Family bonding episode 17


All entres in to home ….
Namish and danny were memerised by seeing kusum and started feeling like they were their sister in laws..
Kaanchi goes towards them and welcomes them.
Kusum welcomes them with smile..
Arjun comes out strugging with his bow tie and goes towards Arnav..
Arjun:-bhai tie this one i am trying From long back..
Before arnav helps dp says if u dont mind shall i do it….
Arjun and arnav sees at each other and arjun goes towards dp.
Dp ties for him and cares his head and kisses him on his forehead and blesses him.
Arnav feels weird and tej gets teardy eyes and wipes it before any one see her but shaleen and shaurya sees it..
Shaurya comes to her and says in ears ash baby this much possessiveness is not good for health..
Teju:-its not possesive its fear..
Shaurya:-fear why so.
Teju says wat ever happen.
Shaurya keeps his hands on her and says see teju untill when u both will hide from them they were no more kids its better u both says everything before they got u knew from others.
Teju:-if they leave me then.
Shaurya:-is your love that week..
U were forgetting one thing may be your mothers different but father is same……
Teju:-fine i will say everything to them infact dp uncle also deserves to knew truth after they three were his sister kids..
Shaurya:-thats my ash baby..
Come and drags her to floor but she stops and says plss me and dance no way …
If u want to dance go to your wife .
Shaurya sees shaleen standing back of her and says ok and leaves her suddenly ..
She about to fall but shaleen catches her in nick time
They both share a eyelock.
Shaleen:-u ok.
Teju stands and says yaa i am fine and sees shaurya and says mental fellow…. i will complain to raj uncle and goes towards him.
Raj dp shaurya and teju were talking.
Arnav shaleen and danny were talking.
Arjun namish and kaanchi and radhika were talking..
Kusum goes to arnav and says i got lisence in india.
Arnav hugs her and congratulate her..
Shaleen goes same and danny congratulate her by shaking hands
Both feel something by touching each other…
Arnav announces to all …
All claps for her..
Shaurya lets dancess and drags all to floor ….
Namish asks kaanchi for dance ..
Shaurya and payal dances..
Danny asks kusum for dance..
Khusi comes to her and says hi accident frds will u dance with me.
Arnav:-khusi i dont no how to dance.
Khusi:-even i dont knew u see so lets learn together….
Raj and sakshi , dp and ap dances.
Shaleen sees teju and forwards hand and teju says i dont no how to dance.
Shaleen:-its ok i will manage ..
All starts dancing.
Teju struggles to dance…
Arjun:-so wats up.
Radzz:-smiles and says nothing u must say.
Arjun:-you were looking perfect beauty in this dress.
Radzz blushes and says thank u..
They both lost in each other eyes..
Kaanchi:-white suits u mr malhotra..
Namish smiles and says u were more pretty in white than me miss raizada…
Kaanchi:-copy cat..
Namish:-haa wat..
Kaanchi:-u copied my style of complementing.
Namish:-so u want me to complement in different way..
Kaanchi:-hmmm yes…
Namish drags her close to him and says u were looking damm cute…
Kaanchi smiles and both looks at each other and dances…
Kusum:-thank u..
Danny:-u will built your own hospital now right.
Kusum:-no i will work in another hospitals.
Danny:-but why u people have capacity to built.
Kusum:-i dont like and i dont think to save people being a doctor is enough and dii also wants me to work under professional to get experiences and i too dont like this own hospital stuff so.
Danny:-u have great thoughts…
Kusum:-i learn from dii and bhai u knew firstly they used to work under so many people later they built this empire now also they wont like this all own company stuff but to make our life safe they are doing ..are’nt we blessed to have them.
Danny:-ofcourse u were and i am jeously also that i dont have a sister like her..
Kusum:- try ur luck in next birth..
Danny smiles and they continue to dance..
Teju:-oh my god its so tough to dance right..
Shaleen who lost in her was not responding.
Teju finds that he lost in her and pats on his shoulder Shaleen comes to senses and says wat u said.
Teju:-i said dancing is tougest thing right..
Shaleen:-no not at all.
Teju:-it is…
Shaleen:-look at me …
Teju looks at him ..
Shaleen:-just follow with my heartbeat and puts her hand on his chest and he places his hand on her waist and starts dancing..
Soon teju also dances unknowingly…
Shaurya sees this and shows to payal.
Payal:-oh my god teju is dancing
Shaurya:-that to with a boy who was not his brothers or me..
Payal:-haa see she is so comfortable with him.
Shaurya:-i wish he made my teju always confortable with him..
Payal:-i hope someone comes in her and arnav bhai life as a light
After all they too need to be loved by someone…
Shaleen:- see you danced well…
Teju comes to her senses and says to her self oh my god wats wrong with me why my heart is beating fastly…and jerks suddenly by a phone call.
She tooks and sees unknown number and cuts the call…
But it come 3 to 4 time and she lifts call on 5th time….
Teju excuse herself from shaleen and goes out ..
Immediately namish and danny comes and stands on bothsides of shaleen and smiles at him.
Namish:-just like that …
And laughs and shaleen nodes his head smiles and looks at teju who is shouting on phone and tensed he feels it weird…
Teju :-wat the hell who r u and how
dare u to talk with me like that…
Man:-u forget me…
Teju:-u knew wat bye and about to cut
Man:-ahh dont try to cut my call other wise i will come to meet u personelly and then wats going to happen dont blame me for that.
Teju:-answer to my question who r u…
Man:-one father two mothers…
Teju:-starts sweating …
Man:-u were growned and u started questioning your dad and i must say u and arnav built a safe wall around your brother and sisters but i came to knew that they dont knew anything about me and their past and about u…
Teju:-wat the hell r u speaking…
Man:-u people escaped from hell only but i came out of jail many years before and i took this many years to find about u people…
Teju:-wat u want money..
Man:-i have so much if u want i will give to u.
Teju:-then why u came back in our lifes we were always a burden to u right just leave us to our lifes..
Man:-i used to hate girl but when i came to knew actually they can earn money in different ways i started loving them and i remembered that i have three beautifull daughters and must say younger ones are awesome.
Teju:-shouts shut up…dont u dare to open your blo*dy mouth and i will not hestitate to kill uu.
All turns all of sudden due to teju shouted really louder…
Arnav stops all and comes out..
And sees teju threws phone down in anger and collapes infloor ..
All gets out and about to come.
Shaurya:-see arjun kusum kaanchi if u want to see your dii calm just stay here i dont knew the reason but she is damm angry and only arnav can control her and turns and sees arnav sitting infront of her and cuping her face and wipes
her tears..
They both were talking this time arnav too turns into red about to get up but tej stops him and hugs him and he too hugs her…
He makes her to stand and takes her inside..
Shaurya goes and hugs her..
Teju in his ears make party back to normal…i have a work i should leave…
Shaurya nodes..
Teju:-ahh its emergency i am sorry meet u guys later and goes from their.
Every one looks on …..
Arjun:-bhai i never saw dii in this much anger wat happen if anything their i can help u say i will …
Arnav:-haa just make this party normal.

Shaurya and arjun makes party normal but all have different thoughts running in their minds…

Precap:-past past and past

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Credit to: Sindhu rm

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