Falling in love wasn’t that easy~ Twinj OS✨

Hi dearies! How are you all? I hope evryone is doing fine! First of all happy Lohri everyone! Here is a small lohri treat for all of you!
When I first saw you, I was afraid to meet you.
When I first met you, I was afraid to talk you.
When I talked to you, I was afraid to hold you.
When i held you, I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.❤️

Well those lines depic my story very well. My self twinkle,twinkle Kunj sarna. My love story is different I’m orphan,my parents died in a car accident when I was 7 years old. It was like my worst nightmare came true, then I grew up in a orphanage. I don’t really interact with people very much, I am a reserved, conserved an introvert person. I really don’t believe in love but someone made me to believe in love, or I say madly in love.

Indeed love is very beautiful feeling,falling in love is beyond our control because love never planned. It just happens, but to stay in love is in our control.his name is Yuvraj Luthra,well he was In love with me irrevocably,well I was too. I just love being with him,I feel my self,I enjoy being loved,I feel like there is someone to love me.there is someone to take care of me,there is someone who will share my sorrows along with my happiness,but my fate is the most worst fate.

Yuvi cheated on me I was just a timepass to him. Everything he said was a lie to me,every damn single thing. A girl who never believes in love,believed in love and got ditched. I was shattered
It seems like my dreams had burnt into ashes. ‘Love’ I feel sick
Of it, i feel disgusted by that word. I stopped believing in it,i stopped getting attached to people because i am afraid they’ll hurt me. I became a girl with no emotion, neither I cry nor laugh!

Then mr.kunj sarna came into my life,he changed everything. He gave me a new life, He showed me what’s is true love. The feeling which I have for him I never had for yuvi, the connection i shared with Kunj I never shared with yuvi. Maybe I felt for him,I never loved him because nobody came into my life before yuvi, so when he came I thought he’s the one for me. He became attached and close like no one, so I just felt it’s love. But it was just a attraction, he just played with my feelings and left. So here my love story begins,how i met the true love of my life!

Kunj sarna,the very known and a successful musician as well as a businessman. I never thought in my wildest dream that he would fall for me, I was a florist. I had a floral shop, one day he happened to visit my shop along with his sister. He’s sister came to me and asked me for all types of white flowers, she’s so sweet. She smiled at me when I first met her, I too smile but a fake smile,I always carry fake one. As a florist can’t be like a hulk, I gave her all kind of white flowers which I have. She exclaimed that they are very pretty and asked me about the price, and I reply. Then she called her brother! I didn’t knew that he was a known musician and a successful businessman, that time Kunj saw me for the first time, when I first saw him I was afraid to meet him. He just stared me and gave me my amount and went, while going he saw me for the last time, first meeting with him was as simple. We neither talked nor smiled.. it was just meeting commoner, well after one week he visited again but this time a boy who’s accompanying him. The boy come and he was struggling to ask something, I guessed his nervousness and asked how may I help him? Well I just want some beautiful roses like you, he replied! In reply, I was like sorry!! I mean I meant that I want some beautiful roses to gift someone, he exclaimed! Kunj was watching me silently, I observed he was observing me. I arranged and gave him the roses and I told them about the price, Kunj came and gave me my amount. He went again without talking!!

For next few days he happened to visit my floral shop, neither I talk nor he did. I was afraid to talk to him, but one day he asked me something which I didn’t expect. He asked me why do I carry this fake smile? I looked at him in astonishment, I don’t know how he figured out that it was a fake one. It shouldn’t be your concern, I replied! Well it’s my concern he said. I just saw him turned my head and started to go, but I was pulled back and I crashed with his chest. I want to see your smile, I bet that it looks beautiful on you, he said!! Leave me and just get out from here, I shouted. He was shocked and hurt too, he left and went without looking back once! Then,I closed my shop and started to walk. There was a small pond In the way to my home, I saw that pond and I saw myself and I remembered his words.. I gave it a try and smiled, I admired myself for the first time,someone came from back and said ‘I told you right, it’ll look beautiful on you. It was Kunj, who had a smile on his lips! I just saw him and started to walk ‘ignoring’ him, he shouted from back and keep smiling. Unknowingly a smile broke out on my lips, I reached orphanage and the mother saw me and she said you’re looking beautiful today..Let the smile dance on your lips everyday. I don’t know I felt good that day!!

As usual next day I went to the shop, the customers came but he didn’t. I was constantly looking at the door for a sigh of him. But he didn’t turn up. Suddenly he came running and said ‘I am sorry’! Today I came late, you know practice and all, he was giving me an explanation. and I cutely said, I didn’t ask you anything. Well but your Eyes do, I was shocked with his reply! I know you must be waiting, I can say that no!! I was not waiting for you. When did I say that you were waiting for me? He smirked an I got caught! Well it’s nothing like that, I said while turning and acted as I’m doing some work! I stopped doing that when he asked something unexpected again. He asked will you have a coffee with me?

