Falling In Love With Success.. ..KKB…OS


Hiii guys….Maahi again hope all of u r dng great!!! Firstly thnxx to all of uu who made my 4 OS journey beautiful with u all nd thnx to silent readers too who supported silently…here i am again with some rare thoughts of mine….lets get into the story guys…

I nvr thought tht i would get a frnd like him..after my marriage i thought tht i can no more be tht naughty daughter of my mom who vil be getting sweet scoldings frm my mom nd a crazy sis of my bulbul with who i would rock after returning frm my lecture’s… I was so silly by then nd was a quiet happy family with all three of us together.. Thn i got married as my mother wanted me to get married with the rocking sensation of tinsel town ..the same abhishek prem mehra as his dadi too wanted me as bahu of their home..Its nt tht i am nt intrstd in marriage but being a practical girl i find it odd to adjust myself to such situations to change myself to all these sudden changes.It was our marriage day nd it was held successfully nd our wedding night i was waiting in our huge room nd he entered nd i was uncomfortable with everything tht was happening around me nd he entered nd came to me with a smile on his face.I was frst hesistant to smile back as v r directly married without any engagement so v nvr had any communication till thn nd with much hesitance i smiled back nd he sat beside nd wat i heard frm him was unexpected to me..ya he said tht he knew i am uncomfortable with everything tht just happening around me so he askd me to take my time to engross our relationship .i was bit surprised nd askd tht how he know abt my flngs ???nd he answered tht bcoz he was facing the same situation as he too agreed to our marriage fr his dadi sake..so he just smiled at me nd slept nd i too dozed off with his sweet nature!!! Days was smoothly passing nd he askd me to continue my job if i wish so i was vry busy with life maintaining the bahu duties as well as my job but till then i nvr filled my wifey duties dont knw yy but his dadi was too lovely tht she handled me with much love nd he was soo busy with his concerts nd music.My daily routine was like dizz but smewhere i was missing my old pragya who was naughty,silly,crazy..nd i started myself changing my former world to the present!! As i hv the habit of self complaining so as usual tht day too i was standing infront of the mirror nd was finding the old pragya in me which i had lost in diz busy new world..frm childhood i was soo naughty i nvr hv been moody r sad fr circumstances but tht day i was flng so…thn i heared his voice…..”not nly uu i too wanna c naugty pragya as i heard tht from bulbul..i want u to be my crazy frnd ..crazy frnd of rockstar abhi not busy wife of abishek!!”i was shocked to hear tht frm him but he again said tht “pragya u noneed to change urself fr anything i want u to be the freebird in my world i dont want dizz moody wife but i want a crazy frnd who turns the world upsidedown around her ….so vil u be my frnd?? I was surprised by his behaviour then he answered me tht he was observing my Moody behaviour so he found it out the reason behind tht frm bulbul so he askd me tht if i wish i can go to my mom’s home fr few days fr refreshment but by tht time i saw a caring frnd in his eyes so without wasting a second i shook my hands with him saying Frnds Frm Now!!i also said tht i dont want to go to home as i was enjoying dadi’s company a lott nd frm then he askd me to prmse tht i shld show him the silly naughty pragya…so as i did bcoz i had found eternal pleasure in his frnsp frm tht moment…
So frm thn my evry evng i used to acompany him in his music room frstly v had some random talks with formal info abt each other..days passed our frndsp was growing more crazier nd the thing which i use to do with bulbul being crazy i.e., roaming in the roads fr no reason nd hvng fun at ramu kaka somasa stall is now a routine of us both evry evng v use to roam on streets nd he always covered his face with kerchief bcoz of the privacy prblm being a rockstar but many a times he tried hard to satisfy his fans too.Life was not less than any fairy tale by then!!the most sweet quality of him is he nvr thought of his status in our frndsp he nvr said no any of my demand he followed me wherever i wanted nd trust me i njoyed his company rather than bulbul’s afterall he hv his rocking nature by birth……i was so crazy in his company nd his stupid antics got colour to our frndsp..He called me CRAZIEE nd i always call him IDIOT which he loves a lott it may b his rock concert r my official seminars wherever v accompanied each other v just called each other like dizz nly as v nvr cared abt the society…. He brought all colours to my moody life with his frndsp nd my mom scolded me fr calling my husband IDIOT but he supported me saying tht I am his CRAZIEE wife nd its his wish to make me call him like dizz i was soo happy fr his ideal husband duties in supporting me in evry means!!!!his dadi being a rockstar dadi nvr had an issue with the names which v call each other but my mom being a professor’s mom again started her lectures but evrytime he saved me….Today i realize tht I am in love with him bcoz my day nvr starts nd nvr ends without him.venever his girl fans used to flirt with him i flt uncomfortable nd evry time i looked into his eyes they conveyed smthng else to me which he nvr did nd evry second i spnt with him was so divine fr me nd basically v nvr get anger on our frnd ven he spend more time with our mutual frnd but i was always angry wen he used to crack jokes with our frnd tanu…i dont knw wat was dizz but i just wanted him to be confined nly fr me….nd by now i am pretty sure tht i am in love with him bcoz evrytime i hear his name my heart smiles hard nd beats fast…
Slowly slowly love has seeded into my heart!!!
Dont knw ven love happened in dizz beautiful journey(pyaar kab hua patha hi nahi chala iss rangein safar mein)!!! Nd today i vil tell him tht he is my love.He was the one wanted me to be myself rather than merging myself into his world of routines…he gv me all possible freedom to fly nd had always been to protect me before falling in dizz 4 months journey of our marriage he nvr made me to feel me as his wife instead he always made me his CRAZIEE nd he always remainded my IDIOT!! Today i vil propose him once he is back frm his concert which i didnt attended bxoz i was drifted in all these thoughts frm mrng.

