Family bonding episode 33


Arnav sits outside and thinks..
Shaleen comes and sits with him.
Shaleen:- hi wat r u thinking…
Arnav smiles and stays silent.
Shaleen:- still.confused arnav.
Arnav:- i dont knew wat to do..
Shaleen:- shall i ask u one thing.
Arnav:- wat do think about teju arjun kusum and kanchi marriages.
Arnav:- i will bring the best for
Shaleen:- do ever think if any one ask same thing i mean if a boy or girl parents ask about your dad blood and all wat u will say.
Arnav:- no yar i mean i knew that that man is insane but me and teju brought them with our mom principles its just we share blood but..
Shaleen:- but principles were your right means u too have same principles..
Arnav:- haa my mom taught us.
Shaleen:- that means u were mum mas beta not your father then why r u fearing and think postive the thing that u dad didnt do. u do those all when u became a father..
Arnav thinks and smiles .
Arnav:-thank u man and both hugs each other…
Teju sees this all from her room.
Teju:- i love u shaleen i am proud of that and i knew that u will become world best husband dad bhai and ofcourse jijju for my kiddos…
Shaleen sees her smiles and thinks.
Shaleen:- anything for your smile teju i just love u
You were best in all and you will be best dii wife babhi and wat not.
They both breaks their hugs.
Shaleen:- so ready for tomorrow.
Arnav:- ofcourse…
They both leaves from there to their rooms…
Next day arnav wears a white shirt and blank pant and wears a black Coat and comes out.
Teju:- are u serious bhai .
Arnav:- wat happen.

Arjun:- u are going on a date or meeting .
Arnav:-shut up arjun.
Namish:- he wont lisen to us u only manage him teju jii
Teju drags arnav come with me bhai.
Arnav:- plzz yar i am comfortable in this.
Shaleen:- in this summer also.
Teju:- shhh bhai and closes door…
And opens door after few minutes all opens their mouths in shock to see arnav wearing a cream mix blue colour tshirt and dark blue jeans.
All shows thumsup..
He goes and sits in car waits for khusi who comes out wearing white and pink colour salwar..
He gets mesmerised by seeing her and she too by seeing arnav in completely new avtar..
Khusi:- hii arnav looking different..
Arnav:- thank u and you were looking beautifull..
Khusi:-thank u. So where we will go…
Arnav:- your wish..
Khusi:- first shall we go to temple.
Arnav:- temple ..

Khusi:- haa after thst your wish.
Arnav:- ok after that we will go shopping then lunch..
Khusi:- movie and any outing place…
Arnav:- again dinner..
Khusi:- then back to home and both laughs..
Arnav stops car.
Khusi:- Wat happen.
Arnav:-reached temple khusi..
Khusi see out and smiles ok lets goo.
Both getz down and goes inside temple…
Both closes eyes and prays to god priet comes and gives aarti to them.
Khusi:- bless us pandit jii we are going to start our new life…
Arnav looks on and smiles..
Arnav:- haa bless us pandit jii soon we are getting married..
Pandit blesses both.
They both comes out..

Arnav:- ur saying ok for marriage is awesome khusi.
Khusi:- i hope u accepted by heart.
I mean i always wish u have a family like u infact i like u always from childhood.
Arnav:- even you r special to me khusi haa before that i never saw u but i used to lisen about u always unknowingly i started to fe for u i am accepting u and our marriage whole heatedly like u.
Khusi:- ok lets go another place..
They both enjoyed doing shopping for all by watching movie having dinner and lunch…..
Here in home …..
All were waiting for their arrival after having dinner..
Teju is walking here and their and keep.on seeing outside.
Arjun:- chill dii they will come.
Shaurya:- u were walking like ur stomach is upset..
Kusum :- shaurya bhaiya no one can walk when their stomach is upset.
All looks at her.
Kusum:- wat i am doctor its inlogic thats why i said.
Shaurya:- i am sorry dear i forget that here logical doctor is present.
Teju:- shut up yar both of u and shaurya if u open your mouth i will threw all things wat ever came into my hand.
Shaurya:- wait then i will bring my cricket bat.
Danny:- why.

Shaurya:- when she wants to bowl on me then i should do batting naa to save my self.
Teju lifts vase …
Shaurya:- hi hi relax dude i will shut my mouth ok promise.
Teju keeps back vase…and after few minutes all gets message at a time.
They opens their phone reads message and looks at each other
Shouts. Hiiii
And hugs each other.
Shaleen hugs teju.
Soon realises and sperates before any one could see them.
And moves from their to different ways ….
When arnav and khusi comes they all welcomes them by clapping…
They both too smiles and hugs all.
Raj:- i will talk to pandit and makes a perfect date for engagement..
Teju in arnav ears :- all ok bhai.
Arnav nodess.

They both hug each other…
Teju:- ours moms will be so happy today.
Arnav:- they will be more happy when we all settled…
All sees them ..
Shaurya comes and separates them and says after all my sister is also getting married hug me too..
Teju:- just ignore him bhai about to hug again.
Shaurya stands inbetween them and says.
Shaurya:- some one said truth men will change after marriage but here he is forgetting frds when his marriage arranged only..
Arnav and teju shaurya laughs and hugs each other.
Shaurya shows hand and welcomes khusi and hugs her and says.
Shaurya:- today my little sister became so big both smiles..

Precap:- family moments…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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