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Family Bonding

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Kusum and kanchi radhika were helping ap to clean dinning table..
Danny and namish comes and they also helps ap.
Kanchi:- will always helps your mother or today special.
Radhika:- infact they help maa everyday…
Kanchi:- wow thats great..
But in our case arjun bhai helps dii in cleaning everything…
Arjun:- thank u polar bear in your whole life first time you were prasiing mee..
Kanchi:- welcome my dear brother…chimpanziii.
Just teju comes out from room talking in phone.
Teju signals him that she in call and shows 5 minutes threw fingers.
Kanchi:- why cant u fight back why u always takes dii help..dar pok.
Arjun turns kanchi hand and she shouts .
Kusum:- bhai leave her bhai.
Arjun:- ohh plzz…
Namish :-leave naa yar..
Danny:- haa haa leave na yar and winks to namish..
Namish smiles and see arnav coming and sitting
Kanchi:- bhai save me.
Arnav :- dont drag me in this.

Teju also comes by cutting call and says now say wat happen.
Kanchi:- save me from him dii.
Arjun:- dii u were not saving her ok
Kanchi:- yes.
Arjun:- no.
Teju:- actually now a days its became a routine for u both so i am out of this matter.
Arjun and kanchi both looks at each other and kaanchi sees shaleen coming and rolls her eyes and starts shouting.
Kanchi:- shaleen jii plzz save meee ahhh
Shaleen gets worried and comes to her.
Shaleen:- arjun she is feeling pain na leave her.
Arjun:- she is acting.
Shaleen:- may be or may not wat if her pain is real leave arjun for my sake.
Arjun leaves her..
Kanchi thanks shaleen she goes back of him and calls chimpangiii.
Shaleen looks on while arjun says see shaleen i said naa polar bear wait.
Teju:-enough yar both of u come and sit silently .
They both comes back and sits infront of her..
Untill tomorriw morning if u both fight see wat i will do…
Both stares at eachother angrily.
Kusum:- even angry looks are not allowed na dii.
Arnav:- haa…
Both looks at kusum angrily.

Kanchi speaks slowly to arjun .
Kanchi:- tomorrow mission kusum dii.
Arjun shows thump up.
Arnav:- wats happen why r u showing your thumb like that.
Arjun:- ahhhh and remembers something and say by showing thumb finger shall i drink water.
All looks at him .
Arjun:- wat remembered childhood days thats it.wats say kanchi and winks at her.
Kanchi:-yes, ofcourse…
Danny:- i think u both need sleep.
Kusum:- yaa once u relax ur brain Will start work and u wont speak nonsense.
They both goes.
Arjun:- nonsense ki banchi she gone tomorriw.
Kanchi and arjun silently hi fives to each other…
Teju:- day after tomorrow few people are coming from germany bhai…
Arnav:- hmmm…
Danny:- from germen why.
Arnav:- for machinary danny .
Germens are best in machinery infact if u want u can get best weapons like gun from their..
All spills out.
Teju:- excuse me from where guns came here and we are talking about machinery for company how can u says latest versiongun will be avaible their.
Arnav:- correction i just said best but u said latest and yaa this is a boy to boy talking ok..
Teju:- what ..
Namish:- actually by lointing to arbav and danny says not boy yo boy its men to boy …
Teju laughs says some one added in my team and hi fives to namish.
Arnav:- wont u think u are laughing alot catches his neck in funny way.
All laughs.

Kusum:- so from day after tommorow u three wont be visible in nights nor in morning.
Teju:- come on kusu its matter of 2 to 3 days but see this time u wont feel alone or bored u see a now we have a big family.
Kusu:- but u both wont be their right
Arnav leaves namish and says oh my cry baby when i married to u someone then also dont say like this your husband will curse us..
Kusum:- first you both get married then we will see infact u two not u threee yaaa.
Teju:- bhai u were elder to all of us so first u ok abd by the way i can see and why cant u see just go and say naa and winks at kusum.
Kusum nodes.
Kusum:- wat bhai are u liking some one and u didnot say to me thats not fair bhaiii.
If u lovr me then say whom u like.
Arnav about to speak .
Shaurya just comes says hi buddies.
All gets upset and arnav feel relax
Shaurya sits next to teju and says kusum can u get me water dear..
Kusum:-yaa sure and goes from their.
Teju:-go and check u wife naa how she and all.
Shaurya:- i will go yar first let me have some water…
Shaleen:- u became late today shaurya..
Shaurya:- dont ask me yar.
Namish:- ok.
All smiles….

Kusum gives him water shaurya drinks and when he about to go teju stops and says …
Teju:- did u have your lunch and dinner today…
Shaurya:- lunch i did it but no mood to eat dinner.
Teju:- u wont eat but feed your stomach get fresh and come i will arrange plate for u.
Shaurya:- fine madam and goes to his room.
Kusum:- bhai say naa whom u like Raj comes and say fine i cant wait any more arnav will u marry my daughter…
All gets shocked due to it happen all of sudden…
Arnav looks on.
Sakshi:- no need to answer now it self you can take time and say in morning..
Arnav:- haa before asking me once ask khusi also ..
Teju:- wat if she wont have any problem.
Arnav looks at her..
Teju:- bhai why r u so confused…
Arnav:- after all i am his son teju..
Teju:- even u were her son bhai..
Raj:- how can u think like that arnav today wat ever qualities your sibblings are given by u people when they were awesome then u were also and dont u trust me.
Arnav:- i trust u.
Sakshi:- and i trust u that my daughter will be luckiest to marry U and become one of your family member trust me …
Arnav:- thinks a while ..
Teju:- bhai once talk to khusi and say wat ever u feel and knew wat she too feels then decide yourself bhaiii.
Arnav says ok.
Raj:- ok tomorrow u both go for dinner.
Arnav:-but we have to make arragements for germen silents.
Teju:- bhai are u serious arjun is their and i will take help of kaanchi also for tomorrow u just go whole day out not only for dinner if you dont mind uncle and aunty.
Raj and sakshi :- no we wont mind
But dont take decisions for sake of others ok.
Arnav nodes..
All goes to their rooms…

Precap:- arnav and khusi outing..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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