Family bonding episode 38


Arjun looks up to see khusi and smiles at her and immediatedly he eyes looks aside of khusi and gets mesmerised seeing radhika and lost into her…
After sometime he comes to his senses by hearing a clapping sound and sees arnav and khusi were ready to exchange rings and he too claps from them.
Arnav holds khusi hand and makes her wear ring and khusi also does same.
All showers them with flowers ..
They took blessings from elders..
All sits and talking..
Teju is arranging food on table walking from kitchen to dinning area…
Soon a hand dragged her to store room.
She got frightened and took a thing and about to hit that perdon but soon he switched on light.
Teju sees him in shock while that person smriks.
Teju:- shaleen u gave me a heart attack.
Shaleen:- by leaning back when people have more than one heart then they will get attacks right.
Teju:- wat more than one heart.
Shaleen drags her by holding her waist towards him and says.
Shaleen:- u had taken my heart too that means now u were having two hearts.
Teju:- smiles and keeps her hand on his chest and rest her head on him.
Shaleen:- u dont knew how to hug also and tightens his grip on her waist and drags her more close hugs her tightly…
Teju:- r u happy that i am wearing your favorite sareee.
Shaleen:- u were looking beautifull in this teju that it became difficult for me to control my self.
Teju:- who asked u to control.
Shaleen looks at her confusingly.
Here khusi and arnav were starring at each other while talking with elders..
Arjun and danny observes this..and thinks a plan to make then meet personelly…
Danny asks arnav to help in sending one mail and takes him….
Arjun asks radhika help..
Arjun comes and stands near radhika and starts calling her like whispering..
Arjun:- radhika..radhika..
After a while she turns back and sees arjun is calling her and asks with eyes wat.
Arjun:- i need to talk with u personelly come out.
Radhika with hands :- why…
Arjun with eyes:- please..
Radhiks slowly:- ok.

Arjun slowly moves from their to balcony side and waiting for radhika…..
He walks here and their and without seeing radhika arrival he dashes with her and with in seconds she looses balance and about to fall arjun holds her and by hos touch on her waist make her shiver and immediatedly she closes eyes..
And by her touch on his neck which was for support sake made him feel differently…
He was watching her face with closed eyes innocently..
A smile took place on his face..
After few seconds radhika too opens her eyes and seez a smily face of arjun and her mesmerised for his smile…..
They both were lost like that for few minutes…..
Soon they both composes themselfs by hearing foot steps.
They both stands separetly and started feeling awekard..
Soon danny and arnav comes their.
Arnav:- why u brought me here and u asked me to help u in mail right.
Danny:- i want u i mean we all want you to talk with khusi for some time as we think you also want to talk with her..
Arnav first says no but by seeing their expressions he later accepts.
Arjun danny asks radhika to bring khusi here by giving them any reason….
Radhika accepts and goes from their…
Shaleen looks confused at teju..
Teju lifts her self with support of toes goes near him holds his chin and moves his head aside kisses his cheeck and comes back normally…
Shaleen looks on stunned later he leans towards her and kisses her forehead..while she closes her eyes to feel.
Both hugs each other and lost in it.
Soon they both were disturbed by shaleen msg in phone and teju phone call.
They both reaches hall one after other maintaing time gap…..
Radhika give some reasons to all and takes khusi from their and takes her to their house balcony..
Khusi:- why u bought me here….
radhika:- u will knew soon and she leaves her their and goes…
Arnav comes from corner .

Khusi and arnav both sees eachother and smiles..
Arnav:- i want to ask u something if u dont mind.
Khusi:- u can ask me arnav..
Arnav:- u were happy right ..
Khusi:- cant u see that in my eyes….
Arnav:- i can see but still i want to here in voice from you.
Khusi:- then lisen i am very happy mr.arnav singh raizada and coming close to him and says and my happiness has no boundaries by becoming mrs.khusi singh raizada and hugs him ..
Arnav too smiles and hugs her.
All hugs little and by these sounds and giggles they both separetes and gets embarressed and moves away from each other..
All laughs while arnav adjusts her hair and khusi runs away from their…
Teju moves towards him.
Teju:- wah bhai i never thought that u can love and romance..
Arnav keeps a hand on her shoulder and says..
Arnav:- even i never thought my hitler little sister can love some one and do romanit chats in phone..
Teju widens eyez and looks at him.
Arnav:- and that someone is …..
Mr. Shaleen malhotra..
Have to accept that your selection is awesome and just out of the world
Teju turns into red and hugs arnav
Arnav smilez and says..
Arnav:- even i never guessed that u can blushh and breaks hug and seez her face and says that too completely red ..
Teju again hugs him.
This time arnav says ..
I am very happy teju finally u are in love and someone is taking care of u and loving u treating u like a kid…i am happy ..
Very happy.
Teju:- even i am happy for u bhai and thank u for giving a wonderfull babhii.
Arjun:-wats happening between u both haa.
Namish:- we to want to join in your both hug..
Arnav and teju looks at each other and extents their hands .
All rushes to them and they all have a group hug…..

Precap:- family time..
Marriage preparations ….

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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