Family bonding episode 36


They all entres into mall.
Shaurya:- i am getting feeling that i entred into hell.
Teju:- saddest part is we are visiting all shops ..
Shaleen:- seriously.
Arjun:- today u will see another side of my younger sisters..
Arnav:- i am the main i dont knew how many time i have to change..
All laughs..
Teju:- chill bhai trust me i am their naa.
Arnav:- thats wat one side u whom wont like easily and another side those two who likes to try all..
Teju:- relax…
Kanchi comes back and says
Kanchi:- bhai wat were u doing here come na we already selected a row u have to try them..
Arnav widen eyes and sees at them..
Teju about to speak.
Kusum:- dii if u save bhai then we Will do ur shopping also think before..
Teju looks here and their and says for today leaving arnav bhai i will
Select for these five guys chalo chalo fastly and runs from their.
Arnav:- thats not fair teju when time comes i will take my revengue.
Khusi babhi come with us..
Teju turns and says no one bakkara id enough for u and leave khusi babhi for me atleast one
Should given to me.
Three accept kanchi kusum radhiks
Whilr arnav watching her angrily.
Teju takes them and leaves..
Khusi:- thank u yar u saved me…
Teju smiles.
Danny:- first we will do khusi shopping after all bride and her marriage.
They all entres into shop requests
Bridal lenhgas.
Salesgirl says to khusi :- u were blessed madam u have these many brothers and sisters.
Shaurya laughs seeing shock expression of shaleen danny namish and teju
Arjun smiles normaly because as he dont knew anything about teju and shaleen.
Namish :- showing hand at teju ans says she is not our sister but our babhi.
Now all widens eyes including khusi looks at teju and then namih.
Shaleen and teju closes their eyes while danny and shaurya hits their heads..
Arjun:- babhi means.
Namish now realises wat he did by closes his eyes and nodes his head.
Shaurya:- do u want to share ur dii with these many.
Arjun:- no.
Shaurya:- thats why he said like that she is not all di accept your.
Arjun:- but why he said babhi.
Shaurya:- or else.wat he will say yar mother or grand mother.
Chill na arjun.
Arjun:- haa chill.
Teju:- and u show some decent wearble clothes na ..i mean we should feel free to wear them by seeing them instead running away from that clothes…..
Finally khusi takes few clothes and goes to trail room.
Danny and namush takes arjun to mens area…
Shaleen goes to another side….
Teju is seeing few dresss which are displayed
Teju:- i dont knew how people will wear this much heavy dresses..
and turns and sees shaleen standing infront of her..
Teju:- u didnot went with them.
Shaleen:- i want to u to take to some wear and takes her and shows a saree which is having.
Blue yellow and lite orange colors.
I want to see u in this.
Teju smiles and says done and asks it to pack for her
Shaleen:-now u select for me..
Teju:-ofcourse ..
Shaurya comes and says
Shaurya:- sorry to disturb u people but ash baby u brother is taking lot of time to select dress like he is groom.
Come and help him infact help us all so that no one will get doudt if u selected for shaleen also

Teju hits him and drags him while shaleen smiles and says nice idea….
Teju select dress for all and goes yo arnav side…
All looks arnav holding his head and kusum kanchi and radhika confusing looks.
Khusi laughs seeing his condition.
Arnav sees her laughing and says.
Arnav:- feeling very happy right.
Ofcourse u will .
U all people did shopping in just
One hour and these three unable to select few dresses.
Ahhh my head is blursting and teju yar plzz help naa.
Radhika:- haa plzz help us naa all dresses were good …
Kaanchi:- why dont u wear all dresses …
Kusum:- haa like changing for every one hour.
All gives deadly glares to three.
While arnav keeping crying face.
Arnav:- showing hands in air.
hod save me from these plzzz.
Teju smiles and says ok let me select or wait let khusi select.
Khusi :- me alone no even i will get confused by these many options..
All laughs.
Khusi:- lets both select teju.
Arnav:- thats good idea select fastly as possible and lets go to eat something or else i will faint here only…
All smiles..
Soon they both selects dresses for Arnav and following
Kusum kanchi and radhika also goes to shopping and all follows them…
While shopping ..
Arjun gets a call and goes to another side..
Radhika sees a dress and goes in same direction.
She selects two sarees .
One is white mix green
Another is orange mix biscuit color ..
Arjun comes back and sees radhika their and goes towards her and see her struggling to select in these two sarees..
U will look beautifull in these both sarees..
Radhika turns and sees arjun staring her with smile.
Radhika:- really these both will suit me.
Arjun:- yes and as i said you will look bwautifull in these two.
Radhika:- ok then i will take these two and hugs him without her knowledge and thanks him and goes from their..
Arjun stands still ….
Radhika while going realises wat she did hits her forehead with her hands and goes towards all and joins them…
All does their shopping and leaves to home after having their dinner outside…
While they reach home they sees engagement preparations are on Swing..
Arnav and khusi sees each other and smiles…

Precap:- preparations and busy busy…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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