Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 21)

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So here is the epi

Next day
Suhani calls yuvraj
Yuvraj picks up the call
Suhani – hello yuvraj
Yuvraj – hello suhani
Suhani – get ready we are going on a long drive
Yuvraj – really
Suhani – i dont care of you are busy i just want you
Yuvraj – ok…
Suhani – you are so sadu
Yuvraj sighs
Yuvraj – what happend why do you feel that i m sadu ?
Suhani – bcoz i have marked that now you knew that i m all yours you dont give me time
Yuvraj – drama queen i m coming just give me half an hour
Suhani – ok
She hangs up the call

After half an hour
Suhani was wearing a white sleeveless top with denim shorts
Her hairs free

Yuvraj comes to suhani’s home
He was wearing a blue shirt with denim jeans

Suhani comes out of her home
She gives yuvraj her open jeep
Suhani amd yuvraj sits and yuvraj starts driving

Suhani’s pov…
Huh he is a sadu he didnt even said me how i m looking and he tells that i m sadu
End of pov…

Suhani – we are on a long drive
Yuvraj – hmm so what ?
Suhani – everyone changes when they gets gf
Yuvraj – yaa you are right
Suhani – aacha tommorow your mom dad is coming so i will be at home only come whenever you wanna come
Yuvraj – ok
Yuvraj sees a beautiful girl
Yuvraj – see what a beautiful girl
Suhani – yaa she is so beautiful
She makes a face
Yuvraj sees her from corner of his eyes and smiles
Yuvraj – how much drama you do
Suhani – i m not interested to talk i m sleeping
Yuvraj – but we are on a long drive
Suhani – i dont feel that
She turns her face to other side and closes her eyes
Yuvraj smiles seeing her

After half an hour
Yuvraj stops the car and suhani wakes up
Suhani – what happend
Yuvraj – come
Suhani comes down from jeep
Yuvraj takes her to a terrace garden
Suhani was surprised to see this as she loves terrace gardens

Yuvraj starts singing
Raat ba raati kandhe kothe tapp tapp ke jaana
Tu sokha samje lagiyaan tor nibhana

To jump and cross fences amd roofs at night etc…
And you say its easy to be in love

Aashiqui dil ki tashan purani
Kehte gyaani ishq siyappa aag jawani
Chali gayi toh phir nahi aani kudi begani
Rehne de jeena sidha sadda

This is the old stylish way of heart
The wise one say love is crummpy and youth is fire
If its gone it is not going to come back o strange girl
Let me live simple

Yuvraj tinkles suhani

Suhani back hugs yuvraj tightly

Mein bani teri radhaa
Maine sakhiyon se ankhiyon mein rakhna hain
Rakhna hain tujhko piya thoda zyaadaa zyaada
Mein bani teri radha

Suhani kisses yuvraj cheeck

Mein bani teri radha
Tune sapno mein tarapno mein rakhna hain
Mujhko piya thoda zyada zyaada
Mein bani teri radha

I have become your radha
You have to keep me in your dreams
A little more then others
I have become your radha

Suhani entangles her hand on yuvraj neck

Yuvraj removes it

Oonche chuabarein mein jaane kaise
June mein bhi kohra padein padein o padein
O dheeli charpai pe
Yudhh panipat ka ladein
Keh gayein gyani ishq siyapa aag jawani
Kariye na jhootha koi vaada

I dont know how in the high courtyard
Even in the month of june there is fog
On the loosely knit cot
She fights a big war
The wise one says that love is crummy
And youth is fire
Dont make any false promise

Mein bani teri radha
Maine sakhiyon se ankhiyon mein
Rakhna hain tujhko piya thoda zyada zara

Suhani hugs yuvraj tightly

Yuvraj runs from there and suhani goes behind him to catch him

Mein bani teri radha
Maine sakhiyon se ankhiyo mein rakhna hain tujhko piya thoda zyada zara

Aree mann ki jo baatein na boli thi auro se woh boli hain sari hain tumse hi tumse haan tumse
Are ab maine lene kya auro se
Pyaari hain mujhko to yaari
Jo tumse hain tumse hain tumse

The things of my heart i had not told others
I have told you only
Now what i have to do with others
I now cherish this companionship
That is with you

Chal joothi tu joothi tu joothi teri yaad
Aani naa re mainu
Tere baad bhulunga mein tainu

O liar you are a liar
If will forgot you after you leave

Suhani beats yuvraj with her hands

Are murli mein teri hain kaisa yeh jaadu
Lo kanha mein haari mein haari hain tumse

What is the magic in your flute
I have fallen for you yes i have fallen for you

Suhani catches yuvraj and both of them fall down

Yeh kaisi kheencha tani hain
Yeh ishq siyappa aag jawani
Mushkil hain yeh aag boojani
Jalna padega aadha aadha

How is this push and pull
This love is crumpy and youth is fire
Its tough to extinguish fire
We have to burn half half

Suhani hugs yuvraj tightly

Mein bani teri radha

Yuvraj hugs her back

Tu bani meri radha

Maine sakhiyo se aankhiyon mein rakhna hain tujhko piya thoda zyada zara

Main bani teri radha
Tune sapno tarapano mein rakhna hain mujhko piya thoda zara
Mein bani teri radha

Mein bani teri radhhaa….

Naino naino mein kiya tosein vaada mein bani teri radha

I have given you promise from my eyes
I m your radha

In evening
YuvAni were quitely walking on the beach side
Suhani was holding her handkerchief in air and was enjoying the evening

Yuvraj – suhani
Suhani – hmm
Yuvraj – you are looking beautiful
Suhani – thank you
Yuvraj – i m sorry for irritating you but i love to do it my drama queen
Yuvraj pulls suhani cheeck
Suhani smiles
Yuvraj – whom do you love the most in your life ?
Suhani – i love your parents more than i love you because they gave me you
Yuvraj smiles
Yuvraj – i love you
Suhani – i love you too

Precap – suhani meets yuvraj parents…

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  1. The song..The epi..Each and every dialogue..Every thing was perfect..Well done avani..

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    wow…beautiful episode…

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    Wonderful epi……….. in love with it……..amazingly written……..Thank you dear……

  4. Nice episode and lovely yuvani moments waiting for the next episode

  5. Thanks for updating dear…yuvani moments were cute….suhani’s dialogue abt yuvraj parents was awesome

  6. wow superb… song epi dailogue everything is superb… nd last dailogue of suhanj for yuvi’s parents is awesome… update asap avani. waiting for ur all ffs

  7. Wooo super…. intersting

  8. wow nice epi ….yuvani moments r so nice ,,…….waiting for next part

  9. Hi avani sis such a sweet and cute epi its tooooo nice yaar.luved it.their duet is soooooooi coool.pls post frequently sis.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you but i cant post regular as i have to study a lot only i get weekends

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    Nice episode yuvani moments were cute waiting for next part update soon

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and i will read your ff whenever i will get time

  11. NAPSHa J

    lovely epi avani.. I like the lyrics of the song, even though I haven’t heard it.. waiting for next epi..

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and song is from jab harry met sejal

  12. nice epi n keep updating whenever u get time

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