Family bonding episode 21


Danny keeps a hand on shaleen shoulder and says are u ok bhai.
Shaleen:-dont knew danny i hope she will be fine.
Danny:-she will bhai. Come lets go inside…
They both leaves inside..
Khusi sits with arnav..
Radzz with namish and namish with arjun.
Kusum sits with sakshi…
Arnav phone gets a message and gets shocked see rags and Shaurya tied …
Arnav:-wat the hell..
And phone starts ringing….
Arnav lifts phone and says..hello.
Ramnath:- how r u my son.

Arnav:-wat the hell u did with them.
Ramnath:-dont worry dear they are alive …
U come with all your so called brothers and sister here and haa bring my jijju ok…
Arnav:-or else wat u do..
Ramnath:-u are forgetting that i have your both sisters with ok forget about them .their one intelligent fellow is their with me and i found that he is acp and soon becoming a father wat will happen if anything happens to him.
That kid will also grown up like u only with out father..
Wat if she is girl u knew naa how difficult for a girl in world without dad…
So come with all arnav beta i am going to kill your so called tejaswii infront of u and if you dont come then i will kill these three..
Arnav:- i will come why r u involving these …
Ramnath already cuts call..
Arnav explains everything to dp.
All gets tensed and payal gets teardy eye.
Arnav goes to her and says i promise u my sister i will bring back your husband its a promise from your brother…
Payal nodes her head…
They leaves khushi ,payal and sakshi

Remaining leaves …
Arnav and shaleen kusum namish arjun radzz were in one car……
They reaches a godawn and lisens glass breaking sound and looks up and sees a man comes down fastly and hitted floor .
They all rush to her and sees and arnav recognises him as ramnath.
Arnav:-he is ramanth…
And soon lisens a gun shot..
They all gets shocked and goes their and sees kaanchi sitting on floor near teju and shaurya trying to wake her..
Arnav rushes too her and takes her in his arms..
Arnav:-teju wat happen.
Teju:-i killed him bhai he tried to cross limits i killed him..
Arjun goes to kaanchi who is in shock.
Shaurya calls ambulance and takes teju in that….
In ambulance …
Arnav:-haa teju..
Teju:-promise me that you will take care of every one….
You should not scold arjun and shaurya …
Shaurya:-haa bolo…

Teju:-i think as i said u will blessed with baby girl only u knew how i will reborn to u.
Shaurya:- shut up teju i dont want u as my child i want u as my girl frd only do u get that ..
Arnav:-stop your non sense teju nothing will happen to ..
If arjun kusum kaanchi lisens to u they will get afraid..
Kaanchi is already in shock..
They reach hospital and takes teju in to icu…..
Arnav breaks down and starts to cry. Raj sees him and goes towards him.
Raj comes and sits next to arnav and hugs him.

Arnav:-i am very bad brother uncle i never fullfilled my duties towards her. I never protected her instead of me she became shield and protected everyone when time came to protect her i didnot do it uncle.
Raj:-no arnav you were awesome brother you both were awesome you protected your family but the thing here is you stopped thinking about your self you both build a wall around u so that no one can entre and see look at me ..
My teju is strongest girl in the world and she will be fine see ..
Arjun cries seeing teju in icu door.
Shaleen consoles him and says nothing will happen arjun your dii cant stay away from u she is possessive about u and see she wont go any where..

Namish tries to speak with kaanchi but she is not responding he feels bad by her condition.
Shaurya takes her to phycology department to make her come out from shock…
After some time she comes out of shock and runs towards icu and hugs arnav and starts crying ..
Arnav:-kaanchu control your self nothing will happen to her doctor said that wounds are not deep.
Kaanchu:- dii got wounded when he tried to hurt me dii pushed him from top floor in that time that men shooted dii bhai..
Arnav:-say properly wat happen kaanchu.

Kaanchu:-that man finded shaurya bhai coming in changing his position and slapped teju dii.
She said many bad words about her and he threaned her that he will sell me infront of her and later he will kill dii….
He tried to handle me to few guys Dii lost control catched his collar and pushed him back with full force and pushed him from top floor before he would fall from their he shooted dii and started crying..even shaurya bhaiyaa got hurt and runs towards him and sees his hand hurted..
Shaurya:-i am fine chotu.

Kaanchi:-no i saw when u and dii got tied and when he about to hand over me to them u both tried to escape in that time u both got hands hurted and takes him to doctor..
Kusum comes out taking operation clothes and says with smile.
Kusum:-teju dii is out of danger..bhai we will shift her to normal award if once she gained conscious then we all can meet.
All gets happy…
Arjun sees teju from icu door and smiles with tears…
Payal and all comes to hispital.
she hugs shaurya and sees injured hand.

He keeps a hand on her cheecks and says i am fine raa..
Khusi:-how is teju.
Shaurya:-she is fine.
Sakshi:-finally a bad chapter ended in their lifes i hope they will live hear on peacefully..
Raj:-i hope too.
Dp and ap goes and prays in hospital mandir.
Shaleen gets happy and hugs danny and namish and radzz too joins them.
Arnav and kaanchu sits holding each other.

Kaanchi is also having some band aids…

Precap:-finally fun time and happy smile in their faces…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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