Heyyyy Craziee !!wassup yaar how was ur day????he askd.

Nthng much!!!!how was ur concert IDIOT??i askd.

Well u vil come to know soon!!he answered.

Kkk i wanna tell u smthng, I said .

Go on Craziee wat r u waiting fr!!he replied.

I am in love with uu!!! I said smiling at him.

Really !!! U Craziee how come??? He askd.

Dont knw frm where the flng love started in my heart but it dfntly got its identity at uu!! I said nd was placing his guitar in its place taking frm his hand.

Well Craziee ,u dont need my answer haa?? He askd cmng behind me.

I stopped nd said _”I knew it” !!!

How nd when?? He askd surprisingly.


Craziee i am nt ur student to teach me literature ,plzz tell it in a way understandable to a rock star r most importantly fr ur IDIOT!!! He said.

Well,lemme explain uu Idiot!! I said laughing at his statement.

I am ready prof.Pragya, he said.

U Idiot i am successful in love bcoz i loved a succesful person nd dont think tht successful doesn’t nly refer to status but it also deals with maintaining relationships successfully nd i knw tht ur successful in being a caring grandson,loyal son in law,idle husband ,crazy brother in law,a dedicative rockstar to ur pasion,a humble person to ur fans nd last but nt the least being a strong ,lovely,idiotic,supportive frnd of mine.So i fel in love with success nd thus i knew its result!!! I said smiling at him.

Ur really impossible!!!! He said nd smiled at me conveying his love.

Idiot, i hv a question fr uu tht y u wanted me to get back to old praya ven it doesnt matter to uu nd nt evn ur responsibility, y u helped me to b myself in that frustrating world???? I askd.

BE WEIRD.BE RANDOM.BE URSELF.BE WATEVER U R BCOZ U NVR KNOW WHO LOVES THE PERSON U HIDE!!! so i love my Craziee right frm the begining nt my moody dull wifey.Afteralll a rockstar wife shld be more rocking than him right!! He said.

Beginning??? I askd.

He said “U vil come to know soon” nd vent to wardrobe leaving me in confusion.

i switched on the TV nd wat i saw gv me all the answers ..ya it was his concert in which he dedicated his performance fr a SPCL Person nd he sung…

Jeene laga hoo pehle se jyada pehle se jyaada tum pe marne laga huu……

Nd he described the person who is spcl to him nd i came to knw tht it was me nd he said the day which he met the spcl person which was our marriage day nd by thn i understood the BEGINNING..nd i was soo happy!!

Got ur answer!!he smiled and sat beside me.

Ya frm the BEGINNING!! I winked at him.

Craziee,who is the spcl person in ur life?? he askd by hiding smthng in his hands.

Of course uu Idiot!! I said.

Well before our marriage apart frm ur family any other he askd??

As v dont keep secrets , i said yes there was a person whom i nvr saw his face but danced with him on a farewell party of our frnds where v all of us r dancing circumferential with each other by then i danced with a person in a turn nd it was so spcl nd divine to me nd i didnt saw his face as all of us were wearing mask .So i flt him as spcl person in my life.

