Family bonding episode 24


Shaleen gets up early morning and sees teju already woke up and seeing him. Shaleen smiles at her and she too.
Shaleen turns and sees some where smiles and turns to teju and shows her to see at a corner and she too sees and starts smiling by seeing khushi and arnav sleeping by touching both heads….
Sun rays tounches khushi wakes up and sees arnav close to her and started shouting..
By her shoutings arnav wakes up in jerks and asks wat happen.
Khushi then realises that she was in hospital and hits her head..
Nurse comes inside and asks wat happen why r u shouting.
Khushi:-nothing i am sry…
And says sry to arnav alsoo.
Arnav:-its ok..
All gets freshen up one by one…
Arjun and kusum comes and sends them to home..
After few hours again all gathers
After few days all almost spend times with teju..
Teju:-in these two days u all were with me and u missed your offices and colzz too..
And radhika and kaanchu you both should maintain your ranks ok this incident should not get effected on your studies..
Both nodes ok……
Teju:-bhai i am getting bore here lets go to office.
Danny:-go to office or home…
Teju:-office, i never been free for a minute but now from two days i am idle and i am getting mad…
Kusum comes their with senior doctors and checks her and says that she can go by evening today..
Teju :-thanks him.
Arnav:-she can eat everything right i mean no need of any diet and all.
Doctor:- just stay away from oily and more spicy food and have fruits and juices ..
Arnav:-ok i will take care of it..
Teju:-namish how is your health.
Namish:- fine..
Kaanchi and radhika comes from colzz and greets her..
Shaurya:-my princess came ..
Radhika and kaanchi :- hi shaurya bhaiyaaa.
Shaurya looks stunned and teju laughs loudly …
And soon all laughs.
Shaurya:-all beautifull girls in world are my sisters it seems.
ha only one beautifull girl became my wife..
Shaleen:- only one wife . How many u want…
Teju taps on his shoulder and says chiii for u one wife is more that too beautifull one and see saying infinity …
Nurse comes and calls arnav to complete formalities to discharge tejaswii.
Arjun:- dii tell me one thing from childhood im seeing u both never talked normally instead u both always fights..
Shaurya:-all love stories are not same..
Teju :- ohh plzz actually arjun all enemies are not same…
All laughs..
Arnav comes and says lets goo..
Arjun and arnav helps her to get up and to walk..
Teju walks slowly…
Shaurya:- if i knew u will walk in speed i would have requested doctor to discharge u by morning then we can reach home by evening naa.
All looks at him angrily..
Shaurya:- ok sorry…
Arjun lifts her and says no need to comment on my dii walk i will carry her so that u can reach your homes on time and walks ahead.
Teju smilez and did my arjun babu got angry.
Arjun:- no dii but yes when it relates to u then yaa..
Teju:- but see because of that only naa you were carrying me and u knew wat in our child hood i used to carry u but see now u were carrying me like a baby.
Arjun:- but i was baby for u right.
Teju :- hmm ya always and kisses him on cheecks.
Arjun smiles and makes her sit in front seat and he sits indriving.
Arnav:-arjun let me drive ok.
Arjun:- plzz bhai i will drive and i promise i will drive slowly and keeps sad convensing face to arnav and teju.
Teju:- its ok bhai let him drive ..
Arnav:- ok be carefull..
All starts their cars…

Precap:-a surprise to all from
Dp, shaleen,arnav and raj …

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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