FALLING FOR YOU – Maha Episode (Episode -50)

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After a cheerful talk in canteen, evryone head back to their classes.. Sanky pulls swara away from them n whispers

Sanky: u called me donkey!! U will face the consequences at ur home(winks at her n smiles naughtily )

Swara widens her eyes n bites her lips..

Sanky: Darling don’t do tat.. U r turning me on!!!

She pinches him n runs away, freeing from his clutches..

Sanky: ahh!! paagal!! (smiles n scratches his head )

At swara’s class
The teacher enters the class n evryone greets her.. Tannus starts her drama..

Tannu: when will she leave..
Swatan looks at her in horror..

Tannu: Wat happened..??
Mishu: just now she entered tannu!!
Tannu grins..
Swara: u will never change.. (sighs)
Tannu: never ever(giggles) I’m hungry..
Swara: canteen mei, tumara bhoot tha kya…
Mishu: itna khaya na yaar..
Tannu : Arei.. Mere tummy pe Nazar mat lagaana..

Thier nok-jhok continues.. While the teacher was warning them from beginning n finally says

Teacher: out…

Swamish shoots draggers at tannu n the trio leaves from the class.. Tannu starts running as soon as she comes out… Swamish chase her..

Swara: ruk ja tannu.. I will kill u today…
Tannu: Arei angel wat was my fault..
Mishu: fault.???. U r dead today…

Tannu was running by looking at swamish with pleading eyes n she just hits the wall.. Actually according to her it was wall but she was hit by a strong chest.. When she was abt to fall, she was held by two strong arms.. Those green eyes,his look making her crazy.. She just blinks and look into the pair of green eyes.. She was lost in those eyes.. She stopped blinking when he lifts his eyebrow with a question? He makes her stand..

Guy: are u OK??

Tannu just blinks n smiles.. He shook his head n goes from there leaving a lost tannu behind. Swamish comes n catch her.. They start beating her n she just stand numb.. Swamish gets shocked n shakes her.. She comes out of thought..

Tannnu: huh.. Kya hua…??
Swara: we should ask u. Have u lost… U were looking at him like, u will eat him alive..
Mishu: haan yaar…
Tannu : shit.. I dint apologies n thanked him even..

Swamish giggles..

Swara: pyaar hua ikraar hua
Mishu: jeena yaha marna yaha..

Swamish gives hifi n burst out laughing…

Tannu: not so funny.. Huh… Challo canteen chale..
Swara: Wat the hell!! Just now we came from canteen..
Tannu: Arei lier.. Just now we came from class.. So back to canteen…
Mishu: no way..

Tannu pouts..

Tannu: ab kya kare. Bunk kare..
Mishu: are, second day of clg, n u r thinking to bunk..

Swara hits tannus head..

Swara: shut up.. We will go to sweetu class..
Mishu: haan.. Tat will be better..
Tannu: chup… U both will go there n u will forget me.. So big nooo from me!!!

The trio were arguing when suddenly tannus eyes fall on someone n she gives a 100walt sheepish smile ..

Swara: isse kya hua ab???

Swamish adjust there head in her direction n burst out laughing…

Mishu: her Prince Charming..
Tannu: haaan!! (realises) I..i mean, i should say sorry to him..
Swamish :(grins) a big yesss… .. (laughs)
Tannu : Acha come we will go..
Mishu: no way!!
Tannu: Arei Plssss.. (at mishu) Bhabhi!!

Mishu blushes… Swara burst out laughing…

Swara: tannu, u r impossible…
Tannu:(winks) chale bhabhi.. (at mishu)
Mishu: no… U go..

Tannu stamps her foot..

Tannu: u guys r really mean..
Swara: dramebaaz..
Tannu: come na.. Arei, he is going.. Come fast..

The trio goes towards him.. Tannu clears her throat n calls him.. He turns n gives a intense smile..

Guys: yes..
Tannu: hi..
Guy: hello
Tannu: I.. I mean, im..
The guy makes faces..
Tannu: im

At tat time a boy comes n taps his shoulder..

Boy: did these girls trouble u?

Swatanmish expression changes seeing tat boy.. He smirks at them..

Guy: no Vijay .. She wants to say something.. (points tannu)

[Vijay played by chirag of matsh]

Vijay : oh.. Ok.. So miss.attitudes,wat u girls want now.. Wanna give a kiss..
Swara: in ur dreams…
Vijay : in my dreams.. Wow, then I can do wate

Before he could complete a tight slap from
Tannu: mind ur words. (points index finger)

Vijay fumes in anger.. While the other guy looks at her in shock..

Guy: hello miss wats ur problem.. He was just teasing..
Tannu: just shut up.. I thought u to be a nice person.. Huh.. Im mad to think like tat. Being with a jerk, u too will be a jerk.. Supporting a person, who is talking nonsense..
Swara: tannu.. Relax.. (look at both) u guys have messed with a wrong person.. (smirks) soon u will be in trouble (smiles evilly)

Two persons were watching them n fuming in anger n left the place..

The girls leaves from there.. While the guy shouts at Vijay ..

Guy: Vijay , wats wrong with u??
Vijay : bhai, actually..
Guy: just shut up… I know u flirt with girls but, wat u were going to say was disgusting..
Vijay : but bhai, they insulted me sterday..
Guy: so is this the way to talk.. I think I should inform dad abt this
Vijay : bhai pls.. Don’t do it..
Guy: it’s ur last warning Vijay … So just apologise..
Vijay : bhaai.. (shocked)
Guy: s.. U were wrong..
Vijay : OK..
Guy: tats better.. (he leaves)
Vijay : no way bhai.. I wont apologize.. Infact I will make them apologize (stubborn ) u dint do right miss attitudes.. Slapped me.. U will pay for this.. (keeps his hand on his cheek)

He leaves to his class..

While swamishtan were back to their own avatar.. Laughing ,giggling and fighting..

Swara: why dont we take some books from the library ..
Mishu : yaa.. It will be helpful to take notes..
Tannu: no way.. I’m not going to do such thing..
Mishu:tannu.. Chalo ab.. (pulls her)

Swamishtan enters library, which was indeed a huge one… A seperate block.. Which was alotted only for library.. There jaws drop looking at the interiors.. It was indeed beautiful in both side(ouside n inside) .. Evry types of books were found.. A lady of age around 40 was sitting in the issue counter. Just two or three students were found.. Swamishtan giggles, while the lady gives a stern look as a warning.. The trio head towards different categories, to save time.. Tannu was making faces all around but was searching the book looking at swamish warning faces..