Yy soo??he askd.

I nvr know!! I said bcoz v always meet with many a ppl in daily life but smewhere smehow smeone holds a spcl position in our heart fr no reason nd thts wat i call SPECIAL!!

So u danced on meherbaa hua song right???he askd.

Heyy how do u knw??? I askd surprisingly.

So u hv a frnd named Purab right??? He askd again.

Yes!!!but how u know all these , r u there by tht time???i askd surprisingly.

So dizz one( dog chain which he was hiding in hand where he got it in her cupboard) is of tht person’s right which u got 6 months before our marriage!!he said.

Taking it eagerly… I said yes,how did u got it?? Nd how do u know ??? I askd.

Well,how come a property owner cannot recognize his own property!! He said.

Wat do u mean?? I grinned my teeth.

He took tht frm my hand nd opened it nd there i saw his name abhi with his photo along with dadi!!( guys actually while dancing it gets struck to pragya’s dress nd as pragya want to leave in emergency abhi removed his dogtag nd gv tht to pragya which was his fav dogchain)

So now tell me who is tht SpCl Person??? He winked at me.

Ofcourse !!!! Rocksar abhi!!! I laughed at him.

Really??? He started tickling me nd finally as i couldn’t take more i said tht ..It Is My Spcl Idiot!!!!

Tht sounds divine!!!! Nd he hugged me nd in the embrace of my spcl idiot life was not less than any fairy tale to me!!!!

Hope u guys liked it..srry if it sounds illogical but still i wanna say tht be urself nvr change fr any reasons be weird han being boring!!! Life is a fairy tale untill v njoy it to the peak..once again thnxx to all my Dearie’s who supported me so long…thnx to silent readers too who spent their time on my sensless works …..if u guys feel it worth commenting do comment guys nd one more thing tht all of us vil dfntly hv an idiotic frnd with whom v nvr regret to be silly…so go grab their neck friendly nd say UR MY IDIOT ND PROUD TO B UR IDIOT hope i didnt hurted anyone thnx again guys if u all feel it worth cmmtnd do cmnt guys.Thnx to TU fr gvng such wondeful [email protected] like frnds nd sissies nd bros humbled at ur love keep smiling guys keep caring keep loving nd finally keep ROCKING guys loads of love…lv u all…happy happy Sunday!!!!

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  1. Riyashri

    Silence prevails everywhere !!

    1. Riyashri

      U know what U r The World’s Best & Cutest Sweet Heart !!! Actually first for me then only world !! Love u Maahi di !!
      U don’t know how am I now …… Jumping here and there reading each and every line !!
      I will tell u how do I feel now …….

      Baadalon Ki Tarah Hi Toh, Tune Mujh Pe Saaya Kiya Hai
      Like clouds, You have put a shade over me
      Baarishon Ki Tarah Hi Toh, Tune Khushiyon Se Bhigaaya Hai
      Like rain, You have drenched me with happiness
      Aandhiyon Ki Tarah Hi Toh, Tune Hosh Ko Udaaya Hai
      Like winds, You have taken away my consciousness

      Mera Muqaddar Sanwara Hai Yun, Naya Savera Jo Laaya Hai Tu
      You’ve decorated my fate/destiny by bringing a new dawn/morning in my life
      Tere Sang Hi Bitaane Hain Mujhko, Mere Saare Janam Re
      I want to spend all my lifetimes only with You

      Sanam Re, Sanam Re, Tu Mera Sanam Hua Re (x2)
      O my beloved! You have become mine
      Sanam Re… Sanam Re…
      O my beloved! O my beloved!
      Karam Re, Karam Re, Tera Mujh Pe Karam Hua Re…
      This is all due to Your benevolence upon me
      Karam Re… Karam Re…
      Your benevolence, Your benevolence
      Sanam Re, Sanam Re, Tu Mera Sanam Hua Re…
      O my beloved! You have become mine

      Ho Oo Oo……..

      Mere Sanam Re Mera Hua Re
      My beloved has become mine
      Tera Karam Re Mujh Pe Hua Yeh
      This is Your benevolence upon me
      Mere Sanam Re Mera Hua Re
      My beloved has become mine
      Tera Karam Re Mujh Pe Hua Yeh
      This is Your benevolence upon me

      So I am having something called as Surprise for u !! But when and what …… is also a Surprise !! Love u Love u Love u Love u Love u Love u Love u Love u
      Your each and every line is just Mind-Blowing !! I had given u sooooooooooo many kisses while reading each line !! Don’t know how many ….. everything would hav by the time striken your heart !! And My Smile …….. I would be Keep Smiling Forever for what ever u hav done !!

