Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 26)


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Ok enough now so… lets go in epi

Next day

Yuvraj was busy in arrangements since morning and he didnt gave time to suhani
Suhani was lil annoyed with him

Suhani got ready in

For mehendi

Soumya and suhani applied mehndi

Shweta – beta suhani go upstairs and take some gifts from yuvraj and bring it in soumya’s room
Suhani made a face
Suhani – ok
Suhani goes upstairs
Suhani was finding yuvraj when yuvraj pulled her
Suhani looked at him and made face
Yuvraj pulled her more close
Yuvraj – what happend why you are annoyed
Suhani – huh since morning you didnt even
looked at me that how i m looking
Yuvraj – ohh sorry i was busy in work
Suhani (wispers) – before marriage you are like this what will happen after marriage
Yuvraj hears her
Yuvraj – dont worry i will give you time
Suhani – everyone says but dont give huh
She takes the gift and left

At night
It was Kriya’s sangeet

Suhani was wearing

She was still annoyed with yuvraj

KriYa danced on humsafar and sab tera
Everyone cheered for them
Now it was YuvAni’s turn
Suhani didnt wanted to but soumya forced her
She went on stage but didnt found yuvraj
She hears a sound and sees behind
She found yuvraj standing there
He comes towards her and sings

Tu nazm nazm sa mere
Hoothon pe thehar jaa
Mein khwab khwab sa teri
Aankhon mein jaagun re

You like a poem
Stay on my lips
I m like dream in your eyes

Yuvraj offers her a rose suhani takes it

Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake bas ja
Jis aur teri shehnai
Us aur mein bhagun re

Come and stay in my soul
Like love
I run in the direction
Where there is a your voice

Yuvraj offers his hand and suhani holds his hand
He holds her waist and starts moving slowly

Haath thaam le piya
Karte hain vaada
Ab se tu aarzo
Tu hi hain irrada

Hold my hand , my love
I promise you
That from now you are my desire and you are my only intention

Suhani smiles and yuvraj twirls her

Mera naam le piya
Mein teri rubaai
Tere hi toh picche picche barsaat aayi
Barsaat aayi

Say my name , my love
I m your poem
Rain comes following you

Tu itr itr sa mere
Saanson mein bikhar jaa
Mein faqeer teri qurbat ka
Tujhse tu maangu re

Scatter in my breathes
Like perfume
I m a begger of your proximity
I ask you for you , give me yourself

Yuvraj holds suhani tightly and smiles at her

Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake basja
Jis aur teri shehnai
Us aur mein bhagu re

Mere dil ke liffafe mein
Tera khat hain janiya
Nacheez ne kaise paa li
Kismat yeh janiya ve

In the envelope of my heart
There is your letter my love
How did i got you i dont know

Suhani laughs at this line and crashes her forehead with yuvraj

Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Hoothon pe thehar jaa
Mein khwab khwab sa teri
Aakhon mein jhaku re…

They end the song and everyone cheers for them

YuvAni smiles

At night
Suhani in whatsapp
S – i love you??
Y – smiles ( i love you too)
S – you are the best boyfriend
Y – i know baby
S – ok chalo bye cutie tommorow its a big day
Y – yaa…. gn
S – gn

YuvAni keeps the phone aside and sleeps smiling

Precap – KriYa wedding…

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  1. Hi dear finaly my sis posted i am waiting fr this sis .episode is very nice.yuvani dance part was very nice.yuvani conversaton also very cute.song is really opt fr them.totally its a very cool episode sis i loved it

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      Thank you sis

  2. Yuvani

    Superb…….Yuvani is very sweet…….loved it

  3. nice epi n song too..

  4. Superb….

  5. Wow nice episode….. Yuvani cute moments………

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    beautiful episode…..

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    Nice epic dear yuvani where so cute

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