I just saw him and don’t know why but I said yes to this man who i know only for ‘thirty days’, well I just know him and his popularity.he talks with me, but one side talk because I never replied anything! He got to know my name from the mother of the orphanage. in joy and excitement he kissed my cheek and went shouting the place and time! I just placed my hand where he had kissed, I don’t know I just felt lively again. I closed my shop and went to the cafeteria where he had been waiting, he pulled the like a gentleman and said thank you for coming. I smiled in return! So you started to smile huh? Well I love it. There was complete silence between us, no one talked. Finally he was the one who broke the silence, so what happened to you which made you like this? Having a fake smile and all, he asked! I don’t understand how he knows me so well, i thought. well don’t think how I know you very well, he said. Again man!! nothing, i just like to be like this, i replied. It’s ok tell me whenever you feel like, I’m always there for you, he said. I just saw him that how well he caught me lying, ‘I’m always there for you’ those words gave me some feeling, feeling like there’s is someone there for me. In mean time coffee was over and i went saying a ‘thank you’!

Day passed, he comes to my shop everyday and shares how his day went. Sometimes his friend aryan too comes, they help me with the work and try to make me laugh. One day I burst out laughing, I laughed like never before! They both saw me, just saw me. And hugged each other, Kunj was the most happiest one to see me like this! One day Kunj came and said that he’s friend got ditched, I felt like my the worst memories got refreshed again. I felt like crying, I just said get out. He was shocked, he wanted to say something but I just went away! After sometime I felt bad, he just said how his day went and I shout him. I closed my shop and walked my way back, on the way I saw Kunj sitting on a bench and watching the stars, I sat beside him and started to tell my story, I open my heart to him that day. At last he cupped my face and wiped my tears and Said ‘I LOVE YOU’. I don’t know I should I react but then I felt the happiest person in the world! He just said, I simply don’t care about your past. I accept you the way you’re, I appreciate that you shared your past with me. If you give me a chance, I would like to be your future. Will you be my future and my wife twinkle, will you share your name with mine, will you become Mrs.twinkle Kunj sarna? I just said ‘YES’ I don’t know when I fell in love with him, but I know I am in love with him. Well I was afraid first, I would lose him but he gave me assurance that he’ll stay with me for life time. And he proposed me under the stars! ✨

He asked me whether he can kiss me? I just closed my eyes in anticipation and I felt his lips on mine, it was my first kiss he kissed me so beautifully, True love can take your pain away. The next day he took me to his house and his parents, sister and friends accepted me. I felt like I got my family back, now I have a family. Kunj not only gave me love but also a family. We got married in less then a month, my love for him increases everyday with every second. Don’t think that there are no fights between us, but those fights just strengthen our relationship more. Well now I’ll take my wife, I know she irritated you so much. So taking her with me as it’s bed time, he winked and took her in his arms!❤️

So Here I’m done with this OS!
Do give the feedback below!!?

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  1. Purvi128

    Hey Anam .. Oh Gosh …
    What was that …
    It was a BLAST …
    I just loved it …
    I knw u don’t knw me …
    But i knw u ..
    Nd I want to be ur friend …
    Will u be my friend ..?
    Will u accept me as a friend ..?
    Will u give me the opportunity to irritate u with my talks … like i irritate my loved ones … the TEI TU family nd my ff readers r on top list …will u give this opportunity to this PURVI … As i love to irritate the people with my talks whom i love… nd u r one of them …❤❤❤
    Again this Os was beyond limits …

    Loads Of Love … waiting for ur answer … ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Purvi128

      Sorry two times posted … it was not posting .. so i did it twice …

  2. Purvi128

    Hey Anam .. Oh Gosh …
    What was that …
    It was a BLAST …
    I just loved it …
    I knw u don’t knw me …
    But i knw u ..
    Nd I want to be ur friend …
    Will u be my friend ..?
    Will u accept me as a friend ..?
    Will u give me the opportunity to irritate u with my talks … like i irritate my loved ones … the TEI TU family nd my ff readers r on top list …will u give this opportunity to this PURVI … As i love to irritate the people with my talks whom i love… nd u r one of them …❤❤❤
    Again this Os was beyond limits …

    Loads Of Love … waiting for ur answer … ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much for the love!!❤️
      And we’re friends already!?

