Family bonding episode 16


At dinning malhotras
Dp:-annapurna wat do u think about tejaswiii..
Shaleen looks at dp.
Danny and namish looks at him and smiles.
Radzz looks on.
Ap:-tejaswii she is awesome kid the way she takes care of everything about her sibbling just like a mom care about her kids..
But why r y asking all of sudden.
Dp:-shaleen wat do u think about her.
Shaleen:-why r u asking like that dad..
Dp:-i want her as my first daughter in law..
Danny:-but i am smaller than her dad..
Shaleen dp ap looks at him.
Namish radzz danny starts laughing.
Shaleen:-she wont marry me dad not only me not any one and me impossible..
Shaleen:-where is your sister dad..
Dp:-wat r u talking and its not related to your marriage.
Shaleen:-it is i have a doudt that they related to your sister…
Dp and ap are hell shocked ..
Ap:-wat do u mean.
All were shocked..

Shaleen explains everything wat happen on that day how they both reacted by seeing her photo ..
Ap:-u mean too say only arnav and Tejaswii reacted …but wat about arjun kaanchi…and kusum she is not their at that time.
Dp:-wats happening i am not understanding.untill now no body knews about their patents accept that they died in an accident that meany my chotiii…and cries..
All consoles him.
Shaleen:-i tried to find about them dad but teju and arnav are a step ahead of me and stopped me knowing truth ..
Their is something mystery dad i dnt knew but wats need to hide about their dad and mom even with their sibblings.
Dp:-wat do u mean..
Shaleen:-arjun ,kusum, kaanchi never saw their parents photos atleast arjun new something about his dad but he or them never watched them.
Radzz:-haa onces someone asked kaanchi that is it true that untill now she didnot see her parents she answered that ..
She always saw her parents in his sister and brother and she never felt that she doesnt have parents..
Dp:-they never asked to see their parents..
Ap:-i am not understanding anything say clearly shaleen.
Shaleen:-i can solve only when u say about your sister dad..
Dp and ap looks at each other…

Dp:-she loved a person name ramanth we enquired about him and got to knew that he already married and having two kids we said a lot to your ranjitha but dont knew wat he said to her he belived him than me and run away with him..
One sec arnav is elder to u and teju is younger but elder to danny but arjun and kaanchi kusum were younger to u all ….
Its impossible ranjitha to be their mother…
Shaleen:-may be she is mother of arjun ,kusum and kanchi but not tejaswii and arnav .
See dad..
I and arnav are at same age ..
Teju was younger to me but elder to danny..
Its impossible them to be ranjitha maami kids and coming to arjun
He and namish were same age and..
Ap:-when she is leaving house she was 4 months pregent and i was 2 months.
Dp:-wat u were saying this to me now how could u…
Ap:-she took promise from me by making me promise on her..
Dp:-that mean she felt house unwantedly…
Shaleen:-that means arjun was maami son and kusum and kaanchi wat about them.
How they meet arnav and teju ..
Its so confusing …

Namish:-but one thing dad arnav and tejaswii jii were best brother and sister..
Danny:-and best mom and dad also before we speak anything we should knew about them completly…
Shaleen:-i got enough information and dad did have ramanth photo.
Dp:-no but i remember him well..
Shaleen:-ok then u explain his features to radzz she will draw..
Dp and radzz nodes their heads..
Dp and radzz makes a sketch and shaleen takes a click of it..
Radzz holds shaleen hand and says ..
Radzz:-becarefull bhai u were going to deal arnav and tejaswii if matter is another one its ok but here it related to their sibblings and untill now no one dare to touch them…
Dp:-haa becarefull shaleen we may not hurt them but dont knew the exact reason of hiding that much big truth from them.
Ap:-make sure those three should involve in it …
Shaleen:-i will take care and one more thing …mmm if tejaswii doesnt have any problem then i am ready to marry her because
Closes eyes and says i started loving her dad..
All gets happy and hugs him……
Danny:-wow bhai i am so happy
All looks at him
Danny:-i mean we all are so happy.
Namish:-just think tejaswii jii i mean bhabhi will also love us like she love her sibbling …
Radzz:-wow teju dii will be my bhabhi …
Shaleen:-for that first she should accept me…
Radzz:-my bhai is soo sweet she will definetly accepts it.
Shaleen:-haa may be when it comes to all girls but she is different from others if she really accepts me then i will accept that i am sweet.
Namish:-ahhh some one waiting for someones answer.
All smiles and shaleen feels embarssed and goes to his room..
All smiles in mean time feels happy…..