Swara was really happy seeing the books.. She started reading story books hiding from Mishtan .. She knows very well they will kill her, if they got to know, but the book was one of her fav, so she goes to a corner n starts reading it without any tension. But suddenly someone taps on her shoulder,making her startled.. She bites her lips as she will be caught by mishtan.. She slowly turns closing her eyes n gets shocked when her lips were pecked.. Her eyes popped out n she finally left the breath out looking at the person..

Swara: idiot (hits his chest) always finding a way to romance. Wat r u doing here. ??
Sanky : came here for cooking competition..
Swara: (smiles mischievously)oh really.. Very goo

He again pecks her..

Swara: sansar(hits him)
Sanky : then wat ,I bunked my class n came here to meet u.. U r asking me stupid questions.. (pouts)
Swara: alle mela cutie.. (pulls his cheek)
Sanky: ouch…. Don’t pull my cheeks… Well Someone was jumping with excitement in canteen ! Now wat happened..??
Swara: wat excitement!??(innocently)
Sanky: OK then, i wont help u ,in veer’s matter..
Swara: (forms O) how mean sanskar.. Acha ok, (kisses on his cheeks)
Sanky :huh.. I dont need this baby kisses.. (wipes of his cheeks)

Swara was like wat the hell… Sanky grins.. Then swara hugs him..

Swara: thank u..
Sanky:for wat??
Swara: I dint thought u will agree for veer..
Sanky: swara(cups her face) veer is my best buddy,.. U know wat,my sis is really lucky to get him.. There can’t be anyone good for my sister other than veer.. Infact I’m soo happy for them..
Swara: sweetu dint confess yet na..
Sanky: I know y he haven’t.. He is under pressure.. May be thinking abt my reaction…!!
Swara: s u r right.. (hugs him) but I will talk to him..
Sanky: ok..(hugs tightly) Acha then??

He starts nuzzling his head in her neck giving wet kisses.. She immediately breaks the hug n gives him death glare.. Where as he gives her a innocent baby pout look ,blinking his eyelashes.. Her anger fades away immediately seeing him like tat n she pecks his lips suddenly..

Sanky: Arei wah.. Meri wifey smart Niklee.. Well I’m not satisfied yet.. (pouts)
Swara sighs..
Swara : it’s enough for today mr.sinha.. Go now..
Sanky : I thought to give u this(takes out a big chocolate)

Swara grins n tries to take it, but he shook his head in a big noo… While she pouts..

Sanky: my wifey, if u need this, u have to kiss me.. My spl chocolate wala kiss…

Swara blushes while sanky winks at her..

Swara: shameless..
Sanky: s I’m.. Asanskari bana chuki ho tum…
Swara: sanskar.. Really u r. Erghhhh…
Sanky: K,.. I will give this to barbie..

Swara’s faces changes immediately n she turns away.. Sanky chuckles..

Sanky:(turns her) jealous.. .(winks at her) Aww then I will surely have a duet with bar

Befor he could complete, She holds his collar n pulls him into a hard kiss by biting his lips, making him moan in pleasure. He too reciprocate it with equal passion. He smiles while kissing her n pulls her into him,leaving no gap, holding her waist….. They part away breathing heavily.. Both joins their forhead n look into eachothers eyes..

Swara: never take her name.. U will see the other side of me..
Sanky: then I will do it often.. I really love this side of U.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara: (hits his chest slightly) idiot..
Sanky: i love u ( gives her two chocolates..)
Swara:( grins seeing it.. ) I love u too…
Sanky: I love u more…
Swara: awww.. So sweet (pulls his cheek)
Sanky: swara, we have cameras in library..

Swara widens her eyes n gets back….

Swara: sanskar,y dint u tell me before.. oh god.. Wat will we do now.. (turns away)

He goes n back hugs her..

Sanky: sweetheart ..

She jerks him off n turns.

Swara : sanky.. Behave yaar.. We are being watched..

Sanky laughss seeing her expression..

Sanky: relax swara.. I was just kidding.. (controls his laugh)

Swara widens her eyes n start beating him. He just smiles but suddenly she stops hitting him n gulps seeing at the back..
Sanky: wat happened??
Swara: (stammers) ma maa..
Sanky: maa.. Ur mom is here.. (laughs)
Swara: (shocked) ma’am sanskar.. Sorry maam, it’s

Sanky widens his eyes n gulps in fear.. He slowly turns n swara burst out laughing. A silent laugh, without noice.. She laughs holding her stomach and sits on the floor…

Sanky: swara ki bachi..

He puls her into his arms n starts tickling her..

Swara : stop it sanky. I’m sorry.. I just made u feel, wat i felt when u told me abt camera..

Sanky: u scared me..

He hugs her.. Now she pulls back n gulps.

Sanky: stop ur acting now.. I wont come in ur trap..

Saying this he pulls her into a bone crushing hug nuzzling his head in her neck.

Throat clearing sound was heard From the back . Sanky gulps n pulls back .. When he turns, He finds mishtan shooting draggers at both…

Tannu: angel.. Wat the hell.. U r romancing leaving us in this haunted book place..
Mishu: u both are impossible..
Sanky: Arei I dint do anything..
Tannu: haaan we were seeing na.. Wat u did n Wat u dint..

Swara giggles ,sanky blushes scratching his head.

Mishu: stop it bhai..
Sanky: waise, veer went to meet u.. U din’t see him..
Mishu: really.. Wher is he??
Swasan laughs..
Tannu: stupid. He is changing the topic. N pulling ur leg..
Mishu: bhai.. (goes to beat him)

Mishtan chases Swasan in the library.. The incharge teacher see them gigling n running, so she sends them out…

Where on the other side, veer have been peeking into a classroom.. Suddenly a huge shout was heard . He smirks n goes from there..

Here swasan n mishtan were enjoying.. Suddenly sanky’s phone beeps.. He reads a message n smirks.. Swara looks at him and lifts her eyebrow.. He just side hugs her n points at something, swamishtan widens their eyes seeing the scenario.. Vijay was crying n running towards washroom ..

