Family bonding episode 27


Shaurya staring searching for remaining.
Arnav and khushi goes to his room and starts searching a place to hide.
Khusi:- lets hide in cupboard.
Arnav:-wat are u out of your mind we will die with lack of oxygen.
Khusi:- oh plzz we will leave door a little bit.

Arnav :-are u sure..
Khusi:-ofcourse and drags him and both hides in cupboard…
Danny and kusum were peeping outside door to see shaurya and by seeing him they immediatedly
Runs from their and hidez under bed….
He walks close to them and danny and kusum moves close to each other to hide from him
Kusum keeps her hands on his chest and his hands on her back.
Both lost into each other eyes..
Shaurya looks under bed and sees them in that position and smiles and says another love story..
And shouts caught u both..

They jerks and part aways from each other and comes out..
Kusum leaves and shaurya lifts eyebrows fastly by seeing danny.
Danny smiles and leaves from their being embarresing face…
Shaurya smiles and goes to search for others..
Kusum and danny also reaches to hall..
Kusum:-dii u were out.
Teju:-haa first me only…..
Shaleen lost into teju memories by seeing outside window.
Someone taps on his shoulder.
He turns and sees shaurya smiling at him and says u were out dude i think u lost in someone thoughts.
Shaleen smiles and goes out…
Teju sees him both smiles looking at each other….

Shaleen comes and sits opposite to teju..
Shaurya goes in search of remainig ..
In store room arjun and radhika were walking by back and collides with each other and shouts then arjun immediately closes her mouth and sees shaurya coming towards them.
He takes her and hides beside few old stuff and sees radhika signalling him something
Radhika:- signals with with hands towards her mouth
Arjun realises that his hand is still on her mouth and removes it .
Arjun:-sorry .
Radhika:- its ok.
Shaurya almost comes close to them.
They both comes so close to each other almost in hugging position.
Both were lost into each other eyes…shaurya finds no one and goes to out.
Namish and kaanchi were hiding in washroom.
Namish sits on washing machine by closing his nose .
Kaanchi:-dont you think u were doing overaction .
Kaanchi:- this is new house and from where u were getting smell that u were closing your nose.
Namish:- i am getting bore so i thought to do something but i realised wat i will do in washroom so thought to close nose.

Kaanchi:- dont close so much that it becomes difficult for u to breath.
Namish smiles and walks towards door and hits door mat falls on kaanchi..
Both falls in tub and mistakenkly shower on…
Both sees eachother with intensity and lost into eachother eyes and they were becoming wet…
Kaanchi looks into his eyes and thinks i dont knew why but i alwayS stay num when i see his eyes and it always shows love towards mee.
Namish:- when ever i saw her eyes i only had a feeling that she wants to ask me many questions.
They lisen shaurya saying where r there man unable to find and goes from their.
They both gets up and sees each other.namish gives towel to her and he too takes a towel and wipes with them.
Namish:- i will go and change if anyone sees us wet they will think us wrongly.
Kaachi accepts and he goes from their sceretly..
Shaurya after some time catches all but fails to catch arnav and khusi..

Precap:-all tries to find arnav and khusi…
Teju shouts by seeing something..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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