At evening
All gets ready for party….
Shaleen entres with blank clothes and sees teju at enterance with blank and red colour dress long one …
He gets mesmerised and keeps On looking at her and moving towards her suddenly a person crosses him and he comes to his senses and sees shaurya lifting her and keeping her down.
Shaleen gets stunned and stops their…
Danny keeps hand on his shoulder and says dont worry bhai he is ips officer shaurya who is best frd of her from childhood and more important thing is he married…
Shaleen :-lets a sign out as relaxed and says thank god….and realses wat he said and looks at namish and danny who ever controlling their laughs and stops suddenly.
A hand comes and places on shaleen shoulder and taps.
He turns around and sees teju and shaurya..
Teju:-why r u standing outside come inside naa and by the way yesterday u and namish didnot met him as i said before he is shaurya..
He shakes hand with then just radzz comes their orange and gold mix long dress with out seeing ..
Radzz:-not fair i have three brother no one is helping me and looks up and see teju ..
Wow teju dii u were looking awesome…
Teju:-but u were more pretty and u say complaint against ur brother to me.
Shaurya:-and me also i will shoot them dishummm and smiles and says wat your name little princess and about to hug but Teju stops by catching his collar and drags him back.
Teju:-save this hugs for your wife and i am praying to god that u should blessed with girl.
Shaurya:-why ash baby.
Teju:-one idiotic and flirty shaurya is enough if its boy u will definetly spoil him.
Shaurya:-he he very funny and abt to go but again stops by teju.
Shaurya:-wat yar u started protecting them also u were born to be possessive.
Teju:-u born to be flirt
Shaurya:-its boys right right dude and winks at namish and danny.
They both says ofcourse.

Teju:-achaa do u want to knew how girl protect them selfs.
They three says no need.
Shaleen smiles.
Teju:-radzz u go inside kaanchi is waiting for u ..
Radzz about to go shaurya trys to stop her but teju stamps on his foot he shout villan of romance.
Radzz smiles and goes…
Shaurya:-see how cutely smiling.
Teju:-really let me say this too payal.
Shaurya:-no yar she only gave permission to flirt with u if she comes to knew that she will kill me.
Payal:-excuse me what u said.
Khushi:-so bad bhaiyaa from morning ur daily routine is to flirt..
Teju he wont leave maid also.
Teju:-shaurya dont see difference between ages he will flirt with old womens also.
Shaurya:-they will also having feeling yar.
All gives wat expression.
Teju:-thank god i didnot married u.
Payal:-i hate god that he married me to u.
Khusi:-meri nasib hai ki mein apki Behan huu.
Teju:-any way lets talk about him later and by the way khusi and payal meet malhotras …
They both meets them..
Dp and ap also comes ..
They too blessez them.
Shaurya:-will u do party hear only come lets go inside…
Teju khusi and payal opens their mouths.
Khusi:-unbelivable untill now he made us to stand outside and say ing as if we made him to stand.
Teju:-how many times i said to raj uncle to send him to mental hospital for treatment see how it grown now.
They laughs.

Khusi takes payal inside.
Teju is walking inside with ap and dp.
Ap:-how many are going to be in party.
Teju:-its a family party and get together aunty u we and goenkas.
Dp:-that means we r family to u.
Teju:-stops suddenly and says says offf ofcourse uncle your best people i didnot meet untill now in
Business which made me to think u were just like my family ..
Arnav:-comes outside and lisens everything and sees teju struggling and says hi uncle hi aunty …
And hugs all of young ones..
Teju takes a deep breath …

Precap:-a warning call to teju

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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