Swara: u guys too, did something…
Sanky: wat do u mean by u too ..
Mishu: first tell us wat u did..

Veer comes n joins them..mishu smiles seeing him..

Veer: just used his book.. (grins)
Sanky: we know tat he use his book to fan himself..
Veer: so we added chilli powder inside his book.. (controlling his laugh)

SwaMishtan laughs hearing him..

Sanky: n the result he is running to wash his eyes..
Tannu: not only tat. He is suffering from another problem..
Veer: u mean??
Mishu: swara added loose motion tablets in his water bottle..

Sanvee widens there eyes and after three seconds of silence, evryone burst out laughing, imagining his condition..

Veer: angel, u r impossible…
Sanky: when did u do this…
Tannu : actually, today again he was talking rubbish, so we followed him till his class n noticed his evry action.. Later a teacher called everyone for some work. Taking it as a chance, we tip toed n finished our work.

Veer: hilarious..

They saw Vijay coming out of washroom n again going back.. They laughed holding their stomach.. Later they went near the washroom n waited for his return .. Vijay came out n saw them giggling n gave them a cold look.. They burst out laughing seeing him..

Vijay : so u guys did this?? I will(comes towards them)

His stomach makes unwanted noise n he holds n runs into washroom. Swasanmistanvee burst into fits of laughter..

Sanky: we saw him teasing u this morning.. So we planned to hurt him..
Veer : how dare he to speak such words. This was just a Trailer for him.. (smirks)
Swara: haan sweetu picture abhi baaki hai.. (smiles evilly)

Both gives hifi.. Tannu widens her eyes..

Tannu: I just pity him.. Poor boy.. Now he is over..
Mishu: kyu??
Tannu: these two are the biggest devils,when they mingle… No no, devil is a small word for their pranks.. They just make their life hell, in the name of revenge. I have experienced it.. Huh

Swavee grins n smiles sheepishly..

Swara: stop praising us tannu..
Sanky: I think, i should be careful from u both.. Coz i have a small experience of my sweetheart in the beginning..

Swara pouts n hits his shoulder..

Swara: I dint do it intentionally.. It was just for fun..
Mishu: if it was fun, then wat will be ur revenge.. ?

They all burst out laughing.. .. They start leaving to their class smiling evilly.. Just then Vijay comes out n ahhhhhhhh..

He slips hitting hard on his butt.. He was really tired after so many attempts in the washroom..

Vijay : now I don’t have enough energy. I should go back to home.

He calls his brother n ask him to accompany him.. The guy comes n takes Vijay towards parking area..

Guy: wat happened to u..
Vijay : bhai those girls, Did this.. U know wat Sanky n veer were with them..
Guy: wat?? Veer n sanky.
Vijay : haan bhai.. I thought they are against them, so they ragged on their first day.. But I guess they are related..
Guy: Vijay , u know abt veer.. U should have been careful. Ok sit, I will drop u at home..

The guy sits on the bike. When Vijay was abt to sit, a egg falls on his head. Touches his head

Vijay :yak!!
Guy: wat happened..??
Vijay : bhai, rotten egg. Yuuuk..
Guy: we will leave, so come n sit fast..

Vijay sits on his bike with his brother.. When his bro was abt to start, he shouts..
Vijay : bhai!!!
Guy: now wat happened??
Vijay gulps..
Vijay : my pant!!!
Guy: Wat do u mean ???
Vijay : it has been sticked..
Guy: wat??
Vijay : I’m not able to move.
Guy: wat nonsense Vijay !!
Vijay : s bhai
He tries to move “trrr” trrr”
The brothers widen their eyes..
Guy: oh my god…

Vijay gets shocked n gets up from the bike with full force n tats it..

Swasanmishtanvee were laughing enjoying the scenario from far..
Vijay goes n stick to a tree n tats it a bucket full of dirty water falls on him..

Vijay : yakkkk…
Guy: huh.. (widens his eyes)
Vijay : bhai, it’s fully torn.. Wat we will do.. N this Yak.. I’m smelling horrible. It’s all their plan ..
Guy : I think, u have done something very big.. Now tell me wat u did?? I want u to spit out everything ..
Vijay : woh bhai.. It’s nothing like tatt..
Guy: Vijay , no one will do this simply. So tell me..
Vijay : woh (tells him how he misbehaved n played a prank)
Guy: wat the hell Vijay ..
Vijay : sorry bhai..

Swasantanvee comes over there..

Swara: kyu bachoo Mazaa aaya.
Swamishtan grins.
Veer: how dare u to tease them…
Guy: relax veer, i will talk to him..
Vijay : wat the hell veer. For this girl’s u r doing this.
Tannu: it was our plan.. So dont bring him inbetween..
Vijay : u blood
(tight slap)
Vijay holds his cheek..
Vijay :(shouts) veeeer
Veer: not again.. I heard enough.. Now u will be out of this campus soon..

Sanvee shows him a video.. Vijay n his bro gets shocked.. It was the video taken by sanvee when Vijay was teasing swamishtan..

Guy: veer, i said na, I will talk to him. Just now i got to know everything.. So relax..
Veer: Arei Rohit .. I already warned him ,not to misbehave with girls. But

[Rohit role played by rohit purohit]

Rohit: OK veer.. Relax. U know abt him right.. He is just stubborn.. .

Tannu just stares him..

Sanky: we are not just angry coz he teased them.. It’s matter of girls.. We just can’t tolerate, if someone tease other girls … But these girls are not just other girls.. They are more than that..
Rohit : u mean??
Sanky: rohit,he teased Our girls..
Rohit: ur girls!??
Sanky: yaa..
Vihit(Vijay +rohit) gets shocked..
Veeer : tannu n swara are my sisters.. Mishti is sankys sister..
Vijay gulps.. Rohit looks at tannu .. They both stare eachother..
Sanky: we had enough of his behavior, now this video will go to principals office..
Rohit: Sanky, i know he did wrong… So excuse him last time.. He will apologize to them.. (at Vijay ) apologize …. (cold tone)
Vijay :bhai!!!
Rohit: I said do it right now…
Vijay : I’m sorry..
Tannu : kya???
Vijay : sorry!!
Tannu: can u hear angel??
SwaMish chuckles.. Vijay fumes in anger n shouts..
Vijay : I’m sorry…
Tannu : haan. Tats better.. Well we are too sorry, One again ..(chuckles)

Tats it, again an egg falls on his head.
Vijay : yakkkk.. Bhai!!! Rotten egg again…

Swamishtan laughs along with sanvee.. Rohit control his laugh while tannu says

Tannu: no need to control ur laugh. U can laugh.. We are not going to eat u..

