Family bonding episode 19


Teju:-come on uncle aunty at that time i was scared for silly reason some times i dont why i behave like mad.
Shaurya:-because u were my girl frd and my presence effects you.
U see my ash baby.
Teju smiles and oh my god i cried a lot my eyes are paining.
Ahhhhh ..
Arnav :-and i am feeling hungry…
Shaurya:-lets eat out…one second wat u said u hitted ur hand with car window.
Shaurya:-whose car window.
Teju:-ofcourse ours.
Shaurya:-u drived car all alone .
Teju:-haaa and realises did i drive car and i am normal that means i didnot knew anything in my anger.
Dp:-tejaswii if u dont mind will u all call us mama and maami..
Teju:-i will try uncle as it new for me..
Ap:-take your time.
Kaanchu:- bhai then these will be my brother in laws and radzz is sister in law right.
Arnav:-hmm yaaa..
Kaanchi:-wow i got a big family.
Teju:-searches something and says shit i broke my phone..
Damm it…
Shower give me your phone i need to book in resturent..
Shaurya:-i have finger i can dial
from my phone.
All shouts then do it naaa.
Shaurya:-jerks back and says wohhh kk chill guys.
Arnav:-we will handle everything ok.
Raj:-shaurya wait a sec lets order food here and its better for today we stay at home after all teju u got warning call.
Shaurya:-ok then i will place home delivery…
raj:-and we were staying here only..
Teju get up
All becomes silent all of sudden.
Teju went into deep thougts by holding arnav hand and placing his head on his chest and he caring her head …
Arnav too lost in something.
Arjun is having tears by seeing their condition especially teju..
Kaanchi goes near him and says Kaanchi:-arjun bhai we have to stay strong then only they will be normal if u become emotional then wat will happen to them.
Kusum:-but wat can we do to make them normal.
Arjun:-i knew and goes to teju room and brings guitar..and sits next to teju and says u promised me that u will play it on party day .
Wont u dii..
Teju smiles and takes guitar and says then who gone sing ..
Shaleen:-namish…he loves to sing.
Namish:-i am ready..
Teju:-ok which song..
Shaurya:-i will say ..
Teju:-no need actually i will decicate u a song today ..
Shaurya:-wow ok.
Teju goes and says something in namish ears..
Immediately he smiles and says ok…done…
Teju takes position but feels pain in hand..
Shaurya:-its ok if u feel pain leave it.
Teju:-no even i want to actually i got disturbed alot i need distraction and namish are u ready….
Shaurya:-i am excited which song are u going to play for me.
Teju:-wait and watch..
She and namish sings song from
Pk love is waste of time..
And song ends shaurya looks at her weird expressions.
Teju:-do u get that love is waste of time ok…
Shaurya:-its not waste of time infact its most awesome moment in life when u fell in love.
Teju:-oh plsss.
Shaurya:-i just want to see u and arnav when u both married and to whom.
Teju:-enough before the topic reach some where stop here only i hate that topic…
Shaurya:-but i love that topic and lifts her.
Teju:-wat r u doing.
Shaurya:-right now u were hot its needed to calm down and takes her towards swimming pool.
Teju sees it and says i will kill u shaurya stop right their and leave me…
Shaurya :-ok and leaves her in water …
She stands by cleaning her face And opens their mouth.
Teju:-shaurya u were idiot and he started laughing immediately she catches his collar and drags him to pool he too get in water..
Shaurya:-wat the hell teju…
Teju:-tit for tat…
Teju and shaurya comes out and gets freshen up and comes to hall as food parcel came…..
Arnav gives teju phone and she too where sim in it…
They all were eating together and spending quality time…..
At night..
Shaleen comes and sees teju sitting and says ..
Shaleen:-i knew it u will be here only…
Teju:-hi come have a seat..
Shaleen:- u ok right.
Teju:- actually after so many years i was feeling lite today..
Shaleen:- u was afraid that we will take them away right.
Teju:-somewat like that only.
Shaleen:-but its not true actually i want u to take with me..
Shaleen:-haa by giving u a new name.
Tejaswii shaleen malhotra…
Teju widens her eyes and looks at him.
Shaleen:-i dont knew why but by seeing u first i fallen for u completly after knewing about your care towards your family i was madly in love with u ..after knewing relation between u and me now i am crazy about u..
I just want to say that i love you and i want to marry u…
I just want to take care u as like my own child …
I just want to give u all which u lost without ur knowledge..
I am not forcing u i am just asking u to think.
And gets up and turns one more thing like u said untill when u r their nothing will happen to your family ..
Same untill i am here nothing will happen to u..
I love you tejaswiii…smiles and says i proposed u infront of your parents ask their view on me goes from their …….
Teju looks at him with shock and soon come to her senses and starts thinking about him and his words unknowingly a little smile came on her face and even she didnt notice it…

Precap:-rags at hospital
Arnav sits on floor like statue…
Arjun cries by seeing ot door..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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