Family bonding episode 12


Frds sorry for not updating yesterday i will be busy for some days as we are going to shift our house still i will try to update…

Arnav opens door and welcomes all after switching on lights..
The house is simple and cute but had many rooms..
A glass door separation is their with swiming phool and a special room for exercising purpose..
They all sits ..
Tej and kusum serves them drinks..
Shaleen gets a call from frd and asks arnav to on tv..
And news says that their is a huge Traffic because of a accident….
Shaleen:-wat to do now dad..
Arnav:-stay here.
Tej:-haa i will make arrangements..
Ap:-but arnav ..
Arnav:-its impossible aunty to go aunty because if u took any shortcuts also u people have to cross that road so stay here tonight..
Ap looks at dp..
Dp nodes head..
Arnav calls shaleen and dp to change.
Tej says arjun to take danny and namish to room and give them his dresses.
Kaanchi takes radzz to freshen up.
Tej sits near ap and says aunty..
I have few sarees if u dont mind will u change i dont have anything to give u because..
Kusum:-sits with her and says
We dont have mom..

Ap:-keeps her hands on both of them and says do u have kurtis if so then i am ready to wear are u ready to see me …
Tej and kusum smiles and tej takes ap to her room and gives few dressez to select…
All dresses up first kusum comes out and arranges few chairs near swiming phool and a few tables..
Danny comes out and seez kusum doing work and goes out and says.
Danny:-may i help u in wearing Bed sheet.
Kusum:-no its ok thanks for asking.
Kusum tries to wear but it continuosly flys due to air and she gets frustuated and sees at danny.
Danny smiles and catches at one side and kusum also at another side. …
Finally they both arranges all things.
Shaleen comes out and sees around house and goes towards a wall where full pictures of 5. Member in different ways..
Tej comes out and sees him and goes towards him and stand next to him.
Tej:-how is your hand now.
Shaleen:-fine how is your back pain and hand.
Tej:-both are fine..
Shaleen:-u dont have any childhood pic all were only when u became elder..
Tej:-no we didnot get time to take Shaleen remember wat ever arjun said at office about their child hood and remains silent…
Tej:-shall we go to phool side.
Shaleen:-yaa they both go and sees danny helping kusum.
Tej:-thanks for helping her..
Danny:-you welcome…
Shaleen smiles at danny..
Arjun comes out same time radzz comes out and sees each other and arjun signals at that she is looking beautifull .radz smiles and Says thank u..
And goes towards phool.
Arjun:-wat i am doing..
Namish comes from back and says wat ur are doing.
Arjun:-nth lets goo.
They both also goes..

Kaanchi comes with ap and arnav comes with dp..
All gets shocked to see ap wearing kurti.
Danny:-wow maa you were looking beautifull..
Ap:-thank u beta….
They all were sitting and talking..
Dp:-really this place specially this spot is awesome..
All smiles.
Dp:-whose taste is this.
Kusum:-dii and bhai actually this place is their favorites one….
Tej:-after a lot work this place gives us peace uncle after we have a chatter box in our home.
Kaanchi smiles..
Mean while a small girl and a Middle aged man comes and call them.
Arnav:-sita(11 years servent daughter)wat r u doing here at this time.
Sita:-bhaiyya morning this parcel came so i came to give u.
Arnav:-u can give it tomorrow right did u came alone ..
Sita:-baba came and this parcel consists some books i thought kaanchi dii or kusum dii needs it so i bought them.
Kusum:-haa ya i order books bhai exam is their naa for lisence purpose..
Tej takes from sita and gives to kusum and tej introduces sita as their driver daughter and a genius.
Sita:-ok dii byee..
Tej:-wait arjun drop them and come..
Arjun:-yaa chall chotai einstein.
Driver:-its ok beta we will leave.
Sita:-haa dad there naa ..
Arnav:-haa but your bhai should not drop u or wat..
Arjun:-o meri sita chalo na ghar chaltai dnt knew where is your ram..
Tej in mind seriously we should give a name for today as marriage day
From mrg i lisening this word only..
Dp:-drive slowly beta.
Kaanchi:-uncle driver uncle house is just next to us only..
All smiles…
Arnav:-lets threw a success party on completing of our project stage one..
Dp:-nice idea.
Arnav:-we will call only our frds and from your side your wish uncle but if its personel and close people it willbe good after your wish..
Dp:-no no you were right it should personel party i will call few my family members and close frds i Will give u list u also prepare your list..
Arnav:-from our side only one family will come..

Arnav:-he is only close to us.
IG.rajnath goenka i said na he only helped us in mumbai
Tej immediatedly asks arnav..
Tej:-wat u said..
Arnav:-i said that he is our close family frd thats it..and signals her as all ok..
Tej relaxes and says..
Tej:-bhai we should go personelly and invite him i lisened that his son ,daughter in law and his daughter kushi are returning from
Arjun comes and sits next to tej.
Arjun:-dropped them di di…and rests his head on her shoulder…..
Namish:-lets play something.
Arjun:- lets do one thing di play guitar naa
Tej:-no maa right now i cant hold guitar for long time
Arjun:-ok..but u should play in party..

All goes to their rooms and sleeps..
As always rags gets up all of sudden due to that dream and a unknown fear she gets up and see all round room where kusum is sleeping with her and she covers her with blanket and goes out and Sits near swiming phool.
And sees stars and talks in her mind.
Tej:-hi mom how r u and i am fine mom i hope i am fullfilling your promise mom u knew wat i…
And a voice interrupted…
“R u not sleepy…”
Tej turns and find shaleen.
Tej:-no and u r not sleepy.
Shaleen:-actually new place right thats why.
Tej:-oh And why r u standing plzz Sit and moves side by giving him place..
Shaleen:-hmm can i ask u a question..
Tej:-haa ofcourse.
Shaleen:-whom u love most..
Tej:-i love all my brothers and sisters shaleen but arjun attached to me every much and kaanchi is a kid to all so we all takes care about her…
Shaleen:-wat about u…
Tej:-ofcourse all loves me they act Like they are afraid of me but they all loves me and arnav bhai some times due to tension we used to take stress alot and to make us freshen they started doing these all shaitaan thing and i love noises..
I dont knew why but i hate silence it kills a person from inside…
Any way and u were big brother right then wat about u…
Shaleen:-kaanchi is a kid for u but for me namish and radzz both werkids and coming to danny he is some wat matured and always helps me in work and stands with me in all ways ..
But after seeing u i came to knew that me and danny were nothing infront of u and arnav..
Tej:-no u were awesome in your own way of loving them and we were good in out own way ..
Dont compare with anyone in loving others..
Shaleen:-nice said and yaa your taste of sitting place near this place it gives peace..
Tej smiles and says:-u knew why this place is special to me..
Shaleen looks at her and nodes his face in no..
Tej:-the sky and stars were visible from here and ig uncle said that the people who dies will always live in form of stars..
And from here i love to talk to my mom…and i knew u were very eager to knew about us after that incident happened in your house but shaleen u will never reach to the destination untill i wish u should knew about our past..
And sees shaleen smiling and asks why r u smiling.
Shaleen:-i guessed it u will find about me that i am trying to find about u and my guess is right…
Ok i will wait untill your confession but i promise that after truth also your five relation will not change..
Tej and shaleen smiles…
Shaleen:-wont u introduce me to your mom…
Tej:-mom is already watching u she knew about u..
Shaleen:-then namastai aunty and i just want to say that u have a beautiful daughter with brave heart..
They both smiles and goes to their rooms..

Precap:-funny moments and khusi family entry

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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