Swamish shouts ooohhhhh… While tannu givea them a glare n Rohit gives an intense smile.. At the same time, a crow was flying n tats it,…

Vijay : bhaaaaai!!!!! Shit!!!
Tannu: s s
Swara: shit….

Evryone burst out laughing along with Rohit..

Veer: shit shit. ?

Swamishtan were rolling on ground n laughing hard holding their stomach…

Vijay : bhaaai.. ??
Rohit: aaj teri kismat buri hai.. Come lets go home…
Veer:(serious) this is the last warning Vijay .. Never mess with them…

Vijay gives a cold look at swamishtan n nods at veer..

Sanky: ab jaa muh dhole. Looking like a monkey..

Vijay makes faces.. Rohit starts the bike, when Vijay was going to sit, swara makes noises “trrrrr” . He looks at them fuming.. Mishtan presses their lips to control their laugh…

Veer: bas kar angel..
Swara: OK. U may leave..

When he sat, bike got punchered.. Evryone burst out laughing..

Sanky: guys.. Enough.. Rohit, we will drop u both.. Come..
Veer: u girls be here.. We will be back..
Sanky: swara, be with them.. (lifts his eyebrow) got it..

Swara nods.. At tat time farhan comes to swamishtan..
Sanky : come veer..

Veer seeing farhan gets irritated..

Veer: u drop them n come. I have some work.. (looks at farhan)
Sanky chuckles..
Sanky : OK.. As u wish(winks at mishu)
Rohit: bye miss tannu…. Bye girls.. (smiles n waves)
Tannu: just a minute..
Rohit: hmm (smiles)
Tannu: I’m sorry for colliding n thank for saving me on time..
Rohit: it’s my pleasure..

Both smiles at oneanother.. vihitsan leaves in car. While

Farhan: hi girls..
Swara: hi farhan.. Wats up..

Mishu keeps smiling at him wantedly.. Veer fumes seeing her n holds her elbow n turn her towards him.. She gives him a irritated look n turns again…

Farhan: I was searching u girls. U all bunked classed on the second day. Impressed..
Mishu: no farhan.. It’s not like tat, we were just engaged in library..
Farhan: wow.. Gr8..
Mishu: why were u searching
Farhan: just to give notes.. Swara told me, while leaving.
Tannu: wow.. U r realy gr8..

He scratches his head..

Farhan: it’s OK.. If u don’t mind, u can share the notes which u took from library..
Swara: ya of course..
Veer: n u can leave, if ur work is over.. (stern look)

Farhan pouts..

Mishu: don’t take his words seriously farhan.. He is just kidding..
Farhan: oh.. Ok.. See u all on freshers eve..
Mishu: ya.. R u not participating.. ?
Farhan: no.. N u girls..
Tannu: not interested..

They talk for sometime irritating veer.. He was cursing farhan, under his breath.. Farhan leaves n veer starts scolding mishu..

Veer: wat the hell mishti.. Y were u talking, so sweetly with him…
Mishu: if u can talk with aditi. Y cant I..
Veer: I dint talk with her..
Mishi: ya.. U dint talk, but u like her right..
Veer: I dont like her even.. Mishu.. Just don’t change the subject..
Mishu: y should i listen to u.. It’s my wish, i will talk with whomever I want..
Veer: but I don’t like it damn it..
Mishu: y should i care..
Veer: coz I ca…… Leave it.. Do watever u want.. I will never complain.. (stamps n leaves hurted)
Swara: sweetu wait…
Mishu gets teary eyes..
Swara: mishu. Just relax.. I will talk to him..
Mishu: he will never confess swara.. He just doesn’t care abt me..
Swara: if he doesn’t care, he wouldn’t have scolded u..
Tannu: haan mishu.. He was jealous.. It was seen on his face.. Just go n talk to him..
Swara: ya she is right.. I guess ,u have to talk to him,instead of me..

Mishu nods n goes towards veer..

Mishu: veer..
Mishu: I’m sorry… I just
Veer: no need mishu.. U can do watever u want. It’s ur life.. Whom I’m i to u..
Mishu: my everything.. (teary eyes)

Veer turns towards her.. Mishu smiles with teary eyes..

Mishu: i wanted u to confess.. But u never did.. I hate u… (cries)
Veer:(cups her face) I’m sorry. Pls dont cry.. (wipes her tears) I thought, u wil think me wrong.. N moreover, sanskar!!! .. Wat he will think..
Mishu: u just care abt others.. Wat abt me..
Veer: it’s not like tat mishu..
Mishu: Don’t u love me veer.. Or u just care abt tat damn aditi..
Veer: enough mishu.. I dont care abt her.. I just care abt u..
Mishu: so then.. Do u love me???
Veer:(closes his eyes) s i do. . . i love u mishu.. Ya i love u.. (hugs her)

Mishu cries in his arms..

Mishu:i love u too veer… I love u tooo…. … (hugs back)

From back

Sanky:(shouts in anger) veeeer!!!!!!!!

Mishvee breaks the hug n looks at him In shock..

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    Sanky: Hi Bhabi.. Be happy with lucky.. Don’t make my brother unlucky. Kitn pyar se Maine WO gadhe ka naam rakha Lucky.. aapne to lucky naam ki watt laga diya.. ???? My poor bro.. ?? aue haan..I have two wives and one gf..they are enuf for me.. I don’t need any1.. otherwise I have to maintain a diary to remember my wives name.. and see bhabi.. u r my bhabi.. kehte hai bhabi is like mother.. so u r like my mother.. chalo.. i wont give u this much big heart attack.. ???U r like my sister.. am like ur bro.. ??? And if ur jethanis see this then they will kill me.. Main samajh sakti hu apki dukh.. lucky nhi mil rahi hai..chalo.. koe nhi.. U just practice how to woo lucky when lucky will come..ok..till then bye.. Going to enjoy with ur Nats jethani.. and jeth pe gandi najar mat dalo.. ???????

