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All gets ready asually teju gets into bike suit..
All sits on dinning table.
Arnav:- still u were afraid of car teju i thought u were not any more.
Teju:-its became a habit how can i change all of sudden and bike is comfort than car..
Shaurya comes their with uniform.
Khaanchi:-some one is looking dashing today.
Khusi:-only this dress suits u well
Shaurya:-well i look cool in all dresses.
Khusi:-that should be said by us not u.
Shaurya:- bukkad have your break fast and ash baby drop me to office yar.
Arjun:-i am sorry am i late.
Danny:-gm arjun.
Arjun:- gm danny gm namish .
Gm to all..

Arnav:-as always but little change we both will drop kaanchi and radhika..
Shaleen:-then i and danny will drop kusum to hospital.
Teju:- but she went early morning by saying she had a impoetant case.
Shaleen:- then we i mean me danny namish and arnav will go in one car.
Arnav:-u r forgetting one thing ..
Arjun:-company are different ..
Dp and all laughs and realises ..
They leaves to their respective office in their ways…
Raj sakshi khusi payal
Dp ap sits together.
Sakshi:- i dont knew its just i have a thought..
Raj:-wat say it staright.
Sakshi:-wat if we married shaleen and teju..
Dp and ap gets happy.
Even all gets happy…
Dp:-we will be blessed to have teju but arnav arjun kusum and kaanchi ..
Raj:-mainly arjun
Sakshi:-he wont have any problem if they both married she will stay infront of him only naa..
Ap:- first we have to ask shaleen and teju…
Khusi:-teju is my bestiee shall i ask her wat she feels about him.
Raj:-done and about shaleen
Dp and ap sees each other with smile and says :- he will not have any problem infact …
Payal:- he likes her i have seen in his eyes …
Raj:-thats a good news then..
Sakshi:-lets first talk to arnav..
Dp:- i had a feeling that teju wont marry untill arnav get married..
Raj:- haa thats true..
All sees at khusi..
Khusi:-sees all seeing at her and says wat…
Payal:-think once about arnav..
Khusi:-ok i want time..

At arnav company.
Arnav sees teju and says to arjun.
Arnav:- dont u think now a days some one is so happy that their face is glowing like 1000wts bulb.
Teju looks up.
Teju:-haa even now a days few people are hidding in different ways..
Arnav:- hmm someone is covering
Teju:-the one who is covering is pointing to others…
Arjun sees eachother and says.
Arjun:-wats matter why u both are encountering each other..
Teju and arnav looks at him and then at each other and says.
arjun:-haaa thats not fair then why u both r arguing infront of me.
Teju:- just like that.
Arnav:- checking whether our arguing skills are still their or not.
Arjun gives weird expressions and by seeing it they both smiles..
Teju kisses arjun forehead and leaves from their and sees whole office is standing with concerned looks .
Teju:-nothing happen i am fine its just a small accident thats it.
Staff:- becare full mam we live because of your great heart if anything happens to u we people
cant live happily .all gets great boss but only few gets great bosses with beautifull hearts..
Teju smiles and arnav and arjun also comes their..
They smiles at their concern towards them and gets happy..

Teju gets message from shaleen she opens and see ..
“Do u take medicine”
She replies..
“Yes , dont worry”.
He “meet u at night”.
She:- “bye”…
Arnav closes file and leans back in seat and closes his eyes ..
He started remembering his and khusi moments unknowingly a small smile appairs on his face..
Arjun sees it and taps on teju hand.
Teju sees him and arjun shows finger towards arjun.
Teju sees arjun smiling while closing eyes.
She too smiles by seeing arjun .
she gets up and goes near to him and asks.
Teju:- is she beautifull..
Teju:-wats her name.
Arjun watches eagerly..
Arnav:-khuuu and immediately comes to senses and says wat ..
Teju:-say naa bhai wats her name in which u lost and smiling romntically.
Arjun:-haa bhai i want to lisen my bhabhi name.
Arnav:- shut up both of u..nothing like that i can never think about khusi in that way and realises wat he said and closes his eyes.
Arjun and teju widen their eyes and looks at each other and again at arnav who is closed his eyes.
They both shout hiii and hugs each other tightly and this cause a little pain to teju ..
Teju:- breaks hugs by saying ahhh.
Arjun and arnav ger concerned and asks.Are u ok.
Teju:- i am fine guys and wow bhai…
Arjun:-hmm khusi and all haaa.
Arnav:-stop it yar i am not sure about my feelings..
Teju:- lets make sure..
Arnav:- how…
Arjun:- we have a plan.
Arnav:- why all criminal plans comes to your both brains.
Looks up and says..
Bless me god from these two..
Teju and arjun smiles and hi fives to each other…

At shaleen office.
Danny and namish get up from chairs and shouts:- what wait when how.
Shaleen:- relax guys..
Danny:-woahhh and hugs shaleen.
Namish:-wow wow and he to hugs him.
Shaleen:-are u guys happy for me or for teju as she is going to be your bhabhi.
Danny :-ofcourse for u both..
Namish:- but me i am very happy that teju is going to be my babhi wow..
Shaleen and danny sees his childish acts and smiles…

At night at teju and shaleen hide out.
Shaleen and teju were sitting and he is hugging her from back side..
Shaleen:-wat r u serious ..
Shaleen:- u mean arnav started to feel towards khusi …
Teju:- hmm by resting herself in his embrase.
Shaleen:- good news juu.
Shaleen:-all calls u teju with love.shaurya call u ash baby with love and i also have love towards u so i thought u call u juu if u dont like.
Teju:-i liked it shaleen.
Shaleen:-smiles and says wat name u r going to give me.
Teju:- hmm let me think and say.

Precap:- family members try to bring arnav and khusi together

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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