Family bonding episode 25


They all reaches a very big house which has a big lawn and parking area and another side swiming phool..
Teju and arjun looking out from car window..
All comes down and even kaanchi is surprised..
Kaanchi:-where r we bhai..
Shaleen:- u go inside and check every room and says whose house might be it ..
Kaanchu:- ok and runs together..
Arjun gets down and says why u asked me to come to this address.
Teju looking around house and at point she seez few bike and in that her bike also their.
Teju:- dont tell me u buyed this house by getting down.
Arnav:- yaa but no.
Arjun:- what that means u payed only for half house
Arnav:-yaa but no.
Teju gets down and says yaa but no what is this bhai Raj:- i will show u and take her to aside and shows name plate which have ..
Raizadas and malhotras house.
Teju:- that means did u buyed together .
Dp:-yes we thought we will all stay together after all we missed u and u missed us so…
Teju:- bhai did u check everything before buying i mean taps fans flooring ..
Bed postion if we get proper air or not..and looks arnav looking at her weirdly.
Teju:-what we should check everything ..
Arnv:- u proved that u were possesive freak today.
Teju:-wat do u mean by that we have to check everything.
Kaanchu shouts by coming :- are we all going to stay together..
Wow i am so excited but why no one said to me.
Shaurya:-actually princess we want to give surprise for her .
Kaanchi:-in that case u should not say to dii but y u hide from me.
Arjun:- haa even from me also.
Shaurya:-because kaanchi was world fm which cant keep a screte also and coming to u you were teju ki chamchi so u were also came in that list.
Arjun:- so mean ..
Ap:-any way lets go inside .
All entres room and sees all rooms.
All goes to respective rooms and getz ready …
Arnav comes out and sees khusi roaming all house and seeing whole house..
Arnav:-did u like it..
Khusi:-yaa its awesome..
Kusum comes out and sees arnav and khusi talking smiles and goes from their towards kitchen and sees ap and teju were talking and preparing something.
Shaleen comes out and starts Searching for teju..
Voice:-she is in kitchen shallu.
Shaleen jerks and looks back.
Shaleen:-shaurya u and wat r u saying who is in kitchen.
Shaleen:-oh and why i will search her.
Shaurya:-may be for asking health sake.
Shaleen:-oh ya ya.
Shaurya:-ya yaa smiles and leaves from their..
Shaleen brushes her hair and says i have to control my face expressions or else everyone will get doudt..
Dp:- dont worry beta i will help u in controlling them
Shaleen:-dad u also…
Arjun comes out and says can i join in your discussion..
Dp and shaleen smiles and says come..
Arjun too sits and says house feeling is different i dont knew how dii stayed their for three days she hates hospital smell.
Danny namish
Dp:-where is radhika and kaanchi.
Danny:-they were stdying dad they said they had exams in next week.
Kaanchi comes out and say..
Kaanchi:-black bear help me naa in this subject.
Arjun:-wat polar bear let me rest.
Kaanchi:-no i missed colz and studies for three days i have to complete whole subject.
Arjun:- nothing will happen u will miss first rank thsts it.
Kaanchi shouts:-no way first should be me i dont care if any one comes first or not but my percentage no its should not reduce and u chii wat type of bhai u were go i will ask arnav bhai.
Arnav and khusi comes.
Arnav:- wst happen kaanchu..
Kaanchi shows accounts book .
Arnav:-come i will help u..
Shaurya comes and also sits with them.
Khusi:-bhai is it over talking with bhabhi..
Shaurya:-shall i say wat i talked.
Khusi closes ears all shouts no.
Dp:-wat happen let him say ..if he want to.
Teju:-no uncle plzz if he started i will go back to hospital.
Kusum signals arjun by waving hands.
All looks at her while teju talking with dp.
Arjun signals wat.
Kusum signal by hands u were dead now by teju dii..
Teju:-arjun babu wat is the status of our hospital contract ..
Arjun blinks eyes and says i didnot visit it for three days not did payment i think i stopped it for few days because ..
Teju:-i admitted in hospital.
Arjun:-hmm ya.
Teju:-wat arjun that peter is reacting like i am building my own house at his site he is not lisening to me ..
Arnav:-did u said that u were admitted in hospital.
Teju:- if he lisened to me then only i can say naa he is behaving like typical boy frd.
Shaleen opens his eyes wide.
Danny and namish sees him and giggles.
Shaleen signals him to shutup.
Arnav:-let me talk to him.
Kaanchi:-u said that u will help me and also radhika in studies..
Kusum:- i will help u come.
Kaanchi:- its not medicine.
Khusi:-shall i help u.
Shaurya:-oye 70% u were asking 98% student.
Teju:-oye 60% u shutup .and bhsi u go i will make arjun to talk to them.
Arnav goes with kaanchi.
Arjun:-me but why.
Teju:-u have to learn how to talk to foreign deligates also.
Teju phone rings and she immediately lifts and gives to arjun.
Arjun pouts face and goes from their with phone..
Teju sits back touching her shoulder ..
Dp:- teju is it paining.
Teju:-haa uncle some wat..
Teju:-smiles and says ok mama..
Dp:-haa thats good…

Precap:-arjun angry ..teju controlling him and wiping his tears they all plays game

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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