Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 22)

Next day

In evening
Suhani rings yuvraj doorbell
He opens the door and sees suhani with her massi
Yuvraj – ohh hii aunty plz come inside
Suhani and her massi comes inside
Shweta(suhani’s massi ) sees yuvraj mom sitting in drawing room
Pratima and shweta decides YuvAni’s engagement after one day
YuvAni were happy and shares a small eyelock
Shweta – beta you both go enjoy me and pratima ji will enjoy each other company
YuvAni goes in yuvraj room

Yuvraj closes the door
He holds suhani from her waist and starts moving slowly with her
Suhani – what happend someone is in romantic mood
Yuvraj – if someone will have this much beautiful girlfriend then the person will be 24 hours romantic
Suhani – what happend today anything special ?
Yuvraj – no but i m so happy now officialy you are mine
Suhani – i know
Yuvraj – i want a gift
Suhani – what gift ?
Yuvraj – one kiss
Suhani – no
Yuvraj – plz
Suhani – your cute face is making me weak
Yuvraj – ohh thats ok… for me
Suhani – i know
YuvAni shares a sweet liplock full of love and desire for each other
After few minutes
Yuvraj kisses suhani’s forehead and yuvraj hugs her tightly

Next day
Its morning
Yuvraj calls suhani
Suhani picks the call
Yuvraj – how preparation is going on ?
Suhani – good
Yuvraj – cant we run away and do marriage
Suhani laughs
Suhani – no
Yuvraj – how many rituals we have its so annoying
Suhani – my coward just see the smile which is on your mother’s face you will understand why this rituals are important
Yuvraj sees pratima happily preparing for his engagement
Yuvraj – hmm you are right my psychologist
Suhani smiles

In evening
YuvAni completes there shopping of outfit and rings
Suhani sits in car and yuvraj beside her
Yuvraj starts driving
Suhani starts humming
Mein kya karoon ram mujhe buddha mil gaya
Yuvraj hears her and stops the car
Suhani looks at him
Yuvraj comes near her face
Suhani closes her eyes
Yuvraj puts sit belt of suhani
Yuvraj ( wispers ) – open your eyes you naughty head
Suhani opens her eyes
Yuvraj laughs
Suhani feels embrassed and starts looking outside window with a smile on her face

After few minutes
YuvAni reaches suhani’s home
Yuvraj – suhani i think that i m not safe anytime you can take my dignity
Suhani beats him playfully and smiles

At night
Yuvraj mesaages suhani
Yuvraj – my precious thing is with you plz take care of it
Suhani – what
Yuvraj – my heart
Suhani blushes
Suhani – you are so filmy
Yuvraj – i love you and i like being filmy
Suhani – ok i m not saying no to be filmy my filmy raj
Yuvraj – sometimes i think how i fell in love with you when i saw you for first time
Suhani – even i dont know but wait let me ask your precious heart which is with me
Yuvraj – ask it plz
Suhani – he said he will say me in dream ok so good night
Yuvraj – good night love

Next day
It was YuvAni’s engagement
Suhani’s whole house was decorated with orchids
Yuvraj comes to her home wearing blue sherwani
Suhani was wearing blue lehenga
She comes down with soumya
She was looking beautiful
She stands beside yuvraj
Yuvraj – you look beautiful
Suhani – thank you you are also looking handsome
Yuvraj – i was born handsome
Suhani – yaa i know that why you were not having any gf
Yuvraj – bcoz i was reserved for you so i was not having any gf
Suhani smiles
Soon YuvAni exchanges rings
Everyone claps and congratulates the couple

Precap – bachelor party…

Happy birthday yuvani_saraj and survarna dii
Hope you all enjoyed this epi
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  1. Mind blowing episode…yuvani moments were beyond words..cute couple..good job dear

  2. Akankshanna

    Happy birthday…… Dearies….. Gbu..

  3. Epi was beyond the best..It is soo beautifully written..loved the epi..Love u too sis..

  4. Lovely épisode….

  5. Hi sis.episode is long and very nice.pla post regularly.yuvani moment is just awesome.batcgelor party waitingvfr nxt episode sis.

  6. once again thank u so much………the episode is too good and wow yuvani bachelor party waiting for next part…..

  7. NAPSHa J

    very nice dear.. love it.. waiting for next epi..

  8. NAPSHa J

    happy birthday sisters.. god bless u.. 🙂

  9. Yuvani

    Wonder full epi………Yuvani scene was awesome as ever….
    Happy birthday sisters……

  10. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode….

  11. so nice yuvani moments waiting for bachelors party

  12. Poojareddy

    Nice episode

  13. What a cute episode! All the conversation between YuvAni is mind blowing.Bachelor party! Yepiee!! I am always excited to read this ff. Update soon. Can’t wait…


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