Family bonding episode 18

Dp:-is everything ok arnav..
Arnav lost some where his eyes filled with tears and face turned into red…
No one dared to go near him.
Kaanchi went and sat on floor and kept hand on his hand.
Kaanchi:-bhai wat happen bhai ..
Arnav keeps his hand on kaanchi and sayz nothing kaanchu u just stay with me dont go anywear ok.
Kaanchu:-ok but and wipes his tears…and says untill u and dii
Never get angry i never saw u both in tears wat happen bhai who called teju dii…
Arnav:-stammers and says ur dii will come back in few hours after that we will say few things to u three infact to u all.if u have any complaints or question ask us normally dont over react i mean dont hurt teju ok.
Arjun:-why we will question u bhai
Kusum:-never bhaiyaaa never we will raise our voices on u …
Arnav:-situation is different kusum u will have many question u can ask us but calmly plzz..
Kaanchi:-ok bhai…

Arnav closes eyes and reminds his past…
U knew kaanchu when teju was small she was like a devil kid none can able to bare her shaitaanis
Onces a maths teacher scolded me and pulled my ear teju sawed it and she got angry the next day he came to my room and sat on Chair soon it bursted and all blue ink falled on him before he could release wat happen teju came and u dont dare to hurt my bhai again if u did that i will keep chilly powder this time instead of ink and felt from their .still i remember his shocking face laughs and says he kept expression like he saw some devil infront of him…
After that teju got beating from mom…and immediately his eyes filled with tears mom used to love Me and her like anything u always asked us na why we wont get angry and how we stay so calm
We learnt it from my mother..
Kaanchi:-our mother naa bhai..
Arnav:-struggles and says no kaanchi my and teju mom.
Kusum:-wat r u saying bhai..
Arjun sits next to him and says
Bhai u were making us afraid say it straight naa bhaii..
Teju just comes and sits infront of him and says Arnav:-did u got anything about him.
Teju:-he is a blo*dy bastard bhai my doudt is right he is selling girl for money by kidnapping them.
I ashamed my self to think that he is our dad.

Arjun:-u said he died right then.
Teju looks at arjun and then at arnav…
Arnav:-i will clear all your doudts..
Our dad was not good person he acted and married to priya singh raizada after that he killed her parents and proved it as accident by giving money to police officers and he made her fall in her trap and look all property and by that time me and teju were already born…..
We were quite elder so we came to understand that man is beating our mom daily to get that remained one property on his name as he already spoiled all our property..
After few years a women came to our home with luggage my mom questioned him and dmfirst time i sawed my mom shouting on him for runing a girls life we were scared and standing behind pillar and saw that women crying after few minutes we lisened a vase breaking sound we got more scared and ran towards room that man came out dragging mom who is bleeding…
That women about to stop but he he warned her that he will too kill us by seeing us she stayed calm.
We saw that man taking mom in cover in car we cried a lot that women came and consoled us..

After few hours he came back and dragged her to his room he beated her by lisening that she is having a baby…
We lived like that for few years…
We got one little brother and a sister ..
We used to take care of them Once that man started beating mom again badly …
Mom cried a lot and started feeling pain in her stomach…we and our servants took her to hospital.
Mom kept a small baby girl in oyr hands and asked us to ran away from that hell and we both promised her that wat ever will happen they will never allow a tear fall from their brother and sisters.
That man was our dad and that Women whom he killed was our mom and another mom was your three mother and dp uncle your sister…
Dp falls on knees by crying..
All consoles him.
Dp:-if once she called me i would have taken her ..
Teju:-that day mom tried to call u uncle because of that only he hitted her badly due to that she died…
Ap consoles him.
Teju:-we took kaanchi and ran from their to railway station…and came to mumbai…
Raj:-as kaanchi is small she used to cry for hunger then these two started sweeping in railyway station and earned money and used to feed them.

One day
We came to mumbai by transfer…
I saw them asking me that they want to lift my luggage and give wat ever he want.
I asked them how can u lift u have tiny hands..and points out teju.
This teju u knew wat she said my sister is very small she will cry with in few minutes due to hunger we will lift your luggage just give us money to buy milk packet..
Sakshi:-i asked them how one two packets will enough for u..
They said they will only feed for them and they will drink water from that tap.
We were seeing their Love towards them.
Raj and me took them with us …
Raj:-they were stubborn they only came with us when we accepted them to work in our home being a police officer i cant do it so i lied to them and took them with me..
I gave them part time jobss.
U wont belive us dp jii they made them study and brought up with their money only i just gave shelter and food…
All having tears …
Arnav and teju sees eachother and sees at arjun, kusum and kaanchi..
Arjun:-wat r u seeing us dii.
Kusum:-wat r u expecting us to ask u say it we will ask because we have no questions to ask u.
We never remembered them accept your both love and i dont care about that person.
Arjun:- u used to say naa dii their is always a good side will hide in bad things.
In our horrible past good one is We got u both dii and bhai..
Kusum :-we r blessed to have u…
They both smiles .
Kaanchi:-u left me and u are not allowing me to speak.
Arnav:-wat ever u want to say .
Say it kaanchu.

Kaanchi:-the time i got to knew about this world i only saw u both when ever my frds speaks about their mom and dad i always finds them in you.i too thought u were like everything to mee and you are saying that my mom is different and your mom is different and dad hell with him.
I wont talk with u and sits back with folded hands..
All smiles and wipes their tears.
Arnav about to go but teju stops him and says i will go.
She sits infront of her and see her with smile and she too tries to smile but stops immediately.
Teju shouts ahhh.
Kaanchi :- wat happen dii..
teju shows her hand which is bleeding.
She starts crying and all gathers around her .
Arnav:-dont tell me u hitted your hand ..
Teju smiles on car window ahh before hitting i forget that i will only get hurt after hitting it started paining then i realise my anger will give me pain only…
Arnav:-mental and kusum.
Teju:-heyyy enough just sit down
U were not going anyware and u mr.arnav singh raizada i wont get injection…
Arjun:-i will clean ur wound dii and goes to bring medicine.
Arnav:-kaanchi, kusum and radhika i sending u three to undercover..
Dp:-wat happen arnav…
Teju says wat ever warning she got from him.
Raj:-once i got him i will kill him.
Shsurya:-no dad u were retired i will kill him …
Teju:-he cant even reach them i promise on myself…..
Basss bhai enough i tried of running in fear of loosing them not anymore i fed up of him i will settle everything for onces and final.
Not any more ….

Arnav:-lets settle teju i will be with u.
Arjun comes and starts doing first aid he slowly cries and tears are Flowing from his eyes.
Teju wipes it and says are u angry on me arjun.
Arjun:-i love u dii but u never shared your pain with us even with me also why dii..
Teju:-u only said naa arjun i was like your mom and for mom her kids are always small and how can i give u pain when i think u were my small baby.
Arjun:-wat ever dii u dont knew me if anyone tries to hurt u i will also breaks their bones just like arnav bhai.
Teju cups her face and kisses him on forehead .
They both hug..
Teju:-i just got afraid of loosing u arjun thats why when shaleen tried to knew about us we stopped him.i knew u people have more rights on them but.
Ap:-no teju we were just your mama maami .but u were everything to them for so many
years we dont even try to find about her if we did it we may safe her…
Dp:-haa beta no one can have rights on them accept u and if you both allow only then we will be your all relatives if not its ok we will be business patners…

Precap:-emotional moments…

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