Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 4)

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Here is the epi…

Suhani reaches home amd soumya comes to meet her
Soumya – suhani how was your date ?
Suhani – good
Soumya – where you went ?
Suhani – church
Soumya – church ?
Suhani – yes before starting any relationship we should pray to god that it live long
Soumya – wow suhani from your mouth how beautiful this words look
Suhani – but this words are of yuvraj not mine
Soumya – fine now i m going out with krishna coz tommorow early in the morning i have to go to a camp as i m a doctor there
Suhani – enjoy
Soumya leaves from there

At night
Suhani gets a call from a unknown no.
Suhani picks the call
Suhani – hello
Yuvraj – hii dd
Suhani – dd ?
Yuvraj – dimag ki doctor
Suhani – but who r you ?
Yuvraj – with whom you went on date today
Suhani – ohh i m sorry i didnt saved your no.
Yuvraj – its ok bade bade shehro mein asi chooti chooti baatein hoti rehti hain ( in big big cities this kind of small things happens )
Suhani – haa i know shah rukh khan
Yuvraj – so what you are doing ?
Suhani – i m sitting in balcony and i m talking with coward
Yuvraj – coward
Suhani – yes dont you remember when we were walking on the road you saw 2 dogs and started walking fast
She started laughing
Yuvraj – thats not a big thing everyone is scared of dogs
Suhani – yaa everyone are scared but when they run behind us not like you
Yuvraj – yaa fine sadu
Suhani – aii dont call me sadu
Yuvraj – you are a sadu
Suhani – i m not
Yuvraj – you are
Suhani – fine bye good night
Yuvraj – good night and be ready at 6 tommorow
Suhani – fine bye
Suhani hangs the call

Precap – second date

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  1. yuvani nok jhok was so sweet…

  2. awesome

  3. Yuvani

    Wonderful. just loved yuvani’s convo

  4. Akshaya

    So cute sadu and coward pair. Make it a bit lengthier

    1. Avanikamdar

      Yaa i will try to make it long and thank you

  5. NAPSHa J

    its awesome dear.. I like yuvani’s convo.. I could visualize it.. good job.. update asap..

  6. First of all i wanna thank u for writing so many ffs…ur ff gives us refreshment…it takes us to yuvani world…sry for not commenting regularly as im stuck with exams..and they r still going on..episode was awesome

    1. Avanikamdar

      Its ok and thank you soo much to you for support i can only write bcoz of your support

  7. superb…everythng is written so well and i like yuvani’s conversation.i like that diagolue when suhani calls yuvraj as coward. keep writing…

  8. Yuvani_saraj

    so cute episode

  9. Superb..Yuvani nok jhok was beyond cute..

  10. funny both calling coward n sadu was awesome continue

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