    • Natasha

      And Riya..yaha bhi chali aayi tu kamini.. ???? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› Meri burai karne.. Hawwwwww.. tu sabse zyada besharam.. I hv given u share f biriyani that day.. and u r here badmouthing me.. ??.. kamini.. ???

      @Mummyji : I am born shameless.. But my sanky ur son has made me more shameless.. Afterall he is ur son.. our super hot mil.. ??? Waah waah mummyji.. white lilies and roses..aaahhhaaa.. u r too romantic..I think Rahul papa will die out of blushing.. Itna sharmila hai.. ?????

      Sanky : Hiii mom.. What r u doing with papa today?? r u teaching him the “abcd” of romance??? ??? Papa ko kuch nhi pata hai kya??? ??????? Kahi papa Underage toh nhi haina?? ??????Mooooommmm… Is papa below 18??? ?????? Omg..mom.. u r trying to teach our underage papa?? ?? Mom..papa’s age??? mom..just wait for sometime.. let papa cross 18.. till then plz hld on ur desires.. ???I can u understand ur flngs.. ??? akhir am ur son.. so I know u r very much bold.. but papa ko thoda samjhne ki tym do..haan?? after that.. ????I will provide all required things.. ?????? ???Nd mom..am so much happy with ur nats bahu.. c is so much caring.. don’t worry about me.. Nats baby u r really my sweetheart.. I love u a lot baby.. (hugs nats)

      Nats: Jaanu..I love u too (Hugs her back)..

      Sanky : Darling.. U r sick.. u have fever.. Chalo.. hug me tight.. U will fl warmth.. (Hugs tightly and kisses my forhead).. Chalo baby..u r wasting our precious time by msging those ppl.. U r really looking stunning.. u r turning me on..

      Nats : Jaan.. (Blushes and keeps head on his chest)..

      Sanky : Kya hua cutie pie?? Dont blush darling..u r bcmng irresistible.. ???

      Aaahaannn.. aankhe bandh karo Sab… ???????? beshramo ki tarah ap Sab kya dkh rahi ho?? pati patni ki beech ki baat hai..yeh duniya ke liye nhi.. ??????

      Lol..am bcming too much shameless.. ?????? Hey guys..plz pardon me.. if u fl it bad..just ignore..but don’t bash.. ??

      • Di take care of urself di
        Waise i just missed my cute awes family a lot yesterday
        Di will chat 2mrow morning
        Gonna sleep
        Gn sweet dreams
        Love u loads

      • Sweetie

        Abey yaar Sanky,Kya faltu baat kar rahe ho yaar..Baapre..I’ll strangle you if you repeat those words again.. ๐Ÿ˜› Rahul ko maine age machine mein daalke 22 years ka banaa diya hai,so no worries..He is legally eligible to marry.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tum logon ko kya laga main kaanoon thod dungi..Never in my dreams.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL..Yeh tho serious baatein ho gayi..Hehehe..Never mind.. ๐Ÿ˜€
        Nats bahu,tumhari fever kaisa hai?? Itna kullam kulla romance karenge tho log dekhengi hi naa,jaa jaake bedroom mein kar tumhara romance.. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • musku

        After this
        Sanky: chalo nats darling tumhe doctor k pas leke chalta hu fever hua h na
        Musku: kya jiji apko fever….abhi rukko mai apke liye kada Nana k lati hun(murmurs) Aur thoda poison b milake lati hun
        Sanky :musku mai b aata hun kitchen mai…help karne
        Follows to kitchen
        Sanky : musku darling , baby tum mujse naraaz toh nhi ho na
        Me : turns face
        Sanky: jaanu tumhe toh pata h na us Natasha ka mental hospital me treatment ho rha h…isliye patani kiya bahane bana k use hospital leke Jana pasta h…kya karo fevi quick ki tarah chipki hui h….ek tumhi toh Jo mujhe samjhti ho….apni 2 wife n gf ke bich piss rha hu….
        Me:achha then what was the need to say I luv u haan??
        Sanky: musku mela baby jealous ho gya u know na ye natasha mental hospital se bhag ke aayi h…jab she aayi h mujhe apna pati samajh rhi…use control karne k liye kehna padta h…warna she gets fits…( cups her face)n fir mela musku baby us nats ko dekh k darr jata h na??
        Me: u only love me na???
        Sanky : off course sweetheart…. I love only n only u….u r the only one in whose arms I find solace
        Hugs her tightly
        Me: sanky let me breath
        Sanky looses her grip still hugging
        Sanky: kya karu jab dekho koi na koi as jata h …Hume time hi spend karne ko nhi milta
        Hears footstep
        Sanky : think of devil n devil is here….aa gyi kabab me haddi
        Me : giggles
        Sanky : kisses her cheek n run away
        Turns on kitchen door n winks
        Sanky : nats darling tum yaha kyu aayi tumhe rest karna that na …n chalo ab hospital chalo …kada aake pina…
        While leaving turns again n gives flying kiss to musku

    • musku

      Natasha jiji apko kya hua…thoda sanky pe kam apni health pe jyada dhyan do…get well soon….
      N wat do u think.apke kehne we mai back out karungi nowy….mujhe pata h sanky ko aap manipulate karte ho jiji….koi ni I will leave no stone unturn to woo him
      Maira sanky ayega….maira sanky jarur ayega
      N rahi bat laksh ki use tolerate karna merit BA’s ki bat ni h??
      Lux ji se shadi karke meri zindagi jhatak gyi h…ek sanky hi toh meri life me spice …nhiiiiii esa mat karo jiji….???
      N sanky ki sis foot …..ye din dekh ne se pehle apne utha kyu ni liya bhagwan…Laksh ko…(waise b he is good 4 nothing??)
      N sanky u don’t need to worry abt lucky…he is practising his SRK style n enhancing his Aaaauuuuwww Gggaaauuuudd…n jis din woh esa muh leke peda hua tha usi din wo unlucky ho gya tha ….Mai kya kar sakti hu….

      I m just kidding… Plz don’t take any comment seriously

      • musku

        Hai mai believe nhi kar sakti mai b itni besharm ho gyi….
        Sorry natasha di I hope u dont mind ….I was just joking….

