Family bonding episode 35


Hi frds i am back as this whole month i will be busy i may not upload daily but when ever i upload i will try to give long updates..

All were chasing and starts fighting pillow fight namish and danny threws pillows on shaleen and shaurya they gets down and pillow directly goes to entrance and hits arnav and teju.
All looks at them
Arjun comes and says thank god i missed.
Kanchi takes pillow and hits him.
Arnav says now thats completed.

Teju walks in and falls on sofa..
Arjun too falls on sofa….
They both strenches legs and closes eyes.
Arnav comes and takes another…
Shaleen:- wat happen got tired.
Arnav:- so much…
Arjun:- we have a lot of work today.
Teju:- untill now i never worked this much…
Kusum:- go to your rooms dii
Arjun:- we will go in morning kusu…
Shaurya:- hi get up and go yar ..
Arnav:- if u lift me then i will go shaurya.

Shaurya:-acts like talking in phone hello haa coming coming.
Teju:- he cant even lift his own weight wat he will lift u bhai…
Arjun rest his head on teju laps and sleeps.
Kaanchi:- dii bhai has slept..
Namish:- kanchi jii even your sister slept.
Danny:- lets take them to their rooms. ..
Shaurya and danny helps arjun to take to his room…

Namish comes to shaleen and says
Namish:- take babhi to her room bhai and i will manage kusum and kanchi..
Shaleen :- yaa.
Namish:- kusum and kanchi take your bhai to his room and bhai will lift ba.. i mean teju to her room.
Kusum:-ok and both helps arnav to his room.
Shaleen comes forward and lifts
Teju in birdal style..
Teju rests his head in his chest and clutches his collar ..
Shaleen places her on bed takes coat from her hands and removes her shoes covers her with blanket.
He sees her hair tied and looses it.
Sits next to her on knees and kisses her on forehead she immediatedly smiles in her sleep.
Shaleen:- love u teju.
Teju smiles again and sleeps.
He goes from their and switches off lights closes door…..
Next morning
Teju was sitting outside and having coffee..
Shaurya joins her..
Shaurya:- hi ash baby good morning.
Teju:- good morning shower..

Shaurya:- yesterday do u have a lot of work load.
Teju:- haa yar so much but i have a doudt i slept on sofa right how Come i reached to my room.
Shaurya:-me and danny helped arjun to his room.
Kusum kanchi and namish helped arnav i think it seems shaleen helped u.
Shaurya:-u were just saying oh infront of me but inside u were feeling happy right.
Teju:-shut up wat if any one lisens.
Shaurya:- wat will happen if any one lisen also.
Teju:- nothing will happen but not right now..
Shaurya:- ok ash baby as u say….
All sits for breakfast..
Kanchi:- so today we all were going to shopping…
Teju spills out and starts coughing.

Arjun:- shopping is compulsory or wat.
Kusum:- its bhai and babhi engagement wat u will wear night dress.

Arnav:- not a bad idea.
Teju:-see bhai u have to wear new one .no. option for u and shopping that to with these both plzz …
Kanchi:-promise dii this time we will do fastly.
Radhika:- how that possible.
We have to buy dresses for engagement , mehendi , haldi marriage ofcourse girls and boys bachelors party also.
All looks at her.

Teju gulps and looks at kanchi.
Kanchi hits her forehead and says.
Kanchi:- radhu u spoiled everything yarrr..
Di promise dii we will do all shopping in one day and fastly plzz after all its bhai first marriage.
All:- wat.
Kanchi:- i mean first bhai and first marriage in our family.
Plzzz diiii.
Teju:- fine go and get ready ok.
Kanchi :- heyy thank u dii..
And goes from their.
Arjun:- god knews wat will happen today with us….
Teju:- yesterday after work atleast we reached to sofa but today i think.
Arnav:- we will reach on main door
Shaurya:- do u think that we will reach till maindoor.
I think we have sleep in cars only.
Kanchi comes out dressing up and says lets goo and s

ays u people are not yet ready.
Namish:- girls and shopping uffff.
All goes to their rooms and comes out.
Shaurya:- i will pick up maa and khusi and reach directly to mall ok
And he leaves in bike..
Teju comes out in white shirt and dark blue jeans.. and a loose pony tail .
All were waiting outside when teju about to step out one hand drags her to corner ….
Shaleen about to close her mouth but get surprsingly he see teju Smiling at him.
Shaleen:- i thought that u will shout..
Teju keeps hands around his neck and says in this whole world who has that dare to touch me except u.
Shaleen smiles and drags her close to him and holds her tightly.
Shaleen:- i missed u so much in these two days.
Teju:- even me and thank u.
Shaleen:- why thanks.
Teju:- yesterday u helped me to sleep peacefully in my room thats why.
Shaleen:- its my duty juu and yaa i forget did u get a name for me or not.
Teju:- ofcourse shallu.
Shaleen:- wat shallu.
Teju:- why u didnot like it.
Shaleen:- its just beautifull like u.
And kisses her forehead.
Teju:- smiles and says lets goo out they are waiting for us..
All starts in 3 cars…

Precap:- shopping fun..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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