      1. Maahi

        honey yaar ur drivinge crazyy such a lovely song fr me dr yaar ur such a sweetheart nd darlu all ur kisses reached me darlu nd o hv sent back to u tooo nd darlu surprise haaaa cant wait darlu gv tht soooon i vl b waiting fr uuu lve uuuu lv uuu toooo

      2. Maahi

        honeyyy my CRAZIEE darlu srry ur IDIOT was so excited to rply ur cmmnt so i did it fastly haha darlu ur also chashmish haa me tooo darling hifi fr tht omg girl u described me like best ever yaar

        I fell in Love with My Success and I even know My Results !!
        She came into My Life as a Shining Star !!
        And would always remain one in All My Nights !!
        She is My Invisible Supporting Friend with her Craziest Thoughts !!
        World’s Best Sister who is a Precious Gift to me
        (U know ppl long for a person like her …… But being a Lucky girl I got her as My Sissy ….. Don’t be jealous haan !! )
        My Bescomoto…….
        My Bestriter…….
        My Stubbeen……..
        My Everything……. darlu dizz is the best thing i hv evr seen in my English literature nd importantly in my crazyyy world ur the best darling CRAZIEE i evr had lv uuu dr

        Dont frm where cuteness started in my world but it dfntly got its meaning frm my honeyyyyy presence lv uu like anything dr more than Every thing love uuu sooooooooo wala much my CRAZIEE can i be ur IDIOT foever darlu???

    2. Maahi

      heyyyy honey missed u in TU everywhere anyways u want to b silent haa kkk i shall understand ur silence too loads of love honey tonnes of hugs

      1. Riyashri

        Hey Stubbeen don’t jump into conclusions sooooooooo easily……. Do u think I would comment in single line ………… that tooo in My Santa’s Post………
        U IDIOT open your eyes nicely…….or should I give My Chasma ???
        I hav commented 3 times in total……..read everything and reply ok !!

    3. Riyashri

      Sorry I still hav lots more to tell before i complete ……….
      Your Thoughts are soooooooooooooo Unique????? …….. Soooooooooooo Perfect?????? ………. Soooooooooooooooo Amazinggggggggggg?????? ………. Sooooooooo Cute??????………. not more than u !!????????
      I will now tell u about Mera Pyaar ……….. ?????????????????????
      Sweetest Person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD !!!??????
      I fell in Love with My Success and I even know My Results !! ?????
      She came into My Life as a Shining Star !!???????
      And would always remain one in All My Nights !!✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴
      She is My Invisible Supporting Friend with her Craziest Thoughts !!??????
      World’s Best Sister who is a Precious Gift to me?????????????????? (U know ppl long for a person like her …… But being a Lucky girl ???I got her as My Sissy ….. Don’t be jealous haan !! )???????
      My Bescomoto…….???????????My Bestriter…….????????My Stubbeen……..??????????My Everything…….?????????? !!
      Unbelievably Unbelievable Rocking SuperStar !!???????
      My Stunning Santa !!⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄
      She is My Forever Love !! ?????????????????
      Love u Maahi Di !!??????????????
      Thanqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much for giving Another Unexpected Amazinggggggg Thought of Yours !! ???????????????????????????????Keep Updating More of Mind Blowing????????………Astonishing???????……..Amazing??????……….Hilarious??????……….Incredible??????? alltogether called as MAAHI’s Thoughts??????????????? !! If not to everyone atleast to your Honey aka Riyuuuu ok !! ?????
      Keep Rockinggggggggggggggg !! ???????Be Happy Forever !!???? Asusual U Made My Day !! ????
      Lastly ………
      ” Falling In Love With Success ” _ Mission Accomplished In My Life !!????????????????????????????????????????????
      Very Sorry for itni Longgggggggggg Comment !! What can I do !! It’s becoz…..
      I LOVE MY Maahi Di !!?????????? and U R THE WORLD’S BIGGEST IDIOT……….. BECOZ OF U……. I BECAME CRAZIEE NOW !! ???????????????

