Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 23)

Suhani reaches yuvraj home in morning and sees him sleeping in his room
She greets pratima first and goes to yuvraj
Suhani gets a call when she goes to yuvraj
She picks the call
Person – hello suhani shrivastav we want you to join our foundation we need a best psychologist for some patients plz come to london you will never get chance like this
Suhani gets happy
Suhani – wow london and that also for a year i will really like to join your foundation
Person – then you can come next week
Suhani looks at yuvraj who was having a smile on his face while sleeping
Suhani – no i cant come next month i m getting married
Person – ohh still you have a chance or else its your decision
Suhani hangs up the call

Yuvraj wakes up
Suhani smiles at him
Yuvraj – suhani you should go london
Suhani smiles
Suhani – no yuvraj for me my wedding is more important
Yuvraj – i know
Suhani – you were awake ?
Yuvraj – yup
Suhani – ohh now chalo for breakfast
Yuvraj – dont change the topic
Suhani – yuvraj its just that i dont wanna be away from you
Yuvraj stood up and went to her
Yuvraj – i m never away from you i m always with you
Suhani hugged yuvraj
Suhani – with whom i will go on date everyday
Yuvraj – we will talk on skype everyday i promise
Suhani – what if you will get someone else
Yuvraj shows her engagement ring
Yuvraj – i m booked
Suhani – good
Yuvraj smiles
Yuvraj cupes suhani’s face
Yuvraj – always complete your dream bcoz zindagi na milegi dobara
Suhani smiles
Yuvraj – so next week you are going london
Suhani – yup

In evening
YuvAni tells about suhani’s job to there family and they agree happily

Shweta – beta i want soumya and krishna to get married this week only
Soumya – why so early mom
Shweta – beta krishna wants to shift new york you know naa
Soumya – yup i know
Shweta – then get married this week only and dont worry all arrangements are done you just have to attend
Soumya – when you did all this
Shweta – all credits goes to suhani and yuvraj
Soumya – awww
Soumya goes to suhani and hugs her
Suhani smiles

Precap – kriya’s wedding

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  1. Yuvani

    Nice….Yuvani is sooooo sweet….. Thank you

  2. Nice epi avani..Yuvraj’s support is awesome..Waiting for the nxt..

  3. Awe how cute yuvi is he is very much understanding and caring.episode is sooo cute .avani sis pls pls try update regularly atleast a short one sis.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and sorry i cant update regular

  4. NAPSHa J

    short and sweet.. waiting for next epi..

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode….

  6. Awesome episode…yuvi’s dialogue “im booked ” was funny

  7. nice epi……

  8. awesome avani

  9. Dhrambeer singh

    I like suhani si ek ladki i miss you

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