Family bonding episode 22


All sits out and waits to get teju normal and a nurse comes out and says patient got conscious..
All stands and about to come but nurse stops her and says lets first doctor check her and we will shift her to normal ward then u can go and meet her.
Doctor comes and checks snd says she is fine and we will shift her to normal ward and dont allow her to take stress..
They all goes inside teju opens Eyes slowly and sees all and smiles little..
And signs kusum.
Kusum goes near to her and asks.
Kusum:-how r u dii..
Teju:-fine and dont tell me you operated me…
Shaurya:-arey yar her first patients are namish u me and kaanchu…
Kusum:- thats not fair i did good treatments to u all..
Kaanchu:-we should say that…
Arnav:- will u all stop it.
And goes near teju and says how r u ..
Teju:-fine bhai dont worry.
Arnav:- i was so angry on u why u did like that..
Teju:-he tried to behave badly with kaanchi bhai i could control it and he tried to hand over her to some people their to stop him i put all force and pushed him in that time before he fall from that floor he shooted me …
After all i am his daughter i think wining at any cost habit came to me from him only…
Arnav:- u r stubborn teju.
Teju:-i love you bhai…
Arnav:-i love u too uncle jam and kisses her in forehead.
Teju:-u still remember it …
Arjun sits next to her and hugs her lightly.. and asks wat is uncle jam.
Arnav smiles and teju nodes her head in no.
Shaurya:-i will say.
Ones in your dii childhood she woke all of sudden and started to say from now my name is uncle jam.
Ha ha.

Teju:-he he shut up that was when i was 3 years old so its doent make any sense ok.
Arjun:-but it makes senses for us uncle jam dii.
Teju:-arjun and bhai why u remembered that all of sudden.
All talks to her one by one.
Elders goes from their and they took payal also as she needs rest.
Shaleen:-shaurya wat about news channel they will make it a big issue.
Shsurya:- she killed a humantrack gand and dont worry teju name wont come out we police officer took that credit to save her..
Teju:-say it straight naa i work hard and u people took credit…
Shaurya:-thats me ok…

Arjun:- i will talk about discharge and come..
Namish and kaanchi were taken by danny as they too need rest..
Arjun sits next to teju and he is silently crying.
Shaleen and radhika are watching him with tears.
Teju careing his hair and says..
Teju:-dont cry arjun i am fine see.
Arjun:-wat if anything happen to u i would have not live with out u dii.
Teju:-even me how u thought that i will leave u and go and one screte is that i love u most than all dont say to anyone ok..
Arjun :-done dii and they both look at shaleen and radhika.
They both signals like zipping their lips .
They four laughs.
Teju:-achaa did u eat anything.
Arjun:-no ..
Teju:-u three go and eat ..
Arjun:-who will stay with u.
Shaleen:-i will u take radhika with u she didnot eat anything from morning.
Radhika:-even u did not eat anything from morning bhai.
Arjun:-we will bring something to u.
They leaves from their.

Shaleen comes and sits with her.
Shaleen:-is it paining more.
Teju:-no shaleen ..i am fine.
Shaleen:-u too didnot ate anything or u not hungry.
Teju:-yes but i should follow here diet as i am patient now.
Shaleen:-i will go and inform anyone to give u something to eat.
He about to go but teju stops him by holding hands and makes him
Teju:-dont leave me alone i am little bit scared after wat ever happen with in 2 days.
Shaleen:-u said u were hungry..
Teju:-its ok but dont go atleast be here untill some one came here..
Shaleen keeps hand on her hand and taps it and says ok as u say .i wont leave u and goo..
Teju smiles and he does too…
She shivers a little bit.
Shaleen:-i thought u were so brave.
Teju:- even i am human being yarr and situation is something like that i will get afraid na..

Arnav entres and shaleen leaves her hand.
Teju looks at him and hides her smile..
Arnav brings food for three of them and arnav starts feeding teju and later he too eats ..
Teju:-wat doctor said.
Arnav:-u should stay here for one more day …
Teju:-oh no.
Shaleen:-u have no option…
Arnav:-hmm he is right u have no option it may be would better before becoming jackie chan…
Teju:-very funny….
Three talks a while..
Shaleen:- unbelivable i mean i am very happy that we are relatives now.
Arnav and teju smiles..
Arjun:- wat would u like to eat.
Radzz:-anything arjun its not resturent naa.
Arjun:-haa you were right i am asking u as if its a resturent.
They both smiles..

Radzz:-finally your smile is back.
Arjun smiles at her and says your Also..
And you look good when you were smiling..
Radzz:- you look like a kid when you were with your dii.
Arjun:-and u were when u with your bhaisss.
They both eat and talks on random things…

Precap:-shaleen lifting teju…
Arnav lifts khusi…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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