Family bonding episode 3


Arjun:-as i said dont worry kaanchu u were safe and that unknown person is over..
Kaanchi:-dont say at all abt accident naa he came all of sudden thats it ..from two days dii is saying that she will drop me and not take bike but i didnt lisen.
Arjun:-u think u can hide this thing from dii.
Kaanchi:-not me you are gng to hide.
Arjun:-oye u knew that i cant shut my mouth for a sec infront of dii..
Kaanchi:-plzzz for my sake.
Arjun:-ok ok now stop pleasing me because of your this pleasing skills only u were getting more pampering from dii.
Kaanchi:-oh some one is jeously
Arjun:-u want my help or not if want then shhh.
Namish and danny are just watching them from back….
Arjun leaves kaanchi in her colz..
Kaanchi:-bye bhaii
Bye namish bye danny.
They also waves bye to her.
While leaving she sees shaleen and dp and says bye.
They leave to office…
They comes out and stands front of office which is so beautifully decorated with flowers and garden namish:-wow its just awesome office also will be like this.
Arjun:-chotai and kusu like it thats why ..
Dp:-he mean kusum singh raizada 2nd sister of arnav right.
Arjun:-jii yess and lisens a bike sound and turns and sees a bike is coming towards them by wearing helmet all sees at that bike..
Arjun:-tejuu diii is coming but she is late ..
Bike stops front of arjun…

Arjun:-dii u were late i came first u see..
She takes helmet and while sitting on bike she starts talking to him without noticing malhotras .
Shallen feels something like uneasyness but ignories that feeling and sees her but her hair is covering her face.
Tejaswii:-so u came first than me
Arjun:-but why r u late dii
Tej:-my bike got broke down so i went to krishna bhai gargage..
Arjun:-oh. …wat but why u can call him naa why u went their see already malhotras.
Tej:-stops arjun inbetween and says they will reach u dont worry and why r u tensed by lisening his name
Arjun:-me why no.
Tej:-arjun u knew wat i am 3 years elder than u and dont try to hide things from me and i am leaving u because nothing happen to kaanchi ..
Arjun:-sorry and shows finger towards malhotras.
Tej:-wat and turns her head and sees few people are smiling at them.
Tej turns towards arjun and says malhotras..
Arjun nodes head.
Tej immediately gets up by holding bike and says namastai
and about to take blessing and sees she is still on her bike says sorry and keeps stand and gets down and completely sits on knees and takes blessing ..
Dp blesses her and makes her stand properly.
Dp:-sry uncle i didnot see u actually i was in hurry really sorry plzz come inside and takes them.
Arjun u move i will change and come.
Arjun nodes and takes them towards lift..
Shaleen is checking phone and suddenly he feels a fresh air and turns to see tej coming in pink and dark blue pant and pony tail comes ..
They smiles…

They goes inside lift..
Dp introduces all to each one .
Shaleen and tej shake hands and smiles.
Shaleen in mind:-wow she has a cute smile and when she smiles her eyes were becoming small how cute.
Soon they both takes their hands..
Arjun:-dii when will bhai come …
Tej:-he is already in conference room.
Arjun:-wat but bhai said he had meeting..
Tej:-he shifted to evening.
Arjun:-kk soon their floor reaches
All staff greats tej and arjun …
They went inside..

Precap:-arnav and malhotras…
Contract ..
Arnav gets shocked to see dp

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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