Family bonding episode 28


Shaurua:- hi all were out but where is khusi and arnav….
Arjun:- use your acp skills.
Shaurya:-come on yar i am feeling angry and help me naa in finding them so that we can have dinner.
All says ok and starts searching for them.
Teju goes to arnav room and searches everywhere and thinks.
Teju:-where is bhai hidding.
Is he inside house only and seez from window and seez few of them searching their also.
She about to leave but gets a smell of food and looks every Where and sees a shadows type inside cupboard .
She slowly moves towards the cupboard.
She opens cupboard and shouts loudly …

All gathers to arnav room and sees towards cupboard and they too starts shouting…
Arnav and khusi sees them with Chapathi in their mouths..
Khusi:-wat we were hungry ..
Arnav:-and this idiot shaurya how much time u will take to catch us haa.
Shaurya:-first u both get down.
Both gets down
Teju:- unbelivabke u both were eating in clothes cupboard and thank god u didnot messed it.
Wat if food falls.
Arnav and khusi:- we will clean.
Ap:-smiles and says come to dinning area dinner is ready.
All goes as always ragini prepares pickle rice and lifts rice to feed all forwards hand.
She looks at them confusingly and thinks whom she should feed..
Arnav:- obvisious.
Kaanchu first and next radhika after words you knew it.
She feed all by keeping rice in their hands.
Shaleen and teju shares a very little eyelock.

Arnav feeds her atlast..
All contines their dinner laughing and pulling each other legs…
All goes to their roomz..
Teju phone rings she lifts in sleepy mood ..
Teju:- hello.
Shaleen:- teju come out.
Teju:-who is this.
Shaleen:- wat shaleen speaking dear

Teju:- shaleen at this time.
Shaleen:-will u come out or shall i Teju:- fine i am coming.
Teju comes out and sees shaleen waving her.
Teju:-at this time why u called me.
Shaleen catches her hand and takes her out and shows something.
Teju looks surprisingly and says this is exact swiming phool view like in our old house
Shaleen:- u liked it.
Teju:-i loved it.
Shaleen:- then i love u too.
Tejuu sees him.
Shaleen:- u also say.
Teju:- smiles and says i love u too.
Shaleen about to hugs her .
Teju stops him and says.
Teju:- wat r u doing wat if any one
watches us.

Shaleen:- hmm in that case i have another surprise for u and drags her somewhere else by closing her eyes..
And opens it.
The place is at corner having a Way inbetween of two rocks.
Teju:- wat is this now.
Shaleen:-actually thats side a small garden is their and this place is perfect place now.
Teju:- perfect for wat.

Shaleen:-hmm perfect for this and hugs her.
Teju smiles and hugs him back.
Both lost into each embrasse.
Teju:- we wont caught here.
Shaleen:-to reach here they have to open that door and by opening sound will come and we can immediately go to garden side .
If people will see us also they think that we are enjoying garden view.
Shaleen breaks hugs and says thats why i have i loved u.
Both smiles and goes back to their rooms…

Precap:- all leaving to their company.

Sry for short update next one i will try to givevlong one

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. No need of sorry even its a short update ur magical writing skills are awesome di

  2. What an brilliant idea shaleen??? N arshi eat inside cupboard??? LOL… I really enjoyed ur episode sis…

  3. Sweet sindu dear I missed last two updates plzz post the links

    1. Sure in next episode i will add it

  4. Awesome episode. 🙂

  5. awesome episode…….

  6. wow… interesting….Happy Family?
    so cute shaleen and Ragini ?

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