  3. Monaa

    Story was cute lovely amasing.. Last but not the least.. Epic love story..
    Stay happy keep smiling..?☺

  4. Presha

    Hey anam i just loved it
    Its just a pure love story very beaurifully written by u
    This tyle of love stories r my favourite
    Amazing update loved it to the core
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much presha!❤️

  5. SidMin

    Loved it ???
    The Os was just beyond words ….
    Love you keep writing ❣❣❣❣?

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you purnima!❤️

  7. Anam_sidhant

    Hi Purvi, thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the OS,And why not? I would love to be your friend:)?

  8. SidMin23

    I love the episode it was very cute and anam you always bring the cutest os and now Iam still waiting for your next ff or os like this type of

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much sidmin:) I’m glad you liked it!☺️

  9. Wah meri anam baba meri chudail its just amazing dear super se bhi upar
    Today by this os you proved that
    You are a multitalented person…
    Hayye me tu tera jabra faan hogayi re..
    Meri gq i love u soo much..
    Aaj se tu gq se romance queen bangayii re…

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you bae!?

  10. hey anam loved it….and starting lines r so beautiful…yrrr loved it….u should write more os like this u r really a fab writer i appreciate u the whole os was beautifully described…..dear loved it….

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much adeeba, I’m glad you liked it!☺️

  11. Awesome Anam……I loved it

  12. Komal123

    Wow! Amazing!
    No words for this ?
    Yaar its like so amazing! Mere ko words hi ni mil rage batane ko! Its like a beautiful dream! ??

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Mat dhund tu words!? Anyways,thank you Komal!❤️

  13. Ria

    Aww Anam . . That was such a cute story. I loved it so much. I’m waiting to hear from your side, again. ?

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you, mrs.sanskaar ( sorry i don’t know his surname!)?


      1. Ria

        Abey! Kaisi patni hai tu! Aise kaun so patni apne pati Ko kisi aur pe thop thi hai upar se dono ke will ke against???

        Btw, welcome Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari!??

      2. Anam_sidhant

        Welcome mrs.sidhant Gupta! Yeh bol!!?

  14. RUTU.....

    Anam you are really a nice writer just loved your story to the core of my heart I don’t have words to describe how much I loved it hands-off to you dear ???

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much rutu, I’m glad you liked it!☺️

  15. Hey Anu….. This is just ??? FREAKING AMAZING ????????? I have no word’s to tell ????? U described it so perfectly ???? and YES TRUE LOVE CAN TAKE’S PAIN AWAY ??? and made life heaven ??? Now waiting 4 ur next wonderful writing ☺☺ Love you ???

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thankyou so much Priya, will surely write some more:)❤️

  16. Kritika14

    This was such an adorable story! ? Will look after more writing from your side!

    Love you! x

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you kritika, it means a lot!!❤️

  17. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb os anam
    It was sooo cute adorable
    Lovely loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you Ramya, I’m glad you liked it’❤️

  18. Simiyy

    Hey Anam
    It was a really cute story
    Try to post something else soon
    Loads of Love

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked the update!!?

      Loads of love!❤️

  19. dreamer...arundhati

    Anam.. Dear lovely one

  20. It was outstanding. Oscar award is nothing compared to ur epi. It was lovely, cute,best. Waiting for the next one soon.

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Haha, that was a huge compliment. Thank you so much, I’m glad that you liked it!?

  21. Sohi

    Fabulous os
    Keep writing

    1. Anam_sidhant


  22. Aanya_pandey

    Anam… Seriously.. like seriously… How…
    Mtlb kese kr leti ho… Itta.. itta..
    Yrr i really don’t like it…
    But just loved it.. soo cute… Mtlb so so so cute..

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Ehehhe, thankyou so much Aanya!!??

  23. Adya

    Arrgghhh… Okay fine di…
    I’m late and I never opened TU in the past few days.
    This one was too adorable. Gosh … I love it. Soo cute.
    Try posting more…
    Loads of love

    1. Anam_sidhant

      It’s ok adya, thank you!!?

  24. Baby

    ohhhh god anam……..☺
    ohk f9 m sooo glad i m abl to read dis stry like srsly u know its my pleasure dat m able to cmnt as well on dis ff……………………♥♥♥♥♥
    srsly too lively too adorable too cute tooo amazing tooo emotional too cute love story…..♥
    jst loved it sooooo vry mch☺☺☺
    love u lods dear♥♥♥

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Hi baby, how are you?
      Well I’m glad you liked it, thank you!!?

      1. Baby

        m good dear☺☺ u tell☺

  25. Sidhantki_deewani

    Wow yar hamri sherni ?
    What a story I’am loving this ?
    Shittt mannn soo amazing ?
    Yaar ? uffff

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Aye babe, you here wow. Thank you so much, I’m freaking happy that you liked it!❤️

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