Family bonding episode 20

In yesterday precap ragss means teju i got confused and instead of typing teju i typed rags sry and thank u for all commenting and liking my ff

Next morning all gets up and starts doing exercises…
Rags gets comes out and sees shaleen their and looks at him where he smiles and says good mrg…
Teju:-smiles a little and says good mrg..
Arjun:-dii lets go out for jogging all together wat say…
Arjun:-but see na dii polar bear untill now didnot get up.
Danny:-even namish didnot get up..
Servant comes shouting sir madam.
Arnav and teju goes towards him and says wat happen
Servent:-a man was their fallen unconscious ..
Arnav:-who is he.
Servent:-i think he belong to them and shows dp.
All rushes our and she namish fallen on floor with wounded head.
they sprinkle water on him and makes him sit.
He sits by touching his forehead and suddenly he remembers something and shouts.
Namish:-where is kaanchi.
Arnav:-wat do u mean by kaanchi..
Namish:-she was with me yesterday..
Teju:-say it fastly namish u were making me afraid.
Namish:-as i am not getting sleep came out for fresh air and i saw main door open and went out i saw kaanchi sitting in lawn so i was walking towards her to ask her to come inside and soon i saw some shawdow back of me i was about turn but some object hitted on my head and i fell unconscious and before i close my eyes i saw them taking kaanchi..
Arnav:-damm it he is a head of us.
Teju:-we should do something before its late and wat if he do wat he said to me.
Shaurya:-wat he said to u teju if u dont say i cant help u…
Teju:-says wat ever he spoke about them and about selling them.
Shaleen control his anger ..
Shaurya:-dont worry i will start my investigation
Just then teju phone rings…
Shaurya asks her to keep it on speaker…
Teju nodes and keeps it on
Ramanth:-how r u my elder daughter… and i must say she is looking pretty than in photos.
Teju gets angry and shouts ..
Ramanth:-ahh my ears dont waste energy by shouting my daughter.
Teju:-if u call me daughter once again i will break your bones .
Ramanth:-ok ok cool young lady a offer for u..
I will send address u should come all alone and as u says my customers loved u more than u
three so i decided to sell u so u come to me ..
All gets shocked arnav about to speak.
Teju:-ok i will come wat u will do to me i dont care i am ready for everything but wat is the proof that u will leave kaanchi.
Ramanth:-father promise baby.
Teju:-smirks father and u plzz dont take those type of words from your dirty mouth.
Ramanth:-ok a business person Promise…
Teju:-ok u said that if i come u will leave her but how she will reach home.
Ramanth:-i will send her threw my men.
Teju:-i wont believe u and your men.
Ramanth:-hmm ok yesterday in process of kidnapping her we hitted one person u will bring that person and make him wait at a distances and kaanchi will leave with him.
Teju:-no he wont come he is kid that to near u never.
Ramanth:-wat r u thinking then u will receive her and leave her home with your hands and come back do u think its a cow and tiger story…
Teju:-even that tiger is better in that story but u were ruthless person.
Ramanth:-fine i am ruthless think if not him then no one i will sell her to another..
Teju:-ok ok he and me will come ..
ramanth:-i will send message baby come fast and you should look fresh.
Teju closes his eyes and cuts call and seez all are seeing at her in shock and a tight slap were shaurya stops her in falling.
Shaurya:-wat the hell arnav…
Arnav makes teju face him and starts shouting while her tears are flowing from his eyes.
Arnav:-what the hell are u going to do teju are u in your u understanding what he is going to do to u.
Teju:-i knew it bhai thats why i want to save her i can bear anything bhai but i cant allow her to bear she is kid bhai.
Shaurya:-enough teju for this type of pain no one can bear not her but u also …
Teju:-i will shaurya i will and turned to arnav and says we promised to our mother bhai that wat ever condition we will save them.
Arnav:-fine then if u promised to their mother then i also promised to your mother that i will protect u like a shield and i will not allow u to go their.
Teju:-then wat u will do u will leave kaanchu their.
Arnnav:- no.
Teju:-then how u will save her.
Arnav:-i dont knew but i will
Teju:-keeps hands on his shoulder and says we r loosing time bhai and wat u think i will loose my self respect no i am also women bhai who respect their self respect ..
Nothing will happen to kaanchi nor to me and even i am not taking namish.
Arnav:-then how.
Teju:-shaurya will come with me with his clothes they both heights are same and his half if head with cover with bandaid as they injured
Arnav:-u were planing something big wat if i loose u people..
Teju:-dont worry bhai kaanchu will be safe.
Arjun:-wat about u dii..
Teju looks at him silently and smiles.
Kusum:-this smile making me afraid dii ,i cant live with out u three …
Teju:-when we will born on someday naa then we will also die someday if not today them tomorrow..
Dp:-nothing will happen to u we all are their…
Small paper falls near them which wrapped in a stone.
Shaleen opens and finds a address and shows to teju and shaurya..
Namish:-i will come if i call her before then this might not happen.
Arnav:- if blame game starts then all will come in to that.
teju:-dont blame yourself and u were not coming…its risky for u
Shaurya:-and it will divert our concentration.
Shaurya goes near payal and says anything can and cannot be happen to me u should promise me that u will stay strong.
Payal:-i was always proud of you shaurya and i will always and nothing will happen to u and i may cant be as strong as teju but i will
I have so many people around me
if anything happens to u and ofcourse nothing will happen its time to end evil he ruined so many lifes..
Incase if u killed .
U make sure before dying take him with u.
All gets teardy eyes.shaurya hugs her and tounches her tummy.
Teju:-nothing will happen to him payal
Payal:-becarefull teju and comeback because i am going give my kid to u .you have make him or her as strong as u.
Teju hugs her..
Teju gets ready and comes out.
Shaurya keeps small gun in his head and band aids them
And keeps another gun in his socks..
And gives two guns to teju ..
She too hides..
Shaurya hugs all and teju too..
Teju sees arjun lost in his thoughts and hugs him again.
Arjun:-u both should come back i will miss u both fightings otherwise and i dont want to happen that.
Teju about to leave and sees shaleen and smiles and leaves from their..
All looks on while they are leaving..
Whole house became so silent.
Kusum is dressing namish.
Where he lost in kaanchi thoughts and also remenbers his and teju Incidents…
Shaleen remembers his and her dance and her smile and his proposal to her .atlastly he remembers her smile towards him while going and closes his eyes and goes from their.
Danny follows him.
Seeing arnav state khusi sits next to him and tries to talk to him but sees him as he doesnt responding so takes his hand into her ..
Arnav gets a message and sees it.

Precap:-arnav and shaleen leaving in car

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