Family bonding episode 2


Danny is sanskar in this and his
Pair is kusum(saraswathichandra)
Shaleen(arjun serial) &tejaswii
Arnav and khusi…
Namish and kaanci singh
Arjun and radhika

All sits to break fast ……
Arjun:-dii i forgot to say that malhotras are coming 1 hr before
Tejaswii:-you r saying now ..
Arnav:-i have my appointments and tej u handle them untill i came because i cant cancel appointment.
Tejaswii:-ok arjun is their with me naa…
They completes break fast and leaves …
Arjun leaves in car ..
Tej and kaanchi leaves on their own bikes….
Namish and remaing danny are in one car and dp and shaleen are in another car…
Namish tries to escape from one person who came all of sudden and unknowingly dashes to a bike and stops suddenly.
Danny:-shit accident
Danny and nsmish gets down hurriedly and shaleen and dp also
Comes out of their cars who are back of them.
Namish sees a girl fallen on ground with helmet and cleaning her hands.
Namish sits on knees and asks are u ok…
Kaanchi:-turns and says yaa i m fine actually sorry suddenly that man came front and while escaping i am sorry.
Namish:-no actually me too turned all of sudden to escape from him
I am sorry…and gives his hand but with out noticing it she stands her self.
Shaleen:-come we will take u to hospital.
Kaanch:-no i am fine and says shit and removes helmet and says my bike..
Namish gets medmerized by seeing her and keeps on looking and gets disturbed by kaanchi voice again.
Kaanchi checking bike:-damm dii will kill me know..
Shaleen:-we will pay for repairing.
Kanchi:-will u take my side scoldings also.
Shaleen:-smiles and says wat.
Kan:-uhhh and takes call and calls arjun.
Kaanchi:-bhai where r u..i need your help and says a address..
Dp:-is your brother coming beta..
Kaanchi:-haa uncle you people plss go u may have urgent work.
Shaleen:-let your brother come first.
Dp:-wats your name beta.
Kaanchi:-kaanchi singh raizada.
All looks at each other and ..
Namish:-you mean to say u were sister of arnav and tejaswii..
Kaanchi:-yaa do u knew them.
Before namish speaks a car comes and stops by side and gets down.
Kaanchi:-bhai thank god u came and see na my bike dii will kill naa.
Arjun:-u do have any doudt in that and u also she will drag u to hospital and conducts all tests on you.
Kaanchi:-i am fine bhai.
Arjun:-i said u mrg its self i will drop u one second if your bike is in this condition oh my god with wat u met accident .
She shows towards a car ..
Arjun goes and say sorry.
Shaleen says wat ever happen and he cames to knew about that man who came all of sudden and turns to kaanchi and says.
Arjun:-congrates u were saved and that man who were came he will be out of box dii and bhaii wont leave him.
Kaanchi:-thank god i am safe..and these all knews bhai and dii.
Arjun looks at them.
Dp:-i am durga prasad malhotra..
And my son and introduces all to him .
Arjun:-oh uncle and kaanchi these are the people whom we going to singh contract.
Kaanchi:-namastai uncle.
Arjun goes and parks bike a side and comes.
Dp:-wat r u studying kaanchi.
Kaanchi:-jii uncle master in business management..
And shake hands with all and namish and kaanchi share a eye lock.
Kaanchi:-actually uncle u knew because of you morning arjun bhai got scolding from dii and badai bhaiyaa thank u for that.
Arjun comes back and hits on her head and says here i am helping u and u were pulling my leg.
Actually uncle yesterday evening U informed us that u will come 1 hour before and di and bhai came late yesterday night so i informed them in morning.
They just said that if i said before badai bhai would cancel his one meeting but no problem he will come as early as possible and in mean time dii may be reached to office also….shit i have to reach
to office or else dii will kill me..
Kannchi come i will drop u too colz and i will leave.
Kaanchi:-u go bhai i will go on auto.
Arjun:-how can i allow u to go on auto comes and uncle we will meet in office again.
Dp smiles namish tries to start car but it doesnt..
Arjun observes this asks them to come ..
Namish about to go but danny says its ok we will come in bhai cars.
Arjun:-come na we can know about each other more and wait i will call and ask mechanic to see your cars also..
Namish:-yaa lets go and drags danny.
Danny looks at him shocked and shaleen looks and smiles as he understood why he behaved like that…

Precap:-shaleen and tejaswii meeting eachother…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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