      • Natasha

        Musku.. am very sorry to say that I didn’t like it.. Everything has a limit.. we all are joking here.. I know u are also jonking..but its a very bad joke.. NVR repeat this.. am very sorry to say..

      • musku

        Sorry Natasha di I never meant to heart u…I m.very sorry… I m stupid …plz forgive me ….i will never say such things again…i was just joking…I m feeling very bad that I hurt u…I hope u forgive me …..I don’t know what to say more…right now my senses are not working…the fact is that I hurted someone is killing me…I m felling really guilty

      • Natasha

        Its OK dear.. but never say this type of things..joke with everyone..but not like this..OK?? Its OK.. ??Keep smiling dear..u r like my sweet sis..so smile plz.. ??โ˜บ

    • Sha

      Natasha ?fever!!! Take care dear..
      Fiqar not.. Sanky is enjoying with me… Arei yaar laksh ki panni game bhi aage nikli???
      Kya zamaana aaya hai.. Besharmi ki Hadh hai yaar.. Arei musku,mere sanky pe buri Nazar mat deal meri behana… Woh tere bhaiya samaaan hai.. ghor kalyug!!!!

      I know my sanku darling, he will never say like tat, musku.. Tumne Kala jaadu kiya hoga??… Haay maari kismat.. Ab mai mere sanku ko isse jhangul se kaise nikalu.. ????????

      Aur haan Natasha, romance Khule aam mat Karo, sweetie MIL, will keep disturbing rahul papa.. ????? Aur rahul papa will be like????

      Yaar, finding difficult control my laugh,while typing. Waise u know Nat’s skating was fab.. Me n sanky took so many selfies.. Aur sanky taught me skating. Uff, it was damn romantic.. ??? dono ek dusre ke itne Kareeb.. Ufff??

      Khair musku, sanky pe dore daalna band Karo… Laksh aane hi wala hai.. MIL, Thoda apne, choti bahu ko sambhal lo..

      • Natasha

        Hello my h.s.,mummyji,papaji,nanadji,jiji,Roshu baby and Anju darling.. am much better today..but flng very tired and sleepy head.. so chooooooooorrrrryyyyyy.. ????I can’t join chat session now.. I will join when I will fl lil alr8.. mood nhi hai ab.. Choooooooorrrrryyyyyyy.. ????? Pray for me.. so that I GT well soon.. And Am eating chow chow..wanna have??? yuuuuummm.. ??

      • Sweetie

        Nats dear..Don’t be sorry..We can understand.. ๐Ÿ™‚ And no sorry and no thanks in this kingdom,remember??

        Arey mere ko ek baat samaj nahin aayi,water se khel tho Sha ne khela tha naa tho tumhe fever kaise ho gayi??

        Anyways jokes apart,on a serious note please take care of your health..I want my doctor bahu fit and fine.. ๐Ÿ™‚ And my prayers are always with you.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay blessed dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bye.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Pallavi

    Awesome sha!!!!!
    I am very happy for mishveer ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was waiting for their confession from a long time, so thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚
    The episode was like always fab just like you ๐Ÿ™‚
    And by the way, is the post for laksh wife empty? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Pallavi

      I also would love to join your family.
      I hope I get accepted.
      And congrats for the 50th episode sha ๐Ÿ™‚
      Don’t worry about the silent readers. They are only missing a golden opportunity to talk and mingle with a sweet person like you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Keep writing…all our support is with you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sweetie

        Hi Pallavi dear..How are you?? Laksh’s wifey ka post tho fill ho chuka hai..So sorry.. ๐Ÿ™ Please choose from posts ‘Laksh’, and his two Brother in laws..I’ll tell my relation with you after your decision.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Pallavi

        Can’t I be his second wife? Plsss
        I am a die hard fan if namish aka laksh
        I want to be your Dil(daughter in law)
        Pretty plsss mil

      • musku

        Hi pallavi …I’m laksh wife here ….u can be laksh himself
        Waise b mai bina pati ke apne jeth pe line mar rhi hun….
        Then we will also show Natasha jiji that we can also romance ….???

      • Sweetie

        Baby Pallavi..I don’t have any problem..See already I’ve three bahus for Sanky..So another bahu for Laksh will not be a problem for me..You’ve to contact Laksh and his wife..Sad baat yeh hai ki Laksh nahin mila abhi tak.. ๐Ÿ™ I’m very glad to know that you are a fan of Namish/Laksh.. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW I like your name Pallavi.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay blessed dear.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Pallavi

        Actually mil… I am a very very very big die hard fan of sanky….I in fact wanted to be his wife
        But that post is already reserved by 3 ๐Ÿ™ so thought of becoming at least his sali so that I can romance him ๐Ÿ˜›
        So…will you accept me ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Pallavi

        Sorry guys… This comment is made by my stupid friend
        I am only for laksh ๐Ÿ™‚
        Plsss introduce the family members sasu ma

    • Sha

      Glad u liked it dr…

      Haan Laksh ka post baaki hai yaar.. Soch samajh ke lena.. Laksh ki patni, hamaare se bahut fast hai.. Humme apne bf ke saath time spend Karne ka time nahi hai, yaha toh musku, jeth ke saath ishq lada rahi hai… ?????
      Ghor kalyug!!!!

      Nyways keep smiling


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    It was just superb.. Your ideas are really awesome..This episode was an awesome combination of romance and fun… The last part was just mindblowing….

    • Sha

      Glad u liked it…

      Aww.. So sweet of u.. Fan?? Nooo.. We will be frnds Dr… Love u loads…

      Keep smiling.. Will update next chap asap..


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      Glad u liked it dr…
      So sweet of u to comment.. Well I will be little busy in this month.. Will surely try to give updates.. But can’t be regular.. So a big Chorry.. Take this as compensation ????… Don’t mind ha..
      Keep smiling


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    I dont know how to wish becoz i am buddhist…….
    Ramazan mubark sha..
    I think i didnt say anything wrong…if it is plz forgive ne dr….
    And congrats for 50 awesome epi….
    Today epi was just awesome…
    Poor vijay…….. swamishtan and sanvee pranks awesome…..
    I laughed like a hell.thank you dr….
    Waiting for next part dr…..
    Happy fasting dr…..(i copied your saying sry i dont know how to wish)
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    • Sha

      So sweet of u dr… Just a wishing heart matters than anything.. Thanks alot..

