to do.
Radhika:- i want to apolize to him..
For that i need your help.
Teju:- how can i help u.
Radhika:- actually i want to apolize in personel and if possible can u.
Teju:- dont worry done i will help u to talk with him personely ok
Radhika hugs her and says thank u dii and dont take those gents Words seriously…
Wat ever and how ever u r ..
Your are beautifull and pure dii whom i love the core of my heart after my mom.
Teju cares her cheeck and kisses her forehead..
Radhika:- come dii lets go to hall.
Teju:- no u go i will join later..
She leaves…
Teju about to close door…
Shaurya stope her closing door by hand and keeps sad face Teju:- wat..
Shaurya:- keeps hand on his ears and says sorry.
Teju:- sorry for wat
Shaurya:- wat ever i commented on u..
Teju:- why u should be sorry when u said right about me i dont hava girl chatactrists.
Shaurya:- i doenst mean it yar.
Teju:- wat ever and closes door..
Shaurya turns and shown thumb down to all who are peeping from Pillar to teju room.
Arnav:- my sister got angry..
Arjun:- dii cant stay angry on me i will try to convince her…
Arjun about to go…
All stops him.
Danny:- she should forgive us all at onces or not any one..
Namish:- haa u are not getting forgiveness alone ok.
All accepts to them…
Arjun:- but…..
Arnav:- no if and buts..
They all hear a door open sound turns towards teju room and gets shocked
Because she changed her saree and wore a cement colour shirt and blank legging type jeans..
With pony tail and simple chain on her neck with studs on her ears..
She passes threw them and joins ladies gang.
They all were also surprised and boys also reaches their..
Sakshi:-why do u change u wore Saree right then.
Teju:- i want to be myself i cant change sorry..
Sakshi and her all sisters feels something weird but no one dared to ask her exact reason.
Khusi signals her to next to him where arnav sits opposite to her..
Arnav takes khusi hand into his and started searching her name.
Khusi:- why u dont kept mehndi.
Teju:- i dont like or may be i never tired do felt uncomfort thats why
Khusi:- no need to sorry its your wish…..
They both smile..

Precap:- arnav finding his name in her hand and shaleen trying to talk with teju..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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