Family bonding episode 26


Arjun comes back and sits angrily and says you were correct dii real estate is hell.
Teju notices his tears and asks by keeping hand on his shoulder .
Teju:-what happen babu..
Arjun immediately hugs her and says peter is idiot ,insane cancel project with him .i hate him
Teju gets worried and asks him to calm down.
All gets worried .
Teju:-look at me arjun.
arjun looks at her with tears flowing from his eyez.
Teju wipes it and asks say wat he said to u…
Arjun:- i said the reason behind our delay in construction and i said u were admitted in hospital.
Arjun:- he said that he dont care if you …(closes his eyes and says)
die also.
Teju smiles and holds his chin and says thats is aruu.
Arjun:- wat do u mean by that dii he is so insane ..
Teju:-he is good but short tempered.
Arjun:- i am not his servent or gulam dii to bare this all and coming to u i wont spare anyone talking wrongly about u.
Teju:- with in few minutes he will call back to ask sorry see.
Call comes and sees at teju and asks how do u knew.
Teju:- i studied people arjun and right now be a good business man and attend his call if u love me.
Arjun goes outside and lifts call.
Teju sits back and starts thinking.
Kusum comes and says wat happen why bhai is shouting.
Teju:-nothing u relax..
Arjun:-dii he apolized and contract is on.
Kaanchi and radzz comes out with arnav.
Shaurya:-guys my head became like popcorn by seeing brother and Sister drama lets play a game..
Kaanchi:-really lets play then hide and seek.
Shaurya:-done and she radzz and then sees teju ..
Who understands about to go but before that arnav catches him and drags back.
Shaurya givez wat the hell look arnav looks at teju and both winks at each other..
All burst into laugh….
Radzz:-lets play hide and seek after so many years we are playing.
All gets excited..
Thief is shaurya all goes to hide.
All pairs are hiding together…
Teju hides back of door and shaleen is front of her..
Teju :- at any cost i should not caught that to with u that to by him.
Shaleen:- why like that..
Teju:- you dont knew him if . He will tease me like hell if i caught with u and sees shaleen staring her and realises wat she said and looks at him with widening eyes.
Shaleen:- wat do u mean … that means did he came to knew that i proposed u but how . Did u…
Teju :- looks here and their and says i didnot said anything he sawed us that day and in hospital also he teased me.
Shaleen:-oh dont worry i wont allow him to find us…and something struck and turns to her.
Teju:- shit he remember wat i said that day wat to do now..
Shaleen:- that day u said ok i will say once i was fit and fine right.
And wat ever u talking about.
Teju:- did i said like that when ..
Shaleen gives her a killer look.
Teju stammers and says i dont knew how to say but i have …
Shaleen:-u have wat teju …
Teju:-i have no objection in marrying u but i will only after bhai marriage.
Shaleen gets excited and hugs her Teju gets shocked and same time feels some thing strange all over body and she too hugs back.
Both were lost in their new feeling but gets apart from lisening foot steps and runs from their in different ways…..
Teju leaning back to wall and says to herself :-did i accept his proposal to marry him.
Oh my god wat feeling i got when i hugged him its different untill now i did not went threw it suddenly taps on her shoulder she turns and hits her forehead and says shit i caught.
Shaurya:-yes it was fun that u were first caught.
Teju:-very funny go and find remaing ok.
Shaurya:-dont underestimate me.
Teju:-first u go and she goes to hall and sits with raj sakshi dp and ap and payal also.
Teju:- your husband is perfect for police job and he proves that scent percent when it comes to catch me.
All laughs…

Precap:-romance of remaing couple.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. nyc di loved arjun teju part a lot. I think urs bond with ur brother is like arjun and teju di. bcoz whenever I read seems to be true and emotional. u r just nailing their scenes. sometimes it makes me cry too??. if it so??

    1. Yes dear my brother and me loves each other a lot

      1. that is shown in ur story itself the way u explain the bro and sis bond that looks amazing☺☺ love u a lot di

  2. Awesome episode. 🙂

  3. Superb episode…

  4. Nice episode love it.(♡˙︶˙♡)
    Plzzzz update next episod today [email protected]
    eagerly waiting for episode

    1. Thank and yaa i will give

  5. Dude you’re so awesome, I hope you always stay happy my sister aha~nusz

    1. Thank u sister
      U should also stay happy always

  6. silpa k sivadasan

    thanks for teju shaaleen moments
    thanks a ton

    1. Ur welcome
      Thank u

  7. awesome episode……….

  8. Y so small ☹

  9. It was very cute one

  10. awesome episode as always?

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