FAMILY – A bond which never breaks Chapter 24

2 Years later….

Khurana mansion is shown fully decorated… Whole the members were busy as.. its wedding time.. Dadi was in the hall looking at the family photo..

Dadi : I wish .. he comes back..

Kavya : I am sure.. he won’t come.. he doesn’t even care about us now..

Tanvi : Its not true.. we know that .. he loves his siblings more than anything.. and he will come..

Just then Zoya comes downstairs.. kavya looks at her

Kavya : All.. this happened after their entry.. i shouldn’t have let this marriage happen..

Tanvi : Bhabi .. please.. there was no fault on Zoya’s side..

Aditi : It was arjun who kept secrets ftom us.. Maya was even ready to walk out from this..

Dadi sees that zoya was completely hurt with this . she tries to divert her ..

Dadi : Bahu.. where is Adi..

Zoya : He is in room.. he said that he had some office work..

Dadi : Shivanya and Ragu.. where did the two go..

Zoya : They went to the stylist.. Ragini had some allteration in her dress.. And aarti is sleeping.. so that she could be awake full night

Mahesh : Tell.. Adi that i need him here in 10 minutes..

Zoya : Ji Dad..

Zoya goes to their room..

Manish : Where is this karan and sameer.. They are no where to be seen

Tanvi : I asked them to go and look after the arragments.. Abhi was a little busy in hospital works.. so..

Manish : Thankgod. atleast they got responsible..

Dadaji : What fo you think.. will Arjun come..

Manav : I don’t care. i he will come or not.

Manav walks away saying this


A big potrail of zoya & Aditya is shown..

Aditya was busy in his laptop while zoya enters He looks at zoya and passes a smile

Zoya : Dad.. is calling you.. he said its some urrgent work.. It will be better you go and check it as soon as possible..

Adi : I will go .. don’t just overdose it.. can’t you see I am busy

Zoya : Aditya.. i just informed you why are you raising your voice..

Adi : Can’t you just see that.. i am busy and still you are shouting out.. and stop behaving like my wife..

Zoya : I am your wife .

Adi : Only in others eyes.. i don’t even ..

Zoya : I know.. you don’t need to explain..

Aditya walks out of the room .. with a bang on the door..


Arjun and Maya is shown hugging each other

Maya : Arjun … you should go on the wedding.. Atleast she will be expecting that you will come..

Arjun : I thought that.. atleast anyone from the family will invite me.. but none did.. Then why should i go..

Maya : Arjun.. atleast for your sister.. even i also want to meet everyone.. especially Zoya.. i wish that she is not becoming a vitcim for our crime

Arjun : Don’t worry .. we will go and meet everyone.


Peeta & karan were discussing the colour combination. She was standing in the ladder arranging the top postion..

Preeta : Red and white will match best..

Karan :Blue and white..

Preeta : You don’t understand Red is a colour of love and white is symbol of peace..

Karan : White is the colour of peace.. i agree with that but.. red is the colour of blood also.. so blue will go with it..

A worker comes and karan goes with him .. By the time preeta starts arranging White and red..

On other side srishti and sameer was looking after the stage decorations…sameer suddenly goe son his knees..

Sameer : I love you srishti

Sakshi : Should i slap you again

Karan comes near preeta and sees she had arraged it with red and white.. he angrly shakes her ladder and she fells .. kara caughtes her


Abhi was doing something in his laptop and suddenly someone comes and backhugs him..He looks to see Geetajali

Abhi : You kept your promise..

Geethu : Ofcourse.. i am not like you..

Abhi : Are you sure no one noticed you

she kisses on his cheek

Geethu : Yep..

Abhi : Thankgod

Geethu : What are you doing???

Abhi : I am preparing some vedios for shivanya..

Geethu : That’s such a cute surprise.. Will he come..

Abhi : He is not invited.. but i am sure he will come..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    leap was unexpected. what happened due to which all are angry with arya n arya are away from the family?sad that adi is rude to zoya. arya scene was emotional. though karan was angry karan catching preeta when she fell down was romantic. so sweet of sameer to propose shrishti.her answer was funny.waiting to read the continuation.surprised to see abhigeet in love.back hug was romantic.perfect pics

    1. Elina

      Thaku you so much. so have been a great support

  2. Hi , I am new here , I read your story from starting , it is amazing story, actually I am a adiya fan, I loved the conversation between adiya in this episode , loved it , post the next soon soon please , waiting eagerly?

  3. Elina

    Thanks a lot dear.. please support me like this

  4. I will support you like this only , but u please post soon yaar , and post regularly😜

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