      1. Maahi

        nd u nvr dare again to say srry to ur Idiot my craziee r else i vil nt spare uu haha ur So Crazyyy Darling

      2. Riyashri

        Hifi !! So we r Chashmish Sisters !! U already hav 4 eyes ……. I think u need Mine too……….. I hav almost took an hour to read your update and comment 3 times and in between I faced soo much problems becoz of this TU also……………
        Now Atlast after reading the whole Mahabharatha …. Ramayana ……..
        My Buddhu Idiotic Santa is asking whether she can be My Idiot forever ???
        IDIOT………………IDIOT………….. TUM MERA IDIOT Hamesha Hoon !!
        And Your CRAZIEE WILL BE ALWAYS WITH U FOREVER ……. Main hamesha tumhare saath hoon !!????? Got It !! IDIOT !!????? Don’t ask Idiotic questions again ok !!
        If u do so then My Smile and laughter won’t strike Your Heart ……. I would make a Thunder storm in Your Room alone and kidnap u !! U Idiot Got it ……… If not Better Get it !! Idiot…..Idiot….Idiot…..??????

      3. Maahi

        haha mu Crazieee i got it nw no more qustions nly masthi muaahhhhh lv uuuu my Craziee

  2. Superbbb yarrr…..I really.loved it……..I have 3 idiots ( my besties)

    1. Maahi

      thnx nannu njoy with ur besties loads of love

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Such a SPECIAL OS!!!!!!!Loved it soooooo muchhhhhh♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Maahi

      reshu yaar thnx a lttttt sweetheart..

  4. Maahi u really made my day with ur OS….n d word idiot is special to me coz my bestie would call me tat ly….really on cloud nine after reading urs.. .it soothed my heart in some way.. anyways i read all urs…bt tis made me cmnt today…hats off to u..tis is great superb luvvvv it…hugs to u dr!!!!!

    1. Maahi

      roha dr thts great tp hear tht ur frnd call u idiot actually mine to call me the same thmx a lttt dr fr cmmnt means a lottt dr hugs to u toooo

  5. Superbbbb nd asusual rocking…

    1. Maahi

      rose dr thnx a lotttt humbld

  6. Wow it’s very nice and lovely..it’s really very special..superb….

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu dr fr ur sweet cmmnt

  7. Shld u ask it idiot its rockng as usual loved it to the core u r incredible darlu love u loads????

    1. Maahi

      heyyyy saru dr i shall nvr ask tht again nice to hear idiot frm uuu dr thmx a ltt lv uuuu too dr

  8. And Be Yourself! Be confined to yourself! Hats off Maahi! Loved this one so much! ?? awesome! Amazing and Magical!

    1. Maahi

      somu yaar no thnxx dr fr ur awesome support it means a lottt dr nd ur PURE dr

    2. sowmiya I am waiting for ur ff .

  9. It was so lovely OS maahi…..I loved it a lot….keep rocking like this….love u??

    1. Maahi

      abhigya dr thnx a lttt fr ur sweet cmnt dr lv u tooooooo

  10. Superrrrr da really awesome frnd and rocking to frndd

    1. Maahi

      sweety dr thmx a lotttt fr ur sweet cmmt dr

  11. Awesome yaar… U r an amazing writer yaar no doubt in that… Something special…. Ur stories are special because u r special…. ????????? loved it a lot… Please continue to update like this… ???????

    1. Maahi

      dr thnqq uu sooo much fr ur spcl cmmnt nd ur spcl to me bcoz u supported wholeheartedly fr evry one thnxx a Lott dr

  12. Maya

    I have told u before na…U are really a magical person with mesmerizing thoughts! I don’t really have idiots as all are very smart lol?? if i call them idiot then they will come after me like witches! Haha but jokes apart…this OS is such a splendid one with an amazing thought!?????????????

    1. Maahi

      ohhh dr ur r wrong well i am ur frnd right who is probably a idiot haha thnqqq uuuui so so much fr ur sweet support IB loads of love

  13. Super….

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu so much yaar

  14. Wow super OS maahi….love it to the core….i love the word IDIOT when prags call abhi….superb… I never get like idiot friend…will u be my friend??? Love u maahi keep going….

    1. Maahi

      varsha dr thnx a lottt fr ur sweet cmnt dr nd yaar ofcousre u r my frnd fm now hifi dr lv uuii too

  15. Sharaya

    So so do so so so so so so awesome and so lovely!! ??????????????? you deserve this ????????????????????????????

