Family bonding episode 10


All looking at arjun with curiosity..
We were very small uncle i dont even remember where we used to stay ..
Wat i remember is dii and bhai used to go early morning and comes at evenings..
They always used to do arrangements for food now i used to get doudt whether they ate or not but we never skipped our meal..
We grew elder they started me to sends school…
One day i asked them i need money to buy books ..
They too noded their heads..

The next day i remember its so late dii didnot came..bhai was so tensed he feed us food and made us to sleep ..
After sometime dii came home by running and crying and hugged bhai ..i want to get up but dont i didnot i closed my eyes and lisening to them.
I was so afraid by seeing dii in that state she looked like someone beated her…
Dii suddenly said that owner said that he will drop me and too give money for books purpose but he tried to touch me and dii started crying again.
Bhai gotup in anger with knife but dii stopped him and said that we too are needed for our family and
Outside world is every bad we have to save them from all evilnes s lets move from here to some place where no one knew us we will do all possible things to give them bright future and that night my bhai and dii started running untill now they were still running for us..
That night was the first and last night i saw my dii crying..
We came to mumbai we met a dsp uncle who helped us a lot ..
From then dii and bhai used to do parttime work they used to study They made us study thats why bhai i adore u both…
I learn from you how to love our younger ones …and hugs him from back.
Arnav wipes his tears and turns and says..
Arnav:-so u knew it on that day only and this is the reason from that day to untill now u never asked us anything.
Arjun:-if i didnot ask money then dii may not face that situation i didnt understand wat happen that night but now i can i just want to kill that..
Arnav:-wat do u think of your dii arjun a weak person no she is so strong she didnot get afraid that night infact she kicked him like anything that he cant marry any one..
Arjun widen eyes and sayts it means ochhhh.
Arjun and arnav laughs and hugs each other.
Dp shaleen and danny namish have tears in their eyes..
Dp comes forward and keep hands on their heads and says ..
Dp:-i am proud of u all. I was very lucky to work with u…
Arjun and arnav smiles…
Arjun:-dont tell to dii bhai that i knew about that night she feels bad.
Arnav:-she knew that u knew about it.
Arnav:-we knew it thats it how means wat all of sudden u started behaving weird we will understand naa…
Arjun:-wat must be his condition now.
Arnav:-dont knew but one thing i knew it she will sort everything peacefully she wont lift hand on anyone…
Arjun:-after wat ever he did and tell me one thing bhai why u both
Never get angry…

Arnav:-we never got time arjun.
Arjun:-haa wat ..
Arnav smiles and says u made a melodrama shall we continue our project.
Danny :-i wish i had a sister like tejaswiii.
Namish:-mee too and why dad u gave us a awesome brother then why u didnot give us a outstanding sister like her..
Arnav:-may be she is not your sister but we r related u too and i cant even say that to u …
Arjun:-bhai u said that presentation and u lost somewhere.
Arnav:-haa yaa and gets up and completes presentation…
They all sits and talking about presentation ..
Meanwhile tej comes and says.
Tej:-wat a boring fellow bhai ..
Wat a taste naa have to accept it…
And thanks for a great gift but sorry…

Arnav:-sry why.
Tej:-just like that and yar arjun bring something for me from canteen naa i feeling hungry.
Arjun:-ok dii.
Tej sees arjun going and says:-the way that fellow and the way this guy is totally different he didnt even knew about his badai papa journey..
And takes water and drinking..
Arnav:-that means u like him.
Shaleen immediatedly looks up.
Tej spills all water out and coughs badly like her face turned into complete red.
Tej:-wat the hell bhai dirty joke me and him no way not even in dreams also if it comes in dream then i will stop sleeping also chiii.
Arnav:-sry sry.
Tej:-all water went into my nose…
Arjun:-wat happen is it rained on desk.
All looks at him
Arnav:-nothing arjun i want your dii and that chopra son to get married as he is innocent and your dii too likes…
Arjun:-excuse me my dear elder bhai my dii and liking him no way
Tej:-learn something from him and starts cleaning her face.
Arjun:-i want my bhabhi first later
I want two small jijju then me then my sister..
Arnav:-achaa why that fast babu..

Tej:-i think u need sleep go and rest naa i dont knew wat happen to u from morning u were eating my brain if u continue i will dont knew wat i will …..
Namish:-u will…
Tej:-dont knew but i will do something definetly…
And presentation completed bhai.
Tej:-u have any doudt uncle.
Danny:-actually i have few if u dont mind shall i ask u..
Tej:-haa definetly.
Danny and namish were with tej she is clarifying their doudts..
Shaleen arjun arnav dp are at another side…
Suddenly kusum kaanchi and radzz also comes their by shouting surprise..
Aranv and shaleen to their sisters.
What r u doing here..
Kaanchi:-actually getting bore and we thought u all will be at one place so came here.
Namish lifts his head and seeing her while danny lisening to tej ..

Tej sees namish and taps on his hand and ask him to concentrate on wat she is saying…
Danny smiles..namish looks down.
Kusum:-concentrate namish jii she is a tough teacher..
Tej:-very funny kusum and meet durga prasad uncle .
She goes and takes blessing from him.
Dp:-as i got to knew u were doctor right.
Kusum:-jii uncle cardiology.
Dp:-oh good and he is my elder son shaleen malhotra.
Shaleen:-nice meeting u..
Kusum smiles and sits next to arjun…
Arjun and radzz sees each other and smiles ..
Arnav :-how r u radhika..
Radhika:-fine and u..
Arnav:-we r fine right arjun.
Arjun:-hmm and smiles.
Arnav:-i think u should stay away from kaanchi.
Radzz lifts eyebrows.
Kaanchi:-wat i did.

Arjun:-pb (polar bear)half days u will be at home remaing half days u will attend colz that too due to exams..
Kaanchi:-here matter is i am 98%percent student…
Arjun:-we r human beings naa thats why we r 90 and 80% students…
Kaanchi:-dii see naa.
Tej:-haa tej one second…
Kaanchi:-bhaiyaa beat arjun bhai always he will tease me and arjun bhai look at arnav bhaiya did u ever see arnav bhai teasing us specially tej dii.
Tej:-u should have come before so that u can see ur so called big brother orignal personality ..
Kaanchi:-wat he did…
Kaanchi hugs from back of tej and says dii lets go all of us to dinner
naa plzz dp uncle and call aunty also…

Dp:-i have no problem we r ready from our side ..
Kaanchi:-dii lets go naa..
Tej:-ha ok but one second shut your mouth let me concentrate on this.
Kaanchi:-ok after some time di where we will go.
Tej:-5 minutes beta plzz.
Arjun:-this pb will not shut for one sec and you were asking for 5 minutes come on dii.
Kaanchi gets angry and starts chasing arjun..
Shaleen gets a call and goes towards window….
Tej:-where is construction site file..
Arnav:-on top and shows to some one direction…
Tej:-ok and goes their and stands on chair and checking files one After other…

Recap:-shaleen and tej collides with each other

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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