Family bonding episode 34


Frds i will post my ff after 6th may as i am going to trip gor my family reunion.
I will miss u all …

Sakshi comes while all were happy.
Sakshi:- so tomorrow morning pandit will come to our home to fix date…
Arnav:- but our meeting.
Teju:- i will handle bhai.
Arnav:- i dont want to miss any one for tomorrow.
Sakshi:- arnav when is your meeting.
Arnav:- evening we will be busy from afternoon.
Sakshi:- thats it pandit will come in morning …

Shaurya:- problem solved.
All smiles.
Ap:-ok go back to sleep its already late…
Kaanchi:- i have to sleep or else i will get dark circles and drags radhika from their also.
Arjun:- polar bear will never change.
Dii wont u sleep tomorrow is important day for us officialy and personelly too.
Teju:- no babu even u were not sleeping ..
Arjun:- why ..
Teju:- we have to check our presentation and u have to pratice it because…
Arjun:- tomorrow i am going to give it.
Teju:- haa lets goo now…
They both leave to study room.
Remaing all about to sit.

Ap and sakshi glares at them.
They stop in half postion and all lifts paper and maznise and slowly goes to their rooms.
Ap and sakshi sees each other and smiles…
Teju and arjun were pratising.
Teju gets a msg from shaleen.
Shaleen:- i knew today u have no boundaries for your happiness i just want to share with u but its ok i will take today and tomorrow quota tomorrow in our hide out.
Teju smiles and replies:- done…

Arjun practises number of times and finally they both goes to take a sleep.
Next day morning all were in formals..
Pandit comes and fix date by this week end …
All gets happy …
Its becomes evening..
Teju arnav and arjun wears formals.
Arnav is waiting for teju and arjun.
Teju comes out wearing .
dark blue shirt black coat and black pant…

All looks at her as she looking pretty but she is busy in her tablet…
Finally she see all were starring at her…
Teju:- wat happen why r u staring like that.
Shaurya:-u were looking awesome dear and about to hug but she stops him.
Shaurya:- why.
Teju:- my dress will spoil yar i have to maintain it neat till night so plzz
Shaurya:- wat ever…
Arjun comes out wearing 3 piece suit cement mix white..
Shaleen:- it seems u three were competing in beauty contest.
All smiles…
Teju signs to shaleen as how she looking
Shaleen signals her threw eyes beautifull and says all the best by hand shake.
Danny and namish smiles.

Shaleen shake hands with remaing also..
They left.
Kusum:- so when we will go for shopping and all.
Radhika:- tomorrow…
Danny:- all elders should be free from their work naa.
Kanchi:- always busy busy…
Namish:- this time if they come or not we will go wats say as shaleen is their so dii and bhai will accept.
Shaleen coughs by widening his eyes and says .
Shaleen:- i cant handle these many at a time i need a company.
Kanchi:- shaurya bhaiya is their naa.
Shaurya:- i can flirt with 100 girls at a time but i cant even think that i can handle these many donkeys at a time.

Shaleen:- thank god i though u will say yes..shaurya
Shaurya:- come shaleen how can i do a sin by saying yes to them.
They both laughs and sees at them all who were looking at them angrily….
They both looks at each other..
Shaurya:- before they attack we have to escape shaleen.
Shaleen:- u were right…
And both runs immediatedly and they all to chases them.
Episode ends with they chasing them and all smiling faces…

Precap:- shopping...

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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      Miss u too

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      Thank u

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    miss u di come back soon & enjoy trip

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