    1. Maahi

      sharu dr thnx a lotttt darlu.loads of lve

  16. Loved it to the core

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu so much yaar

  17. Yeah be myself oh sorry I mean be ur self that’s the thing which should be remarkable and it was this seriously lived and loved ur every Os Maahi sorry for not commenting as I wasn’t getting time but today I am here to cmnt dear it was a spectacular and yes that one too the Santa os I loved it ????????????

    1. Maahi

      diii a cmnt frm uuu my god nvr expected diiii thnq uu sooo much dii plzz dont say sry dii it hurts me thnq uuu sooo much u reading my update is a big thing tome di loads of lve

  18. Superb to the core… u’ve nailed it.keep it up… waiting for a another os

    1. Maahi

      thnq u so sobso much yaar humbled

  19. Hi maahi im u r silent reader today I have to comment to say that this episode is so nice and I like the line ‘be yourself’ 🙂

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu soo much pinky fr cmntng humbled

  20. Oh my god I waited for this moment only. I am the happiest person in the world. Thanks for giving me this much happiness. Really you having magic powers. Sorry for my late comment after a long time now only WiFi modem came back to our house. Really it was awesome. Each and every scenes was awesome. You make your crazy fan happy. Thank you so much. Proud to say i am your crazy fan. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤. I will wait for next os even it will be post after 5 months. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Maahi

      monu dr yyy sry darlu u ready update tt was much enough fr me bcoz ur such a sweetheart lv uuu darlu haha magic haa how dr????omg my darlu wil wait upto5 months haa no dr i vil upload venever i get time its a prmse muaahhh thnqq uuuuu soo much loads of love..tones of hugs nd kisses too

  21. Trisha

    Wowww! This is one of the most beautiful and sweet stories I have ever read!????….Brilliantly written! I absolutely loveeee itt…???Well done Maahi!!!

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu sooo much trisha it means a lottttt

  22. Ohhhh god it’s really superb superb superb superb superb sooper Dooper hit OS yaar really it’s simple bt y I don’t know I love it till the core really superb no words to say my thoughts abt tz OS yaar… It’s out of my mind…

    1. Maahi

      durga thnq uuu so so so so much yaar it really means a lotttt to me loads of love thnq uu fr cmmntg

  23. Ohh really so so sorry maahi for the late comment… I read ur os yesterday itself but I can’t able to comment on that time… I really sorry for that.. And this os awwww?????????Asusual jaan u really rockzzzz.. Ur mgs after ur os that making me soo crazy… And a great applause for that????????????? and seriously u deserve it… It was amazing jaan.. And what did u said it was a boring os ah..?? don’t u dare to say it again definitely I will kill you for that I warned u last time itself..So this is my last warning.. If u say it again u r gone??ok.. Anyways keep rocking jaan.. Love u alot???

    1. Maahi

      plzzz darlu dont say srry u read it nd tht was soo happy fr me its soo nice to hear jaan frm uu kk i a feared of ur last warning now nd so i shall nvr ask tht again haha thnq uuu so so so much fr ur lovely cmmt it means a lttttttt dr Lv uuu soo much


    Sorry maahi for this late comment… actually… I was admitted in hospital… just now I came read your Os.. it’s really awesome… superb… fantastic… wonderful.. what a story yaar… it’s really so simple one.. but the words can tell us more than what is written.. I really liked it a lot… there is some magical touch in this story… keep writing maahi.. I will wait for your next os… ❤❤❤

    1. Maahi

      haritha dr plzz dont say sry dr ohh no u had health issue haa how r u now??plzz tke care dr hv healthy food dont take stress inspite of diz u cmtd haa it means a lottttttt dr thnq uu soo much mising ur love beats frm past one day dr update tht nly ven ur cmptly fine once again thnqqqq uuuu soooo much fr cmntg it means a lottt to me nd take care of urself plzzz its a request loads of love….

      1. HARITHA

        Haa maahi.. now I am k it’s an accident while riding with my scooty.. it’s not any major… just some wound on my hand and leg.. I can’t type anything that’s why… now I am perfectly ok.. soon the next episode will be shown

    2. Maahi

      omg accident haa dr plzz b careful while riding yaar bcoz mny of us vil b waiting fr u here naa haha me smwat selfish but wat to do its all ur magic lv uuu dr

  25. Prathi

    Awesome ??

    1. Maahi

      thnq u sooo much dr

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