Falling For My Neighbour – OS (Prologue)

Hey my peepliboos!! How are you all ? Here’s The prologue to my my new os… I need some response as i have poured my heart out… Well a little…

Please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors..

Happy reading ??

He cares so much. And I love it. Couldn’t he just tell that he loves me? I’ll just hug him tight and never let go.

Meeta came to me and blocked my way. All I could do was stare. She then hugged me and started to cry.

“I want Arjun back. Please” she cried onto my shoulder.

“You will” I smiled but it hurt. I just donno how the words popped out.

Meeta pulled away “seriously?” she asked.

“Yep” I nodded.

In the corner of the eye, I saw Arjun watching us. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. The next task is, I need to let out my tears. They’re in the verge of pouring out. But why was Arjun shocked? Didn’t he want this? He just walked off.

“Come to the park. The usual one. Tomorrow” I smiled and walked away.

I ran to the washroom and cried. It did hurt. Like a lot. Lot lot lot. Is this the way he felt when he found out Meeta was never going to be his? It would have hurt even more. I’m gonna miss those grey eyes look deep into mine.

I washed my face and came out. Why was this day filled with shocks? I found Arjun standing with his hands in his pockets. He pulled me to a side and shook me hard. I couldn’t face him. He would’ve known it all be the look written on my face.

“Pour it out Radhu. Pour it out” he said faintly. His voice too seemed a bit broken.

I didn’t say anything nor could do anything. I didn’t even want to face him. If I did, I’d break down. He was my everything. I can’t afford to lose him. But I have to. He doesn’t belong to me. He never did. Belongs to someone else. To Meeta.

He placed his forehead against mine and was breathing heavily. Both his big, rough yet gentle hands cupping my cheeks. Was he as furnace? Self warmer. His warmth spreading through my cold skin. His breath fanning my face. His cologne. I’d fallen so much in love with it. I’ll miss this too. So very much. This is the only time I get to cherish. Can’t get it tomorrow. He’ll be with her. I let go of my guard and surrendered myself to him. I felt warm tears on my cheeks. I looked up to see him tearing. I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“I tried hard not to fall for you” I confessed as I tears failed to stop, looking deep into his eyes.

“I love you Radhika a” he confessed, shocking me.

“This is wrong” I said.

It hurt more. I know he loves me, but I can’t. Meeta loves him. I love him, but can’t say it. I promised Meeta.

“Just once. Say it once. I’ll leave everything behind for you” he said.

“I’m sorry this is so wrong” I said as I pushed him off and ran.

“You’ll be mine Radhika Mishra” he screamed. All I did was run.

The next day, I bought Meeta to the park. I had texted Arjun. l saw him seated on a bench under the blossom tree. I was about to leave, but Meeta pulled me along. Arjun saw us and stood up. We stood in an awkward silence.

“I Love You Arjun!!” Meeta screamed as she hugged him. I

I was about to leave, but Arjun caught my hand. He wasn’t hugging her back. Meeta looked upto him with an angry look. Arjun pleaded me through his eyes to stay back. I just got off his hold and ran away.

So this is it… The prologue.. Please let me know of how it is… Will post the whole thing soon.. Till then tata babaye.. Love you all loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hugs to all of you ??


  1. gayathri

    One more stry gud shree ponnie eppa aradhika (a new story) update panna pora yarrr I dieing to read pls update dt one na plsssssssssss……. 🙂

  2. Sathya


    |Registered Member

    Shree… It’s really superbbbb.. Fantastic… So my dear sissy…as u said all ur heart completely poured here and it reached our hearts too…. Tell me it is a ff or short story…. R u gonna extend it… And I think it s a food plot… If u have any idea just go with the flow… Don’t mind about how many episodes n all… Just go with it… Love u my dear sissy ???????

    • Shree



      Ka it’s one shot! Thank you so much!! Glad that you liked it!! Hehehe I’ll see if I can extend it.. I love you so much… Romba motivate pandringa

      Love you ??

  3. RituM


    |Registered Member

    ahmmmmm……so its u mt darling….

    i can imagine arjun pleading to radhika with his eyes…..awwwwww it hurts….

  4. Ritu

    one word superb..rads and arjun pain was heart touching…seems like aradhika had pretend to be in love with each other and eventually fallen for real… waiting for full update..plz post soon..love u..tc

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