Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 24)

It was KriYa’s haldi
Soumya was wearing a yellow and pink lehenga
Krishna was wearing a white kurta with ehite pants

Suhani was wearing a yellow and golden heavy anarkali
Yuvraj was wearing a yellow kurta with white pant

KriYa were made sit opposite to each other with a yellow netted cloth between them

Suhani was on soumya’s side and yuvraj was on krishna’s side

YuvAni applied haldi to KriYa
Soon all applied haldi to KriYa

Soumya – yuvraj apply haldi too suhani as well
Suhani – no soumyu
Yuvraj – why
Suhani – bcoz you cant
Yuvraj – challenge that also to me
Suhani – yup
Yuvraj – i will apply you haldi in next three hours
Suhani – we will see

Suhani left from there smiling

Function was ended and suhani was taking haldi bowl inside the home when she felt to hands on her waist
She knew it was yuvraj so she just smiled
She turned and looked at yuvraj
YuvAni crashed there foreheads and smiled
They closed there eyes and holded each other firmly

Yuvraj – today i again fell in love with you when i saw you dancing with everyone
Suhani smiled
Yuvraj – but then i realized that you are booked for me so no need to worry
Suhani – yaa you are right

Yuvraj rubbed his cheek with suhani’s cheek
Suhani was just enjoying this moment
Yuvraj wispers – haldi lag gai
Suhani opened her eyes and touched her cheek
She saw yuvraj whos cheek were having haldi
Suhani made a face like a small cute baby
Yuvraj smiled
Suhani – i didnt saw you perfectly
Yuvraj – thats ok but now i m happy see i applied haldi i told you
Suhani – yaa…
Yuvraj – ok be ready tonight something is waiting for you
Suhani – ok…

At night
Suhani was wearing a simple white one peice with her hairs free

YuvAni were walking on a quite road
Suhani – i love night bcoz its so peacefully
Yuvraj – yup you are right

They reached a park where there was a lake with swans in it and a plane mate near lake

Yuvraj putted his hand on suhani’s eyes
Suhani – what are we doing yuvraj
Yuvraj – just wait

Yuvraj removed his hand from suhani’s eyes amd suhani saw a lake with swans in it
She was soo happy to see this

Yuvraj – now look up suhani
Suhani looked up and saw a shooting star
She immediately closed her eyes and wished
She opened her eyes and found yuvraj standing lil far from him
She ran to him and jumped on him
Suhani – i love you i love you i love you . You are world’s best boyfriend
Yuvraj smiled and hugged suhani tightly

YuvAni were sleeping on that mate watching moon and stars

Suhani – what did you asked from god
She looked at yuvraj
Yuvraj looked back at her
Yuvraj – i have you suhani i dont want anything now
Suhani smiled
Suhani – this stars looks so beautiful. Yuvraj you are like a star in the sky of my life
Yuvraj – which star
Suhani – north star
Yuvraj smiled
Yuvraj – whenever i used to get sad in childhood i always used to come and see stars and moons because they always hear me
Suhani – if i m sad i always go on a small hill
Yuvraj – very nice
Suhani – yuvraj i will not be happy without you
Yuvraj – even me suhani but…
Suhani – my dream
Yuvraj smiled
Yuvraj – yes

Suhani cuddled yuvraj and slept

Precap – kriya’s mehndi

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  1. NAPSHa J

    nice epi dear.. loved YuvAni romance.. go ahead..

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      Thank you and you are also writing fabulous dii
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        thank u dear.. 🙂 its okk..

  2. Sooooooo cute.how adorable couole our yuvani is they are really nice.yuvid surprise is veryyyy nice.deae pls pls pls post next update also asap.

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    Superb romance……..very nice….thank you dear…….

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      Thank you and you also wrote fabulous
      I hope you will come with a fantastic story again

  5. Wow..Superb episode..Yuvani romance was soo… cute.Loved yuvi’s surprise.

  6. Amazing…..

  7. Aww romantic episode….yuvraj surprise was awesome..cutest couple ever

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    beautiful episode….

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  10. superb epi.. loved yuvani romance.. plz post next asap

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