      Glas u liked it…
      Keep smiling.. Will try to update asap..


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      Well it was because of u readers, i reached this chappy… U all keep reading n supporting me..
      Glad u liked it dear…

      Wil try to update asap.. But can’t promise.. Coz of my Chotu sa busy schedule.. Hope u understand..

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    Poor vijay! Sachi mein uss ka din hii kharab tha. Nd Aww! Mishvee confession superb <3 <3

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      Hey jiya!!!!! If I read ur name, I start singing dehleez song. Just love ur name..

      Chand Mubarak to u too…

      Glad u liked todays part.. Half century, was done with the help of readers like u..

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    2. and two son-in-laws of our family.. husbands of Anjali and Dharsha..



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    • Sha

      Laksh itna bhi bura nahi hai yaar.. Iss paagal family mei entry maarne,sab dar rahe hai.. ? yaha Laksh ki patni MIL chuki, pati tho abhi bhi laapata..

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    • Sha

      This indeed becoz of u readers, tat i have wrote this mucb..

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      Awww.. So sweet of u.. I’m happy to know u liked it..

      Hehe!! Here so many from mental asylum… U can check my ff family. God?? ?..

      Glad u commented.. Keep smiling..

      Love u tooโค

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    Heya Cutiepie!!!Firstly congratulations for the golden jubilee my dear..*claps* ๐Ÿ˜€ The episode is hilarious..I’m laughing like hell..OMG!!Vijay’s punishment by the devils was too good..Motion tablets,chilli powder,rotten eggs,crow shit..Really funny.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now coming to yesterday I was dazed by seeing all your comments..I was “MOST WANTED” yesterday..Kya kya ho gaya yaar ek din mein??I’ve got another daughter Anjali and bahu for Laksh Musku..Bhai ab mera Laksh ko bhi doond lo yaar..Pleasee..Aisa kaisae bete nahin hain par bahu paidha ho gayi..LOL.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Today Nats bahu was busy so not participated in chat..Neha bahu is busy with exams..Uff yeh busy people…Waise tumhari ex-FIL ka official name “Vikas” rak diya maine..Pehle “Arjun” soch rahi thi,par woh tho mera jaan ka naam hi ho sakta hain ex-hubby ka nahin,isliye nahin rakka…You know I’m obsessed with name Arjun.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • Pallavi

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      • Pallavi

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        I’m only for laksh ๐Ÿ™‚
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      • Pallavi

        Sorry mil…this comment is given by my stupid friend
        I am only for laksh
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    • Sha

      MIL.. Pairi pranam ?

      It’s indeed becoz of u readers i have wrote this much…

      Sassu ma aap ki life ek dine mei badal gayi.. U know those comments were really hilarious.. All besharmi ke solid proof the…

      If someone read those Comments,just wishing to see their face expression. I too think sometime, tu moderates our comments na, so the one who read our comments will seriously think, kya ladkiya hai yaar.. Lol.. Bohut Asanskari hai.. So this is for tu admin, who moderates.. Pls ignore our pagalpanti.. Everyone is behind sanskar, so they have become Asanskari..

      MIL, u know wat?? Ek plus point hai, the one who doesn’t know Hindi, will never know our Asanskari talks.. ? ?…

      MIL, I too like Vikas alot.. Aur arjun??
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      Nyways, glad u liked the chap..
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      • Sweetie

        Heya Cutipie!! Even I got that doubt about TU moderation many times..What if the people who are reading our comments think kya besharam ladkiyaan hai yeh yaar,in your words ghor kaliyug.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So please people who are moderating these comments ignore this pagalpanti or should I say asankari people..Pretty please.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        As I told I was dazed to see all those comments..In each comment I was “MOST WANTED”..Baapre..I was like “kya jurm kar diya yaar maine,sab log mere naam aisa kyun le rahe hai”..I spent sunday by watching ‘3 idiots’ and some other serious shows..I opened this page like around 11 in the night and you know what I was laughing like hell.. ๐Ÿ˜€ You guys were really hilarious that day.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Haa plus point tho hai if they don’t know hindi,but unki colleague ko tho hindi jaroor maaloom hoti hongi..I don’t want to know anything about their expressions because I was totally surprised with this side of mine.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I didn’t meet anyone by name “Arjun” till now in real..So waiting for that day to meet him..This is serious haa and I don’t have a BF yaar..Main mast hoon single ho ke.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now coming to my another side,I’m taking good care of your Rahul papa,so you don’t worry.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’m glad to know you liked Vikas name..There are some names which are dear to me and Vikas is one of them,so rak diya maine.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        This could be my last message for today..My wifi connection ditched me.. ๐Ÿ™ Using phone’s main balance right now..Bear with me for today..And please don’t paste “Most Wanted” posters again.. ๐Ÿ˜›

        Stay blessed dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep smiling.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Lots of love.. <3 <3

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    • Sha

      Glad u liked it dr…

      Haan, my sisso!!!! ???abgry Jiju pe nazar mat daalo… Huh.. Meri MIL she keh dungi..

      Yaar I’m my cover pic, evryone is there. Nyways
      Tannu-previous aditi of tpk
      Veer:vatsal seth
      Mishu-sanjida sheikh..

      Well love u loads..

      Keep smiling โค?

