Family bonding episode 23


Danny comes back saying mom send food for u to night tejuu jii..
Teju smiles and asks him to sit.
Shaurya too comes and says formaties are completed..
Shaurya:-who are staying here to night.
All lifts hands all young ones are their..
Teju smiles and sees shaurya.
Teju:-so mean shaurya all lifted their hands as they all want to stay with me but why u did not
Shaurya:- i am also patient here ash baby ..
Teju:-oh i forgot
Shaurya:-any way i am discharged i am staying here.
Teju:-no u go home payal needs your persence hugs her and make her sleep peacefully.
Shaurya starts acting like blushing and says :-doctor said that in this time we should not sleep together…
All opens their mouth and teju says u were disguisting idiot how can u talk like that with that too in
infront of these arjun kaanchu kusum and all yar they were kids.
Shaurya:-oh plzz once marry this arjun and see then…

Teju threws all pillow on him and says shut up..
Shaurya:-wat ok leave him atleast marry u shaleen and arnav lets see then.
Three shouts no need..
Shaurya:-if you three wont marry
then how will they marry and if
they wont marry then how can
All shouts stop their.
Arjun closes kaanchi ears ..
Arnav kusum ears.
Danny and namish radzz each ears
Teju and khusi shuts their ears.
Teju:-hits her head and says i should scold myself for talking with u .
Khushi:-bhai u already half mad and now the wound on your head effected u and u became complete mad.
Shaurya:-thanks for your complement baby sister….
Arnav:-shameless fellow ..
Shaurya:-thank u arnav..and teju u also compliment me yar..
Teju looks at him in weird face expressions and says talking to u and wall is same but wall is better than u atleast it shuts its mouth but u were unbelievable i have to salute u too payal for baring him.
Shaurya:-i will tell u how she is baring me.
Payal:-shaurya ..

Teju tries to get up and feels pain touches stomach and sits back.
Shaleen :-where r u going.
Khusi:-are u mad or wat its paining na sit calmy and tell us wat u want.
Namish:-if u want any thing i will bring it.
Teju:-dont bring it just threw this men out of he dont shut that topic.
Teju:-fine i am going then and tries to get up.
Shaurya ok ok fine topic change ok u sit dont move..
And hugs her and says in ears slowly ..
Shaurya:-i heared shaleen confession and your smile after he leaving and now tell me wat is the meaning for that smiles is it yes or noo..
But the way u blushed i think its yes so when r u going to say to him.
And breaks hug and sees teju in shocked state by opening mouth and widening eyes.
Arjun:-wat happen dii.
Shaurya:-say it teju.
Teju composes her self and says come here shaurya and says that i will say everyone that in our childhood your pant dropped infront of girls and how i safed u before it falled completely
Shaurya goes back and says u cant do it.
Teju:-achaa then u shut your mouth automatically i shut my mouth.
Shaurya:-shitttt…… done.
Payal:-teju only u have capability to shut his mouth say that to me naa i will also get benifit.
Teju:-when time comes then payal.
They were talking and shaurya is smiling at teju..
Teju:-stop smiling at me shower..
Shaurya:- when will you then.
Teju:-fine once when i am fine and fit then ok and smiles.
Shaurya:-hmm done any way time to go and one more thing and cups her chin with one hand and says..
Sharya:- u knew wat teju u just smile because when u smile naa Our hearts will feel happy and u just smile and see world will be in your hands and u will control it.
Shaurya:-fine byee and khusi is staying here ok.

And its late i think u all should also leave..
Arnav khusi and shaleen stayed in hospital
Remaing all went to home….
All becomes silent at once..
Teju reminds the conversion between her and shaurya and smiles.
Khushi:-wat happen why r u smiling..
Teju:- shaurys went from here and automatically whole room turned silent like we r in library …
Shaleen:-seriously how much your bhai will speak..
Khusi:-manufacture default hai my brother..
All burts into laugh.
Shallen see teju laughing and thinks he is right when you smile really even my heart is feeling happy and composes himself before anyone could notice….
Khushi:-i am feeling hungry will any one will come with me to get something from canteen.
Arnav:-come i will and shaleen.
Shaalen:-dont worry i will be with her .
Arnav smiles and goes…

Teju and shaleen feels something different feelings.
Shaleen:-so shaurya said to u to say that u .
That u said u will do it once u were fine.
Teju:-ahhhh bike race….
Shaleen:-oh but as i remember u said that u will say but not u will do.
Teju in mind arey yar he is question like jailer and i am his prisoner..wait wat i said his prisoner ahh i am going crazyy..
and about to get up.
Shaleen:-hi chill dont get up i wont ask u anything but plzz take rest.
Teju:-its not like that shaleen i just..
Shaleen:-no just rest.
Teju:-but i want to go to.
Shaleen:-i will also come.
Shaleen:-haa where ever u go i will also come..
Teju:-i i want to go to washroom ..
Will u come their also.
Shaleen widen eyes and says no but i will help u to go near to it.
Teju:-but before he could say anything.
Shaleen lifts her in his arms and takes towards washroom..
In way they both looks into each other eyes and lost into it…
And he leaves her and says i will wait out side..

Scene changes..
Khusi keeps on talking on random things..
Arnav sees her and smiles and she hits a chair and shouts in pain.
Arnav makes her sit and cares her leg by taking into his hands.
Khusi gets shocked by his care and looks at him with simple smile.
Arnav:-are u ok.
Khusi:-i think so.
He helps her to get up but see she unable to walk .
Khusi:-i am unable to walk lets go Arnav:-u r feeling hungry right then.
Khusi:-yaa but i am unable to walk naa so..and sees arnav in shock.
Arnav:-being empty stomach when u were hungry pains a lot khusi and i knew that pain so i wont allow u to face that pain so lets go to canteen and takes her…
By lifting her in arms
Teju starts feeling towards shaleen.arnav and khusi also started feeling for each other…

No precap frds i will have to get ideas to write further episode ..
If you can suggest me ideas
Plzz give

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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