Family bonding episode 30


All reaches home one after other..
Khusi and arnav both feels weird and by strange feelings which causes a silent atmosphere and both are avoiding eye contact.
This all was observed by all few of them knews reason and few dont knew and feel strange.
When one went to fresh up and another went to kitchen.
By seeing situation raj explains their idea of getting arnav and khusi married as arnav is elder to all.
All about to shout but controlled by sakshi and shouts slowly.
Teju immediatedly says arnav bhai likes khusi but we have to knew their exact feeling to each other for that we have to plan something.
Kaanchi :- i will ask them and come.
Radhika makes her sit by saying shhhh lisen to tejaswiii jii completely.
Arjun laughs all of sudden all looks at him weirdly ..
Danny:- wats so funny why r u laughing.
Arjun stops laughing and says tejaswii jii its funny dii.
Teju hits him and see radhiks sad face and says sometimes we should not be serious for those inmature jokes cracked by crack people.
Radhika smiles and arjun pouts this time.
Teju:- ok lisen lets plan a holiday trip or some sort of game.
Kaanchi:- no holiday trip plzz
All says why.
Radhika:- just now we completed exams after so many day and night outs we need a peacefull mornings and endless night sleeps.
Kusum:- lets play a game.
Namish:- cricket.
All says no.

Danny :-Volley ball.
Kusum:- i love mynose i hope everyone loves their faces so no yo volley ball.
Arjun:-kabadi and it will hit for sure.
Teju :-how.
Arjun :-dont take me wrongly for kabafi to out some one we have to catch him tightly sometimes more tightly.
All looks at him.
Arjun:- is it that bad idea u were not atleast saying no.
All shouts its awesome arjun.
Wah wah …
Arjun thanks all by his gestures..
All becomes silent once arnav and khusi reaching to them.
Arnav:- what happen any serious discussion.
Teju:-bhai matter is that radhika and kaanchi studies are completed so they want some fresh day but they dont want to scarify their sleep.
Arnav:-wat r u talking teju come to Point naa.
Teju looks at arjun
Arjun:-thats not fair bhaiya dii is still talking na if u interfer inbetween how can she complete.
Arnav:- ok fine i will shut my mouth.
Danny:- actually our idea is to play kabadi.
Arnav and khusi together:- kabadi.
Both looks at each other and stays silent.
All giggles at them.
Shaleen:- yes kabadi lets play.
Namish:- but who will be referey.
Teju:- ofcourse me..
All says wat wont u play.
Teju about to speak but kusum speaks.
Kusum:- are u serious before two days only dii got out of hosiptal and we removed stiches that doesnt mean she will do gynastics she should play games like this one.
Teju:- hmm thats why i will be Referery ok.
Shaleen:- why dont we play another game inwhich u can also join.
All shouts no.
Shaleen jerks back and says ok.
Teju smiles at him while shaleen smiles with disappointment..
Teju thinks something and smiles slowly.
Arjun dii u have planed something naa thats why u are laughing.
Teju comes to her senses and say Yaa.
Danny:- so teanms are like girls vs boys wat say.
Teju:- no.

Arjun:- family vs family.
Shaleen:- no.
Arnav:- then how.
Kaanchi:- lets toss how ever get head they are in one and tails in another team.
Namish:- wat if heads more tails less
Danny:- lets choose captains by Heads and tails and they will choose our names in slip..
Teju starts thinking wat is arnav and khusi come in same ..
Arjun:- then also its ok dii while catching other they can come close .
Teju:- are u sure.
Arjun:- trust mee dii.
Teju:- hmm ok.
Kusum :- wat ok
Teju:-ok to danny idea .haa lets toss.
Kanchi:- raise hands who wants to be captain.
All looks at her.
Teju and arjun looks at each other and immediatedly raises their hands and says me me teacher and all laughs.
Kanchi pout face and says dii and hugs her.
Teju hugs back and says one captain is khusi and another one from gents so decide.
Voice :-shall i ladies .
All looks at shaurya ofcourse.

Precap:- game starts 3….2….1

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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