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      Glad u liked it.. So sweet of u for such compliments…

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        #All my bahus-Dil thaamke baitho,your nanad is going to test you ๐Ÿ˜› Be ready for the test to be taken by my beti(Serena).. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Alright good night everybody.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet dreams with your respective spouses/BFs.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Pallavi

        Not only in absence of her…I will even take care of you even in her presence hubby ๐Ÿ˜‰
        And ya you can take your own time to come and chat…studies are more important or else how will you earn a job? Do do biwiyan hai tumhare…kon rakhega unka khayal? :p
        Happy fasting hubby ๐Ÿ™‚
        Good night

      • Pallavi

        Mom…Kya hua tha pehle date mai ki uski nasha abhi tak nahi utri? ๐Ÿ˜›
        Oh god! My hone wale fil toh bohot soft lagte hai ya aap hi bohot fast ho
        Lagta hai ki aap ki dono bete aap par hi gaye hai….isiliye aaj ek ek ke pass do do biwiyan hai
        Arey..mela lucky tho mere jhet se ache hi hai…mere jhet ji ke tho do biwiyan aur ek gf bhi hai…lol
        This is in words of my hone wali jhetani ‘ghor kaliyug’ ๐Ÿ˜›

        NOTE: plsss don’t take anything seriously. Everything is just for fun. Sorry if I hurt anyone ๐Ÿ™

      • Sweetie

        #Pallavi-You don’t know about my first date??Oh Nooooo!!! Tumhari Rahul papa ne bade acche se plan kiya date..It was really awesome.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rahul tho soft bandha hi hain..Usko romance karna main sikha rakhi hoon.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Obviously mere bete mere par hi jaayengi naa..Itna hot aur romantic mummy jo hoon.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In Sha’s page I think on 49th episode I’ve posted my date dress,if you are interested please have a look..Uss dress mein mujhe dekh kar tumhara Rahul papa full on fida ho gaya tha aur uska nasha abhi tak nahin uthra usko..Bola tha naa soft bandha hai isliye main time de rahi hoon.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t worry as I said jaldi hi kuch plan karoongi Rahul ke liye.. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Arey all my bahus have a look..This was the date setting planned by Rahul..Hehe.. ๐Ÿ˜€


        Take care and lots of love baby.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • pallavi

        OMG mom!!! kya romantic date arrange kiya hai rahul papa ne…. dekh lucky tum bhi kuch seekho apne hone wale papa se ๐Ÿ˜›
        Aap tho uss dress mai tho pari hi lag rahi honge mom….papa aapko dekh kar theek tho hai na? hame bhi kuch sikhayien na….

      • Sweetie

        #Pallavi-Haa yaar,mujhe uss dress mein dekh kar Rahul behosh hone hi wala tha,par maine sambhal liya,kaise??Mat pooch,khud hi soch le.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Abb pataa chala kyun time dena pada Rahul ko agli date arrange karne se pehle.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

        Mera beta hain naa tumhe surprise karne ke liye,abhi abhi underground se aaya hai naa,isliye thoda time le raha hai warm up karne ke liye..After that you’ll get your share of surprises too.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • pallavi

        hii mom! how are you?
        ha…mujhe pata chala ki aap nahi balki papa agle date ke liye tayyar nahi hai…wo agar aap ko phir se koi super hot dress mai dekhenge toh woh iss baar jaroor khud ko sambhal nahi paayenge ๐Ÿ˜›
        by the way mom aap ki do doctor bahu raaniyan hai…mai 12th mai hun (bipc)
        agar jiji busy hai toh app papa ko mere paas bhi le aa sakti hai
        papa ji ko mere pranaam aur aap ko mere big bear wala hugs with loads of love <3

      • Sweetie

        #Pallavi-Hi beta,I’m fine..Hope you are doing fine.. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are very true about your Rahul papa.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh!!! I think our family is filled with 12th standard people.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Haa,iss baar Rahul ko kuch hua ho tere paass jaroor leke aavungi.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lots of love and bear hugs to you too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think Sha and me are only graduates in this kingdom..If I’m wrong,please forgive me,ok??

      • Pallavi

        And ha…about your son, he is right now busy in studies. Coz he has to get a good job to take care of his 2 wives. ๐Ÿ˜›
        Aur aap mujhse maafi maang rahe hai?
        Is din koh dekhne se pehle bhagwan ne mujhe utha kyu nahi liya! Hey bhagwan! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Serena

      Thank u all of u…n glad to meet all my bhabhi’s over here??? but do remember m very naughty nanad.????? so if u want to be my bhbhi then u hv to pass a test..which I will take in next chappy..??????

      • Pallavi

        Hi meri pyaari nanand ๐Ÿ™‚
        I am also very glad to meet you dear
        So Behan apne bhaiyon par gayi hai ๐Ÿ˜›
        I will try my level best to be a good bhabhi to you ๐Ÿ™‚
        Take care dear
        Bye….and ya totally forgot…
        Loads of love to you <3

  61. vyshu

    Hey….i’m back. Missed u so much! Sorry couldn’t comment on d last few eps as i went on a trip. Read all today. They were so amazing!

    Today’s chapter was MINDBLOWING! I love it so much. It was sweet,cute,naughty,fun…. Swasan’s romance in d library was so amazing.When swasan were teasing each other, i got really nervous thinking dat they r caught. And d pranks played on vijay….i was ROFLing d whole time.

    Upload soon yaar.

  62. Sweetie

    People of FFY kingdom..I’ve a request..Please let me know about your educational qualifications..I just want to know about you all people,that’s it.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sweetie

        You want to become doc in which specialization dear??
        Oh!! Wow!! Good to know you are from Hyd..I’m from Andhra Pradesh..We are neighbours..Hehe..And Sha is our another neighbour..She is from Tamil Nadu.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • pallavi

        mom! im from andhra too ๐Ÿ™‚
        i just am in hyderabad for my studies
        wow! one of your bahu is from your place only

      • pallavi

        actually mom…my mom is a doctor.
        she is a homeo doc and i too am inspired from her. so i too wanna become a homeo doc ๐Ÿ™‚

      • pallavi

        and some of my relatives are from chennai so im related to my mom and my hone wali jhetani…lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  63. Pallavi

    OK guys…good night for today.
    Will chat with you tomorrow. I loved my new family a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gn mom. You are the coolest mil anyone can get. And I’m lucky to get you.
    Love you loads. Byee <3
    Gn hubby. Busy studying? OK OK continue
    Gn musku jiji. I thought of chatting with you today. But its ok. Will chat with you later ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gn Nat's and neha jiji. Take care of my sanky jhet
    Gn my hone wali jhetani. Ya by the way…enjoying with your bf? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Gn Rahul papa. Take care of your self. And my mom. My mom will only take care of you ๐Ÿ˜›
    My clg will start from tomorrow. So may be I cannot chat with you guys regularly

    • Sweetie

      Aww!!!How sweet of you..Only because of my sweet DILs,I’m the coolest mom.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Good night baby.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll call you ‘Baby’ from now on.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sweet dreams.. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best for your clg.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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